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  1. Hy Honeybee. think ive done it, is it there, are you able to move the probate questions to there or do I write it again
  2. hy, looks like its already been started has it,
  3. yes Honeybee13, But ill need to sort the outstanding bills and urgent bathroom repair, to ensure brother stays in property
  4. How do I get the legal topic [thread] started It isnt letting me
  5. hy sorry will start another thread
  6. Hy Update. dad, very poorly, but hanging on. Could be next few days, sooner or early next week. I phoned HRT for advice, not a lot they can say, until dad passes. But If the banks released the money [death cert etc stuff] then more than likely wont need to apply probate. It depends on what the levels are for the banks. If not then, probate. They said its form IHT205 and PA1 for the probate, can down load or they send me. If I do have to probate, i send these forms and all other papers to probate address.
  7. I forgot to ask; For the funeral costs and expenses etc, will the banks, let me have some or do I have to wait for probabte?
  8. Note: This thread has been started by Yorky55 and some posts have been moved from another thread. Both threads have been tidied. HB hy, It comes under Durham. Up date; dad was fast tracked 2 days ago to Nursing home. He went to nursing home yesterday. Is very frail and poorly. They say its a case of hrs or so not days or so. OK, Im trying to get things prepared before I leave, as no internet up north. Question, IHT, I printed off a lengthy IHT form. IHT205. Now; 1] The total of estate after estemates and actuals takeaway whats owed, will be far less than 100,000.00, probably about 80,000.00. I asume the cost of funeral, outstanding bills, insurance, will come out of this figure or not. 2] Do I need to send IHT, if so which one? and I use this for Probate? Does the probate costs come from this IHT valuation. 3] The urgent repairs costs, does this come out of valuation 4] Missing items, cant value them? now, then will have to pack and go, no internet. Can you offer help as soon as poss please, as just waiting for phone callMany thanks for your help
  9. Ok as of this moment. Hospital just phoned, dad will be moved to Nursing home very near the there bungalow village. Either to day or tomorrow. He isnt to good, not responsive, not eating or drinking, refuses, very agitated, confused. obviously skin and bone now. Another nurse will phone me in an hr time to give me more details and SW name?? My understanding is, that NHS continuation of care extending to Nursing home EOL care plan, started whilst in hospital, there should be no cost. I dont think we have that long to go now. when the time comes, and i get a call, I will leave to go up north, arrange funeral etc and sort paperwork, sort Probate, try to get the re[pairs done, look after my brother, I will have 2 months off work [unpaid] longer if needed. I need to do a load of paperwork, before I send to probate. Im trying to sort out the home bills at moment. not paid since feb 2021. brother is still getting sorted with his PIP stuff and benefit, I was supposed to get a copy of the assessment, which I still havnt had yet.
  10. hy, not sure if made myself clear, dads SW isnt in hospital, I meant to say I need to find out who the allocated SW is, reference to Hospital SW for discharge into care home. NO one has told me who it is?
  11. hy honeybee13 thanks for virtual hug. Everything is a nightmare at moment. Dad did have an apointed SW, but hes been in hospital for last few weeks, I believe he isnt classed as self funding! he was never in care home longer than 6 weeks. I agreed with the Hospital DR, over week ago, for EOL and palliative care to start all the tubes and medical intervention to stop, he isnt eating and drinking. will have to contact SW on what happens, need to find the nursing home closer to where my brother lives, Dad was expected to go this week [pass away] because of this, my applications for court access to finances etc, ive put on hold. As the will and probate will kick in, cant see dad lasting another week or so?
  12. OK UP DATE. As of today, I have been notified that the hospital/ward, are wanting my father discharged into a nursing home type place. They are no longer doing any medical intervention, he is on EOL Palliative care, dad no longer eat or drink but they say he needs 24hr nursing care. Trying to get through to ward and will have to find one. If dad is having NHS care in hospital, then if he goes into nursing home, is that considered continuation of care, so wont have to pay or do we have to pay or is it same as care home, we have 6 weeks before paying? They expected dad to not survive the week, but looks like he may be longer, but dont think it will be like weeks? Any suggestions please
  13. Hy everyone. Thankyou indeed for all your input. Update; Unfortunately I think the decision is now taken out my hands. Have spent the last week in toutch with the Drs and ward staff, we had a call on Friday to say we needed to see dad asap. A 8 hr trip there and back, very tiring especially when I cant drive. Spent several hrs with dad. left at about 1am. He is in a side room now, very ill. Just sleeping and no recognition at all. We got a call latter part of Sunday to agree to EOL care, start of Palliative care and removal of the drips, other than a glucose one for comfort. There is very little they can do for dad now. WE just have a matter of days now. I will now have to focus my attention on the support and care of my younger brother and the home. I guess the ne,xt stage is Probate. Do I get a form or contact them when time comes, I think it is going to cost over £200 and could take up to 8 weeks.
  14. Interesting. Good Sister. 1] how do I attatch the COP3 form to the e mail. I dont know how to do video call?
  15. Ok update, I just sent e mail with copy of the PALS complaint to COP asking for help and advice, regarding having to travel 6 to 7hrs , i cant drive, someone will have to take me, to hand in a form COP3 to the ward staff, as Matron insists that someone physically sees me Ive asked in the e mail, if COP can contact matron/ward about form, so I dont have to travel. It will mean time off from work,not paid as its to far to do when finished.
  16. Hy, UP date. I e mailed, to PALS at weekend, also follow up with a letter, I also have detailed letter ready to send to DWP, for appointee and court. Just had a phone call from Ward Matron, basically, I have to physically go to the ward, so they can seem in person, before they fill out or sign form. I explained im in northampton, hospital is in Stockton, Id have to have more time off from work, its a long journey as I cant drive. Question is this the case, or can I do it another way. She gave me her e mail at hospital if I can send the form, whats the point if you still got to physically see me. I spoke to staff nurse this afternoon, dad is very poorly, refuses, food, drink, very dilerious and confused, refuses medication, has IV fluis, rather flat today, pulled out his canulas, she spent 45 mins with him and says very poorly. anyone have any ideas who and what I can do about the roody form, Im ready to give up myself now.
  17. Ok update. I have spent the last week or two, trying to get help from the Staff Nurses and Matron, regarding the Consultant or someone to have my dads lack of capacity documented, either their own paperwork or me sending COP3. I they have informed the consultant looking after my dad, who at this moment is sounding very ill, with medical issues on top of delirium and confusion, he is apparently having blood transfusion bag things. not eating and drinking. I have even spoken to the consultants secretary to explain the urgent matter and to have the consultant contact over the last few days WITHOUT SUCCESS, conversion ended today with its a legal form can I take it into hospital personally, er..I dont drive and Im in Northampton, Hospital is Stockton on Tees. the nurses cant help need to speak to consultant!!!!!!! conversation ended with well I will complain to PALS, GMC secretary of Health or whoever......reply was looks like it then? I have just compiled a 3 page letter [well e mail one] sent to PALS, I will follow up with a written one and to whoever else I can contact. I need this medical form before I can do anything else with court or appointee anyone have any ideas cos Im now at my gasping point, wondering why the hell am I taking on all this stress and worry, then I think of my younger brother, and that reminds me why I am doing it and doing it for.
  18. Ok, update, I have phoned last couple of days to ward asked to speak to Staff Nurse, they said the consultant would get back to me, they were not sure if they had such an assessment form. I got the name of consultant but its a 2 weekly change over. Last night I gave the SN my address details etc, they said there would be a team meeting this morning and someone would get back to me or if I need to send them COP3. Low and behold its gone 8 now and nothing. I am up at crack of dawn at work till early lunch time, its hot Im tired, Im on phone most of day with young brother helping him, so i think Im just about had enough. They visited dad today, 1 person at time now. still confused pushing food away. I have worry of the bills mounting up, the repair needed doing etc. Will phone ward tomorow, Ill try to find out secretary of the consultant at Stockton Hospital. Age UK wasnt really much help, as Im doing everything they sugested already? Yes a complaint to PALS is next step. Will write to DWP enclose form and explain situation that I cant get anyone to do a ssessment form?
  19. Cant get through to ward...again! Maybe think of a Complaint via PALS I dont even know address to contact for the Hospital Social worker! I think it is Durham County Council? so annoying I cant get through to anyone?
  20. lol it takes ages and ages to get through, to start with, one staff member actually hung up on me and my aunt . Im always polite and nice. just doesnt get me anywhere!
  21. well its 25 to 5 and no one has called me from the ward?
  22. Just update now; spoke to hospital ward, dad will be there for next few days or so, still confused. They will inform the consultant to ring me this afternoon, as I explained the situation and the matter is urgent.
  23. HY, it is both time consuming and frustrating, trying to sort all thius out as well as looking after my younger brother and trying to sort out the family home, the bathroom repair is urgent and all the utility bills. we paid the home and content insurance as I felt it was important and hope to get this back from dads money. I have printed the BF56 form for appointee. I will ring DWP 0800 731 7898 if this is correct number. I cant find an address to write to, have the Post Handling A, Wolverhampton one, if this is correct or is it dads up north. I will phone the hospital ward tomorrow ask to speak to Staff nurse and ask for consultant to contact me regarding dads assessment. I will try the SWs, but they say its hospital problem as they not referred dad to them yet. In the meantime I have all the utlity bills waiting and the repairs. But the SW couldnt assess dad in Home as he got put back into hospital before they could do it. so the 6 week free thing started again, but was only into it 2 weeks, before dad got put into hospital, there 2 weeks back into care home [6 weeks started again] then after 1 week back into hospital, where he is now, about 1 week?
  24. Dad has bouts of being awake, limited comunication, but certainly not in a understanding, agreeing or signing way, he doesnt really know who we are most of time. Its trying to get a SW? we back to square one. after 72hrs out of home, he is responsible of the ward/hospital. untill they discharge him into SW care again. so 6 weeks starts again....and again, in meantime bills are wanting paying and bathroom needs repair badly, toilet will pack up soon, has been temp sorted
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