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  1. De minimis as DX said, ignore everything (and it will be a lot of guff you'll get) until you get a Letter Before Claim, then send a response to the idiots threatening court action and copy it to Parking Eye the same as in post 14 in the thread DX quoted above. It will be a laugh if they take this to court. In future never appeal to the PPC or POPLA.
  2. If Octopus is not the current energy supplier they cannot apply through any legal procedure to force entry or fit a pre-payment meter.
  3. The 'if you maintain land for 10 years it becomes yours' is an urban myth. Chances are the land will be shared ownership or owned by a trust to stop building or closure of it with an easement in place for those that have the right to use it.
  4. Second hand vehicles should come with two keys, these days for motorcycles there's usually a master key which can be used for getting keys cut and a key with HISS built in (or other such security) which you use daily. If I was buying a used motorcycle and it didn't have both keys I'd be walking away.
  5. Remember a DCA has no legal powers and cannot enter your home or enforce the debt and add silly made up charges. They'll probably write you a few letters in scary red ink which you can ignore but keep on file. I would send the CEO one letter (not an email) with proof of delivery stating why you have disputed the invoice and made a payment based on what was agreed. Keep a copy.
  6. Yes you are. He needs to take proof of ID with a photo and his V5 for the vehicle, that's normal practice for getting a vehicle key cut. Also was the vehicle second hand? It's a legal requirement for all new vehicles to come with two keys.
  7. 14 days only applies to the NIP, it might be that a roadside stop is the NIP, so what you have now is just the resulting action.
  8. If it's a NIP it must be received within 14 days of the offence as far as I know, that might be different under the current circumstances though as it sounds like it's been delayed in the post.
  9. Can you move the car to a private driveway (not yours)? If not park it a few streets away. Do not open the door to the Bailiffs, talk to them through a window.
  10. Ignore and report - excellent advice from Andy and DX You enter any communication with them and they will think they have got you.
  11. Parking Lie do not set up the car park, that's done by the NHS Trust or more likely, the PFI Company that owns the land and buildings. In all likelihood Parking Lie have been contracted by the PFI Co and not the NHS however you should write to the NHS Trust PALs department and without revealing you were the driver (write in the third person such as 'the driver parked' etc) and tell them the charge is unfair and you want them to cancel it. If they don't then sit and wait to see if Parking Lie send you a Letter Before Claim, be prepared for lots of scary letters from them claiming ever increasing amounts and then from their pet Debt Collector (the next desk along) who have less power than a squashed fox by the side of the road. All those letters are bog paper at best but keep them in case you need to refer to them. The only letter you need to respond to is entitled Letter Before Claim - if you get one come back here for advice. It's also good to contact your local paper and tell them about the scam that is going on in their local hospital car park.
  12. I'd be concerend about the noise from the fans in those network cabinets, they are loud, especially at night.
  13. Is the mortgage in joint names or are you the sole mortagee and who's name is on the deeds? I have been through something similar and my ex was not entitled to a penny however I never asked her for a monthly contribution either so I don't know if that leaves you vulnerable, I would have thought not as long as it was to cover food and utilities only. Additionally, has he moved out yet? Are you still sharing your space or has he moved into a spare room? That's about intent for him to move out. If you have split your relationship and he has said he intends to go then give him a date to leave, it's your house and you can ask him to leave.
  14. You say the default started in 2017 but you are currenty making payments - that means the statue barred clock will never start and the default will never be removed from your credit file while you are making payments.
  15. I think the most straightfoward way of dealing with this is to contact your network supplier, tell them the phone and SIM are missing and get them to blacklist (not just block) the mobile phone. The phone is then useless to anyone and you can be sure that it will never be made live on the network again. Order a replacement SIM from your network provider (you might have to pay a small amount) and get yourself a cheap secondhand phone to use. No grief with CEX and you have your number back.
  16. Hang on, didn't you already receive a Letter Before Claim from these idiots? If they sent one and then did nothing I believe that's illegal - can someone fact check me? The latest rubbish you have from them is just more begging letters and their parking charges can never be fines!
  17. A couple of points; I recenty ordered a new money clip through Ebay which was delivered by Yodel. This item is small enough to fit in your pocket and it holds folded paper money, so definitely small enough to fit in your letter box. However, it was delivered in a box big enough to hold 4 full sized cans of baked beans (I tried it and proved it), so it couldn't fit in my letterbox. Yodel reported that it had been delivered through the letterbox which was clearly a lie as the delivery agent could be seen on my doorbell and CCTV cameras. It had been left on my doorstep in full view of the pavement and road and I was surprised to find it stil there some hours later when I returned home from work. Second point is that the item was seriously substandard so I complained to Ebay after contacting the seller who refused to accept a return. Ebay were their usual useless selves so I simply did a charge back on my credit card and got my money back. I received a rather short reply from Ebay saying that as I had opened a dispute with my CC provider they would not be able to pursue the claim - they weren't anyway. So I would say forget Yodel and Ebay, just do a chargeback and let them get on with it and go ahead and order another one from elsewhere.
  18. Send her one letter, time line, reason for you being unable to stay and what you believe is her breach of contract and confirm the day you left and payments you made coverring the period you did stay. Then it's up to her if she wants to do court.
  19. NTK was out of time to create keeper liability anyway. Don't say who was driving and they don't have a chance.
  20. Have you written to the landlord formally outlining the issues, timeline and your official notice of leaving?
  21. That's incorrect, feral pigeons and grey squirrels are classed as pests and to justify humanely killing them one just needs to have evidence of them causing damage to property which includes plants and and crops. I suggest you take a look here: General licences 2021: what you can and can’t shoot – Fieldsports Channel WWW.FIELDSPORTSCHANNEL.TV Updated 25 November 2020 This page shows advice by country: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland The current, shambolic general licences...
  22. Forgot to add that the Council did intervene on one flytip which was identified as asbestos, I reported it to them and they sent an inspector who confirmed it was asbestos and identified where it had come from (a shed roof had been replaced in the abutting property), I am led to believe they gave the property owner a limited time to clear the asbestos or receive a fine and it was cleared. The laws about asbestos dumping seem to trump any land ownership issues.
  23. This sounds very much the same as the alleyway I have at the side and rear of my property, I had the same problem, mostly with dog walkers dumping poo bags and people using the area as a toilet and rubbish dump. After some digging I found that the land on the alleyway is owned by a Trust born from the builders of the estate in 1938 and the land is classed as private (so local Council will do nothing). It is mentioned on everyone's deeds (so check yours) as shared land for access to rear and side of abutting properties and there is an easement in place for all abutting properties to have unrestricted access. This does not stop people blocking it from time to time with rubbish and on one morning I opened my garage door and found a skip dumped outside it - that was moved sharpish after I went round and banged on the door of the people that had hired it. I cleaned the alleway up and improved the surface to my garage as I wanted to use it for vehicle access and I installed CCTV, which, after a number of years (and objections, even had the Police called on me for 'invading privacy'), has resolved the issues and very little anti social behaviour now goes on - word got round if you do something in that alleway you will end up on Youtube! I am the only one who maintains the alleyway but several neighbours now use it as it is accessible and clean. If your flytipper is persistant I would suggest a letter to them asking them to move the obstruction to your right of way or you will have to take legal action, that won't be too difficult to do but be prepared for the backlash - I don't care what people think of me but I have had some very nasty things said about me in the neighbourhood, which people who actually know me have told me about and objected to. The episode of the Police was hilarious, I caught the same people dumping dog poo bags in the alleway outside my garage door deliberately on several occasions, I didn't know who they were, they didn't look that young to me and I posted the footage on Youtube to shame them. Subsequently a nieghbour a few doors along called the Police and reported me for filming minors and posting the videos, Police called round and I asked them what offence I had commited and they mumbled about invasion of privacy to which I pointed out that although it's private property it is shared space and there is no right to privacy in shared or public spaces. I also pointed out that there are no laws governing domestic CCTV in the UK so there was nothing they could do - however there was a recorded offence of dropping dog poo which is illegal on or off of private land. The Police couldn't wait to get out of my house as I told them to go and deal with the only offence that had been commited. Shortly after that the neighbour and her kids started posting on my Youtube channel that I was a paedophile filming her kids (18 and 14 at the time although they looked older to me), they also talked to other neighbours and said the same (some who know me told them they were out of order), I provided the malicious posts to the Police and hoped they would tell her to stop, I blocked their accounts and saved their nasty messages for the future should I need it. Police did nothing. Oddly enough this neighbour is one that uses the alleyway now it's open and clear and they have even built a garage which they drive down to regularly. I used to clear up to their garage because I was friendly with an OAP whose garage was opposite theirs, but he died, so for the last 18 months I have not cleaned beyond my immediate neighbour's property line and it is now so overgrown they can't access their garage! Shot themselves in the foot there.
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