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motorola lenovo not responding need help with warranty


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Hi all. I have a motorola phone under warranty. I have sent it off to Motorola who have come back and said it has water damage, yet the phone is waterproof or its meant to be. I have asked for an email address of a higher level person but am struggling to get one.

It seems a dead end with their foreign call centre.


Does anybody have any other email addresses for them ?

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Someone may be along with the information you need – but in the meantime, have you got some advertising blurb or specifications which show that it is waterproof and the level of its waterproof-ness.


What do you know about the water damage? Were you aware that there was any?


Who did you buy it from?

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big fail sending to motorola my neighbour stupidity twice got bitten by the ubiquitous water damage excuse. You wont ever see it again 


you beef was against the retailer not the manufacturer


when did you purchase the phone and who from?



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