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  1. Thanks it went through this time (and with a card I thought PayPal had blocked many years ago). However the credit card donation was still processed by PayPal and required agreeing to PayPal's guest payment terms. Previous PayPal terms used to state they reserve the right to limit guest payments to 10 transactions. I especially dislike this current term: I strongly dislike PayPal and will never open a PayPal account... but at the same time I don't want to discourage others, so I'll stop here
  2. Always a good idea, yes I checked that for 'hoseasons.co.uk' yesterday but it returned a blank, perhaps a temporary glitch.
  3. Good afternoon everyone, Hoseasons just sent me an e-mail regarding a UK boating holiday this Easter: I have a sinking feeling about this Their email gives me zero peace of mind! Their T&Cs were changed on 20 March 2020 (after my booking) does anyone have a saved copy of their pre-March boating holiday T&Cs? I will want a full refund if the boatyard remain closed but their current T&Cs don't make it clear I have that right. For example: Section 8 applies where I cancel. It gives me some rights to a refund but from others' experience posted on this forum, it will be a struggle. Plus I am not cancelling, I can walk/cycle to the boatyard if I have to! Section 9 "Cancellations or changes by the boat operator or service provider". This looks like the relevant section but the last sentence: "We will explain what has happened and let you know about the cancellation or change. However, we will have no further liability to you." Really?! Section B details refund and compensation in the case of service provider cancellation but only where the booking included Eurostar travel - this does not apply to my booking. If I have to apply for chargeback (debit card) I am aware time will be short so I want to be prepared. The holiday is fully paid 10 weeks in advance, there is a 120 time limit for chargeback, this leaves 50 days but from experience there will be little time after notices, postal delays (they don't answer emails) and getting my bank to send the claim form (they are slow too) etc. ~S
  4. I fully paid off my Egg loan in January 2011 but I still received a letter last week from Egg about my loan being transfered to Britannica Recoveries. Egg state it is in case I require any information on my old loan... but at first sight, transfer to a recovery agency doesn't look good. Yes, it appears Egg are selling all their loan business. Here is the full text of their letter: June 2011 Loan Account No. xxxxxxxx Important news from Egg Banking plc concerning your previous Egg Loan Dear xxxxxxxx We want to give you some important news regarding the Egg Loan you previously held. Following recent discussions, the Egg Loan business will be transferred from Egg Banking plc to Britannica Recoveries S.à r.l acting in the name of and on behalf of its compartment Moorgate (Britannica-Moorgate) and will be serviced by Moorgate Loan Servicing Ltd. This transfer will take place on 11th July 2011. We appreciate that you have now fully paid off your Egg Loan, but as a result of the transfer, Britannica - Moorgate will replace Egg as the data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 from 11th July 2011. What happens next Should you in future require any information on the loan you previously held with Egg you should now contact Moorgate Loan Servicing Ltd. Your sincerely [signed] [probably a ficticious name] Head of Loan Products Egg Banking plc Btw I successsfully claimed the PPI about 2 years ago - so I've no need to contact Egg or their successor about this loan ever again.
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