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  1. The SB clock was already at maximum as I had been paying £1 a month, so i had nothing to loose in that respect. By paying the 1000, the account is now showing as closed and is no longer open on my credit record. In my situation, this is more useful, as I'm trying to get a mortgage. No one ever said pay it, but in this case i did, and it's worked out better for me. In the long term, yes they still have six years to chase me for more money, but I do have a letter advising they will not do that. So if it ever gets to court i will show that.
  2. I was paying the £1 payment right up until I gave then £1000. They sent a letter saying they nor no one else would pursue me any further for this debt, and then closed the account.
  3. I've checked my credit file, and this is now showing as a closed account. I was expecting it to be showing as an open account with a 'partially settled' marker. But it looks like Moorcroft have closed it completely. This is great news, as it wont show at all when I apply for a mortgage
  4. I dont appreciate that tone, I dont think thats the correct attitude to take. Mods, feel free to close this topic.
  5. I am just trying to mitigate any future action that may be taken against me. I would hate it for some company to attempt to take me to court in five years time, and win, with expenses, possibly totalling £4000 PLUS. I'd be kicking myself thinking that it could have been avoided by paying £1000 all those years ago.
  6. Thats great news for getting a mortgage in a few years time, I did not know that! However I'm still leaning towards partially settling the debt. Only for the reason that if I do nothing, and keep the £1 payment going, Moorcroft can still litigate, and I could be liable for the whole £3500, possibly more if the judge finds in their favour and adds to that £3500. I'f I pay this £1000 and get it partially settled, and they agree not to go after me in the future, and then they do go after me, I'll be in a much better place when it come to sitting across from their solicitor and a judge. I know it may never happen, but the bottom line is that it may happen, and it has happened to me before. Also, after paying this £1000, i can stop my £1 a month payment, thus ceasing servicing the account. So in six year time it will become SB.
  7. I was under the impression the default and the actual monetary debt were seperate things. So whilst the default will fall off my credit file six years after it was applied, the actual monetary debt will stay forever, as it's still outstanding. Are you saying that six years after the default was applied, not only will the default drop off my file, but the actual monetary debt will drop off as well? NB, I'm not too worried about SB on this one, as I've been paying them £1 a month for the past five years. I've got stepchange to thank for advising that one.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I do appreciate everything you all do, dont get me wrong I'm worried that I will apply for a mortgage, a credit check will be ran on me, and all this debt will show up. Even after the default is lifted, if a credit check is ran on me, this debt will still show as outstanding. If I can partially settle it now, at least the total amount owed is now less and is partially settle, which will look better to any future mortgage lender than having the full balance outstanding. And if i get taken to court over this in the future, I will be in a better position as i have a letter advising no further action will be taken.
  9. Hi Guys, I've gone ahead with this, and I've got the below reply from Moorcroft We write to confirm we and our client are prepared to accept £1000 as partial settlement of your account. Provided that payment is made in accordance with this letter, neither we nor our client will take any further steps in relation to recovery of the remaining balance. Once your payment is cleared we will inform our client of this settlement so that, if appropriate, they can update your CreditFile with the various Credit reference Agencies and mark the account as partially asatisfied. Any relevent entry on your credit file will be reflected for six years from the date of default. If you wish to accept this offer please call us on the above telephone number within the next 14 days. I belive this letter would put me in a good place, should anyone try to take money, or take me to court in the future. It would also look good on a Mortgage application if it is questioned in the future.
  10. Thanks, I appreciate that. Arrow did actually respond to my CCA request, but i dont think they sent fully what is legally required. Arrow have sent documents, but does it constitute a full CCA? They have sent -copy of originators statements -A copy of the agreement -a copy of t+cs They then say they 'We are awaiting the notice of default and will send if available'
  11. ok great, thanks What I'm worried about is being taken to court, like PRA tried to. I'm thinking that giving Moorcroft £1000 to Partially Settle the account, will make it less likely they will come after me in the future. And if they do take me to court after partially settling the account, we would have a much better defence in court.
  12. Yes, thats what i was saying, SB is six years from last payment. To get a mortgage, I presume the banks are looking at whats on my credit file, so when the defualt gets to six years and drops off my credit file, a mortgage company wouldn't even see it? But the DCA could add a second default towards the end of the six years could they not? So it would be better to have the account partially settled?
  13. So a default will drop off my credit file after six year, unpaid or paid. Then to get it Statute Barred, I need to wait six years from last payment. So If I paid them £1000 now, it wouldn't affect my Credit File, but it may stop them coming after me for the full £3500 in three years time?
  14. So even though I've been paying a £1 payment, this debt will drop off my credit file six years after the default was issued?
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