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  1. Road/track.cyclepath traveller/commuter type. Includes steep short inclines on mostly flat terrain.
  2. The rules have changed now. Beware! Do not sign off JSA or ESA or you could be penalised. Get expert advice.
  3. I have got two conflicting reports. I am not receiving this premium when I used to on JSA. Any references so I can take it up with the DWP please?
  4. Is this premium excluded if you are DLA (lower rate) and ESA please? I used to get it with JSA though?
  5. A good point Capaign issue: the TV Licnce is rather poor value for a single person who watches TV about once or twice a week, compared to the same rate for a family with children and TV in each room. I think there should be a single person lesser rate for the best value. Over Christmas I could not find anything to watch at all.
  6. My TV aerial fell off the roof (in the storm) so I rang up asking if I still had to pay as I could not get reception (not even through the Internet). I then discovered that I had overpaid by this method of fortnightly installments. Not really worth cancelling my licence but I was pleasantly surprised I did not need to pay for 6 months and I was £109.80 overpaid. Worth a try if you have been paying for a bit.
  7. Write it down on your job log or apply for the job anyway. I sign up with Recruitment Agencies and just cut and paste including reference numbers. Reference numbers are important if I want to track the application. It is easier. Does not mean I don't forget to record some. Just less likely to.
  8. Contact a group called Headway who help rehabilitation for people with acquired brain injuries. They do not do benefit advice though. Note that you will be seen by a ATOS doctor and it is the DWP that will make the decision.
  9. PS: Don't forget the Job Centre people are meant to help you find work and not just dole out the Government spare change. So there are people to help you. Like Careers Advice (search online), cheap computers (£100 desktop), computer training courses to give you skills, probably other training as well. I wish I was young now as there did not seem to be the opportunties when I was younger. Reslience is a key word. The courses should give you the support to enable you to gain the resilience to get a job of there any suitable ones around. The theory is that it should help with asthma an
  10. 1) Doctor: have a word with him and explain the position. I am not qualified or think it is my job to advise on this. If want to claim ESA you will need a fitness note (or sickness note). It will specifiy a period of time, say 3 months. The GP can add comments like restrictions in the type of work you can do. It would be worth going to the Doctor and try and get his advice anyway. Sometimes they may feel that suitability for work is outside their remit. I went to my doctor for purpose to be cured, but it will take time for me. I asked for a prognosis. It was not advantageous for me to claim
  11. Orders of action: 1) Go to see your Doctor. Get a fitness note. You doctor has the option to recommend working with conditions. 2) Have a word with the Job Centre staff and ask for a meeting with the Disablement Officer (optional) 3) Ring up DWP.
  12. I had the same sort of problem, a physical intermittent ailment and I am in process of changing over and I can advise of the procedure and the snags. There are also advantages. However, it is also possible for this to result in a large reduction in benefit, so I cannot reeocmmend this action for everyone. The three pertinent questions to ask are 1) Do you receive the DLA premium in addition to JSA? (If so, at what rate?) This is IMPORTANT. 2) What is your age? 3) Are you on the Work Programme? Or do you visit the Job Centre? (or have you been on the Work Programme befor
  13. A few years ago, on JSA I got a free suit and a choice of three outfitters and rather a standard boring design.
  14. Quite right. I should have explained. If you are claiming JSA withn a Disability Premium, there may be a disadvantage going on ESA as the disability premium is no longer paid if you are on lower scale DLA. Beware. After the asessment (which may take 13 weeks or even longer: ATOS may have have backlogs of over 3 months) the ESA claimant may be available for the WRAG component in addition to basic ESA. ESA claimants are eligible for "permitted work" which is part time for one year. This is what I am trying for.
  15. When I rang up DWP they said if it is not sorted within two weeks, an advance may be available. You may find you get a small amount when the JSA claim is closed down.
  16. I think you will find that anxiety will probably decrease if you collaborate with plans that are designed to help him. I can see problems if the client cannot find any suitable jobs to apply for. There is a place to purchase refurbished computers. Ask about this. Volunteering may be like a job trial. My WP advises me to that to make it clear than when volunteering that you are looking for permanent employment and she/he both suggested that the trial period should not exceed a month in duration as this is enough time to consider whether or not you are suitable for paid work.
  17. A holdup occurs if you don't sign off JSA straightaway. Because I became ill I made a mistake of changing benefit as I get £53 less a week on ESA. I would not recommend this change unless you are very ill.
  18. My view is I wish we had this facility when I was younger. It beats looking through newspapers and paying for stamps etc. However, it does mean more competition for jobs. The best bet to improve my chances is to sign on with the Recruitment Agencies and UJ gives a lead on how to do this. Job clubs were quite good in the past. I got a job through them, but it was too far away from home. Guidance in completing CVs is good as well. Mine was not up to scratch. It really needs checking. I got help from Careers Advice. I live in an employment black spot as evidenced by the location o
  19. Correction. I have several CVs and I choose which one is most approrpiriate. Jobs with application forms ask how previous experience fits in with roles demanded of the job. I treat this bit as important. It all tricky though. e.g. I think I am reasonably good at dealing with the public, but if I was doing it all day, it would wear me out. Interviews are OK, public speaking, TV, presentations Ok, but if you want me to waffle on all day like a radio presenter, or expect me to have the stamina of a teacher all day. Think again, it would wear me out. Some people are extraverted and some
  20. Addenda: skilled professional interviewers with big firms are to my taste. Bosses of small businesses and it is all personalities. His personality usually. I do not usually try and fit my act towards the job on offer as the recruitment specialists are most keen on. Maybe I am wrong as I am out of work? I just try to be myself. The thinking is that I just say what I am and what I can do and hope they can fit a square peg into a round hole. Adaptability is not a weakness nor a strong point. My reasoning is that I have done too many jobs that I have been unhappy in. Do others tr
  21. Interviews and interviewers come in numerous states from employers who just want the face to fit to employers that cannot make up their mind. There is only two tendencies I have observed over above the random, that young pretty girl get certain jobs with certain managers even though they are not the best at doing the job (arguable) and women managers employing single mothers and the secondary demands of their children mean they do not provide a very reliable service to customers. Both are extremely annoying, the second one much more so. I also really dislike it when interviews
  22. Sometimes the term "horse****" is used. If you think your fellow employees are crazy and you don't want to be driven crazy yourself ...
  23. I have employed someone like this. With confidence in his own field, his stammer goes away completely. A star in his own right. He plans it, of course. I think he gets too detailed but I just let him get on with it, cause it works. I do not attempt to baulk his style. I just try to support his efforts as far as possible. He is good with children.
  24. Addenda: the way that some work advisors browbeat their clients is counter productive to some clients. There personalities do not respond this way. It may work for some people. Itis a dog eat dog world, sometimes, especially in retail in sales. Some adverts for job advisors ask for experience in sales. Not my forte and I am not impressed. It may actually suit about 45% of the working age group, so they are not wrong. Just a little bit less than half right. I think the Job Shop initiative may work better for some out of work people. For those people who are shy rather than avoidant?
  25. A very good post and along the lines I am thinking of. Key points extracted by me: Avoidance as a technique is a lose-lose scenario. Unless you want avoidance as a way of life. Not recommended. Resilience is something to try and attain. When people undergo a crisis and a loss of confidence, the objective (my view) is try to develop the resilience, which some people may say is strength or confidence. Whereas confidence can only be attained by your own efforts (beware of adversaries), resilience may need a support group. One thing that the Work Programme advisors do no
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