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  1. No, the original arrangement was with the council. The bailiffs are asking for the full amount within 7 days, but I cannot afford this amount. Do I have any other options?
  2. Hi. I set up a payment plan for a £300 council tax debt. Managed to pay the first instalment (£20), but due to lack of money missed the second payment. Just had a Schedule 12 Taking Control of Goods letter delivered. They also added £235 for the enforcement fee. Is it possible to contact the council again and renegotiate, and avoid dealing with the bailiff? I also have a motor vehicle outside (old car worth under £500) . I take it's a good idea to park it elsewhere? I'm keeping the doors/windows closed, and refuse to answer the door. But my main concern is that they'll force their way in. Will this happen? Thanks.
  3. There was something on the the Money Claim website re making a counterclaim (would've cost me £200!). I skipped this part, I assume that's ok?
  4. Hi. Lowell Portfolio Ltd have sent me a County Court claim for a debt for a credit card. The debt is under £3k. On the form, it mentions that 'The Agreement was later assigned to the Claimant on 16/03/2012'. Not entirely sure if this date is re the agreement between myself and the CC company, or when it was passed on to Lowlife Ltd? Unfortunately, it isn't yet statute barred (6 years). As I'm working between temp part-time jobs, I can't afford this. What's the best way to contest this claim? Thanks.
  5. I'm unable to scan it but at the top of the letter is: Application to the county court for possession of your home. It then outlines the total debt, and that's it really.
  6. Thanks, I'll bear that in mind. I just need some input re courts and what to expect.
  7. Yes, the letter said court fees up to £325. I have another issue. I tried all week to contact Shelter, and the lines are all tied up so I can't get any advice. Also spoke to the council's housing options team, and they said they'll get back. What I really need to know is when it goes to court, will I have a chance to put my side of the story to the judge? Or is it all done via post? I'm concerned that it's all done automatically, without any input from myself. Thanks.
  8. But what if the customer claims that they lost the receipt? How could TKMaxx decide whether to refund said person?
  9. You're right re offering money, as once they have my details then they'll set the RLP dogs onto me and demand more £'s. Ill just stay away from these stores for quite awhile. Re the garage; I read somewhere that they're now using other RLP type companies to chase people, and it's purely a civil matter (it seems that the police are advising garages to go down this route). Anyway, thanks for the advice everyone. If anyone has other advice, please add them here.
  10. Looking for some advice, and what to expect will happen. Going through a tough period financially, and couldn't afford to eat or pay for the gas/elec. I started stealing from supermarkets via self-checkouts (I found an exploit, just like another poster here), and had taken mostly food. This happened several times, and approx £30-£50 each time. I also filled up my vehicle with fuel from a garage, and drove off without paying. I've now decided to stop as I don't want to end up too far down the rabbit hole. So assuming that they will ID me, what can I expect? Thanks.
  11. Thank you SF. I will do that, good advice. Also for the present rent, my HB came through and was awarded so another bonus. I'll keep this thread updated, just in case someone is going through similar circumstances.
  12. Update: they're going to also charge me the full cost of the court application. Is this allowed?
  13. Hi. Yes, a letter was received re the Notice of intent to seek Possession. No to any payment plan. Arrears are just under £1k. I've had a similar scenario years ago (15 yrs) where I owed a similar amount, and a payment plan was accepted. I'll ask them for the documents that you've mentioned. Many thanks.
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