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  1. Thanks Craig, I have discovered through the internet that these are supplied with space saver spare and therefore Jack & wheel brace.
  2. Have just returned from helping a family friend out this evening, she was stranded at road side with puncture, and no spare wheel, car jack, wheel brace or emergency puncture repair kit in the car.The car was the lady's first and she bought on the basis of colour and because it was cute, in other words the car dealer saw her coming and quickly worked out she was not aware of what to look for when buying a car. So, tonight in pouring rain and in the dark at the side of the road I had to give her and her son a lift and abandon her car at roadside.Before, I call the 2nd hand car dealer tomorrow, I want to calm down abit and seek the advice of CAG on this matter. I understand that many cars are no longer sold with spare tyres/wheels and a foam repair kit is often supplied, but this car I now know is supposed to be supplied with a spare wheel as the deep hole in the boot suggests. There is no tools present/supplied to jack the car and nor is there a wheel brace.Am I correct in thinking that legally these should have been supplied? What course of action would you recommend?Thanks as always for any help offered.
  3. The homophobes win on appeal! One small step forward and one GIANT leap back.
  4. I'd ask him if you could view his CCTV and write to him requesting that he maintains a copy for future reference.
  5. Thanks Jamberson, It was one long undivided bay and she was an awful woman. I have a Google earth link posted in the opening post if you look to the right the long bay is just outside Solicitors Doherty & Brennan.
  6. mHi guys , I was in my town centre earlier attempting to park, I have attached a photograph of the exact bay(Coleraine N.Ireland) This was at 4.50pm and there was a car parked at the rear of the bay as is demonstrated by the photograph. There then would/should be enough parking for a further two cars in theory and normal practice, however I arrived to find another car at least 2 metres from the car behind and not enough room for me to get my front wheels inside the box in front. As I was attempting to manoeuvre I got a knock on my passenger window stating they were the car behind and I was cm from the front of their car and not legally parked in the space! I smiled, apologized and asked if they would be awfully decent and give me three to four feet of that 2m space they had behind them, and was point blank told No! So, at this point a traffic warden arrived and ordered me to move and when I told him that the other party was "deliberately" occupying two spaces and when asked to accommodate another car had refused. He stated he didn't care and his concern was that I had two wheels on double yellow lines. ......So, I missed my appointment! my question is, I had a friend who received a ticket for being parked across two parking bays in a car park. This is one large parking space/bay that was designed to accommodate three normal cars and due to one Party being deliberately awkward was only able to accommodate two, why does this not qualify for a ticket or an instruction to park with more consideration? How do I attach a picture? PS: This is not private parking, it is parking at road sides controlled by local council. 48 New Row https://goo.gl/maps/jcQKKk1oJzs
  7. I beg to differ, he never claimed the essay to be his own work, in the thread title it was attributed to the London Times.
  8. Funny that you are Aviva and the other party is LV labrat, I had an accident on Feb 9th this year when the 3rd party pulled across into my lane on a one way system and accused me of being at fault. After months of fighting and doing the insurers job myself, I got two business owners who witnessed the accident submitted statements supporting my claim. Still LV would not admit liability and ignored all Aviva's deadlines, eventually I rang Aviva and gave them a piece of my mind telling them that I had been left out in the cold and I wanted something sorted asap, I got a really decent lady who told me that she agreed with me and would it be ok if she took my claim on herself. This is a major party of these insurers problem is that no one or two people take on a claim and you have to go over the same ground time after time. Anyways, this lady told me that there was considerable animosity between LV & Aviva and they (Aviva) found LV to always drag their heels and delay everything when they are at fault. So she said she would ring them and get back later that afternoon. Half an HR later I had a call back and LV had admitted responsibility, only took 6 months.
  9. Hi king12345 it was the first thing I bought the day after the accident, wouldn't be without it now.
  10. Yes! You are not prepared to suffer the adverse effects of microwaves on your brain is one that I'd use. It's medical and the reason is legitimate.
  11. As an update this thread is now concluded. After months I pushed my insurer to call the other party's hand and give them an ultimatum which they did. Finally the other party's insurer based upon the statements provided by my independent witnesses and the photos provided admitted responsibility! So, I asked them to refund my Insurance Excess and they stated that they would include it amongst their charges for hire car etc. Yesterday it was six months and a day and I decided that I wanted this episode done & dusted, contacted my Solicitor who advised me to first call the other party's insurance and deal direct with them. I did and in an afternoon the other party's insurer refunded my excess deduction, refunded me my expenses incurred including transportation of replacement car from England to Ireland and a compensation award for the seat belt injury suffered in the accident. No solicitors, no other party acting on my behalf, just me being polite, firm and fair got the episode concluded. So, if you are involved in a non fault accident and like me have no legal cover, do not fear taking insurers on yourself.
  12. On Friday past I called my Insurer and asked that they kick this can up the road as the other party's insurer had ignored all previous correspondence, this morning was called by my claims handler and told that my insurance had threatened legal action if they had not responded in 14 days and three days later the other party's insurance has admitted liability! So, I asked my insurer what do I do now!?? Can I have my excess payment back please! What about personal injury/inconvenience,costs incurred? I was told that my insurer would be pursuing their costs, hire car etc and I would need to appoint my only solicitor to pursue my own costs!!? Is this normal? If so am I better using my local solicitor or one of those ambulance chaser outfits?
  13. I never have trusted banks Kaily! . On a serious note, you should have your savings working for you rather than your bank.
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