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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, Yesterday I had my classic car transported to a new storage location via an agent on Shiply and the driver damaged the car twice - once during loading and again when unloading. The first instance is a little complicated: I had forgot to tighten the anti-roll bar bolts and it had dropped down, rattling on the loading ramp. However, rather than check what the problem was, the driver heaved the car back off the ramp with such force that it inverted the ARB and crushed the chassis rails underneath. I had gone to get cash while this happened and only returned in time to see him hauling the car off the ramps. The second instance was when unloading at the other end: the driver rolled the car off the ramps and then pushed it with his backside / hip and dented the tailgate - this happened right in front of me. I didn't notice he had dented it until after he'd hurriedly left and I moved the car into the barn, so didn't get to confront him directly. I wasn't going to make any kind of fuss about the initial damage, as it was a combination of our errors that lead to it, but the dented bodywork is just unacceptable. I messaged him when I got back last night: Hi Tony, I have two big dents in the tailgate of my car from where you pushed it off the bottom of the ramp. The damage to the chassis rails I was willing to take on the chin as it was a combination of our errors that caused it, but I'm really unhappy about the bodywork damage. How do we go about making an insurance claim to cover the tailgate damage? Which seemed kind of OK to me.. I was furious but tried to be civil. His response came in three messages: 20:18 - Really, you didn't bolt the anti roll bar linkage on the car, any damage of any was caused by you not putting things back together properly. Your car damaged my truck. So please don't try this crap on with me 20:20 - What a [problem] artist 20:27 - I have just checked the cctv on my truck, there's no damage I can see done when loading or unloading your car, plus your car was covered up. I will gladly see you in court for making false insurance claims. The first two are nonsense, as I'd told him I wasn't trying to place blame on him for the damaged chassis, as the ARB should have been secured. The third is what I'd like help with, because he's claiming to have CCTV footage. I haven't yet responded, so am hoping for some advice on how to proceed first. The car was covered, but the area of tailgate he damaged was exposed, so if he does have CCTV it should show everything. I'm unsure whether I should ask for his CCTV footage, because (if it even exists) he may very well delete it. The guy clearly goes from 0-100 quickly and I don't want to ruin my chances of making a claim for the damaged bodywork by his rash decisions. Can anyone please advise how to proceed from here? His service was fully insured up to 30k according to Shiply.
  2. It’s my first post. Like many I have joined with a problem and I am looking for some advice. I bought a pre-reg VW Transporter Kombi van from a VW dealer in April 2012. It was “as new” with delivery miles. The total cost was approximately £24,000. I bought it over the phone. Paid a couple of hundred quid on my personal credit card and bank transferred the rest. They delivered it for no charge. The dealer is 120 miles away. I never visited the dealer. I bought it for my business, a small LTD company i.e. just me. After the first month and 1000 miles the van developed a steering issue. It’s a knock/jolt felt through the steering wheel while turning at low speed. Typically half to full lock. After a while the steering even feels loose. So it doesn’t feel all that safe in our opinion. I reported it to my local dealer. They could not detect it. It came back a few weeks later and they took it in and replaced the steering column. That fix lasted for about 3000 miles. It came back again. They then replaced the lower steering column. (apparently it’s a known fault) It then came back again about 1000 miles later. Feeling a little aggrieved I then asked for my money back. They initially said “the supplying dealer must have the opportunity to fix the issue”. All the previous work was done under VW warranty by my local VW dealer. However, the supplying dealer would not collect it (I invited them to do so) and instead they wanted me to drive down to them. I have lots of kids and lots of school runs to do, so that was never going to work. I got the local VW dealer to take it in again. They tried some other fixes and finished by applying some lubricant to the steering column. That lasted for a couple of weeks and it came back again. I started dealing with VW directly and they arranged for an inspection of my van. Surprisingly, the inspection report found nothing wrong. Which was a real surprise because just before they collected it: I could feel it, my wife could feel it, I had a local mechanic drive it and he noticed the fault. Even the VW technician who collected it from my house, noticed the issue, and reported it to his boss. Yet the official report said nothing wrong. Even more surprisingly, our van came back and the steering issue was gone! It must have fixed it’s self in the van centre car park That fix lasted a couple of weeks. The fault is now back just like before. The dealer we bought it from are citing the official report saying basically: “nothing wrong”. They also said that they invited me to bring the van in for them to look at. For these reasons they will not give a refund. Any idea where we go from here? It feels like a catch 22. I feel I cannot sell it with this fault and yet do not want to drive it.
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