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  1. how do you know that it was not working from day one, if it was not working from day one comet stated to me that they would have refunded it,... if you did your freezer and fridge shopping when the unit was first plugged in, then maybe this is what kept the unit cold, it may have made noises but did it actually work, maybe the thermostat is faulty as was mine i think...as for claim on food, that is difficult as you dont really know how long you will be without the use of the unit, if like me it goes on for 9 months then you have to keep purchasing from the corner shop and you cant keep stuff f
  2. well, i am not going into the lengthy details of my issues with comet and their appalling customer service, it would take too long, but as a little encouragement to those of you out there with problems, i have just returned from court where i was claiming for a full refund on a faulty item of over £300, it has taken nine months, but i won in the end, and the item in question will not be collected, i have to dispose of it myself, their logic is strange, they could have had the faulty item returned to the manufacturer from day one when it failed and it would
  3. all the paperwork is done, just waiting for court date
  4. The letter we recieved from comet with an apology attatched, And offer to exchange the unit was, it appears, sent from a different department within comet, it was nice to get a long awaited apology, However, The directors office knew nothing of this offer to us, and from their tone on the phone were more than embarrassed as i think they were going to take this case all the way, Any way i am still rejecting the offer as it has not included compensation. but i believe this letter from them proves my case anyway...i just wish they would treat me as a customer and not the enemy..watch this spot
  5. I recieved an offer to replace the unit today, But no mention of the costs i have now incurred as a direct result of their diabolical customer service, Who in their right mind would want another item from comet? when i have been treated with such contempt, I am going to continue my court action unless they refund and compensate me for at least part of my losses
  6. well! the next step should be interesting, comet have decided to contest the claim and will go to court, we recieved papers today.
  7. ok thanx, i will try that first...the only slightly grey area might be that they will say i have not let them see the freezer yet....of course my answer is....well, you stated that you did not need to see it as you knew what the problem was, and you were ordering the part
  8. sorry if my post is a little confusing...... i have now collected papers and booklets from the court office, and will fill those in...... .i have kept trading standards up to speed.. .it would seem as i understand it.... that it is correct procedure to outline the case to comet as to why i believe i have a fair claim for a refund, to that end i have kept copies of everything that they have sent me and copies of everything i sent them, if i put this all this together in order as a statement of facts then i am hopefull that comet may settle out of court.. .if not.... t
  9. well......, i have been typing up all the notes and looking at the way to go forward,.. and it seems that when i send them notification of intent to sue.., that i should also, try, and agree an out of court settlement first, as this would look good to the judge on the day.., i initially told them that i reject the item, and was not accepting any more time wasting, and wanted a refund..., well as you have read already, this was refused, as was an exchange, as was compensation..so..., where could i find middle ground..., i had had a missed call from the directors office, so, i returned the call,
  10. filling in a pre-action protocol form today, apparently you have to give them this form filled in and a minimum of 14 days to respond, found details on"which"
  11. as i understand it, if you have an interview arranged by the job centre and you fail to attend then you are probably seen as not actively seeking employment, and the benefits you recieve are made on the basis that you are actively seeking work, anyone can put any rubbish in their sign on book such as looked in papers looked on internet, looked in windows for work etc etc, and as genuine as i am sure you are, the job centre is aware of all those who are not and will stop you payment, but of course i hope have it all sorted now
  12. Well, at this moment, comet have refused to do anything, it would appear that the service team have given a different account of what has transpired, they said that they tried to contact us to cancel the first appointment, but then later stated that the parts were not in???? then they said on the second attempt to repair, that the engineer could not make contact and gain entry to the house to effect a repair, but we have a text from them saying, sorry, we are working on your repair will be in touch shortly, so another day of no pay......, depending on who you speak to...,
  13. ]we purchased a hotpoint fridge freezer from comet in southend-on-sea on 2/12/2011, after it was delivered we let it stand for a couple of days to settle before switching it on, all seemed ok, lights came on freezer was working away - we did a major shop to fill it ready for xmas. We had to shop early as we get paid at the end of the month, it was not until 11/01/12 that we realised the fridge was not working, the food was going off, we tried over the next few days to change the settings, but nothing, the fridge was not working, we called for repair on 11/01/12
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