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  1. Ongoing so I shouldn't according to my award letter, be contacted until September 2026.
  2. I was awarded (finally) PIP in Jan 2017 backdated to September 2016 which is ongoing. I have received a text saying I've got a phone assessment (they know I'm deaf) in 2 weeks time. I've not received a paper review form asking if my needs have changed. Does this normally happen?
  3. Thank you. I can't answer the security questions because it's automated and no matter how many times I've been asked to repeat myself, it doesn't get my date of birth right. I only wanted a letter to confirm that I receive income based ESA. Ended up going down the job centre in the end. Was just as quick.
  4. I don't need an apointee to deal with my finances. I just need someone to speak to the DWP for me. I'm hearing impaired and have issues with my speech and other peoples speech, which is harder over the phone. I'm trying to get a letter from the DWP but can't get past the automated questions because no matter how many times I speak, I'm not understood and can't pass any further. Can I just give my personal details to my parents and get them to phone? Or do they need my written permission, etc?
  5. Hi HB, I've had a look online myself and the rules are vague. They (I think) have only been released within the last few days. Why I need one - whilst I do hear some things, I don't hear where sound comes from. I've lost more of my vision and now have tunnel vision in one eye plus rather limited vision in my slightly better eye. Whilst obviously I'm not driving, it would make life much easier to park closer to the entrance and exits.
  6. Does anyone know where I can find a list of the new rules of who will be entitled to a blue badge at the end of August please? All I can find is some people with mental health issues / learning disabilities. But nothing for people like me who receive enhanced mobility PIP who have (amongst things) dual sense loss. But because I'm "only" sight impaired / partially sighted, I can't get a blue badge currently. I don't get any points (and I doubt it's why I got any for mobility) for PIP for my Autism either.
  7. As it's not aimed at a particular company or railway station, I'm not sure who I need to contact for this, or indeed where to start: I was at Bristol Parkway station last weekend and managed to slip between the gap between the train and platform. Thankfully, I have enough strength to pull myself up. I was taken to hospital, checked over and discharged. I was then put on the next train home. Having talked to railway staff, I was told that this unfortunately isn't that unusual. I've been advised to make a complaint about this. I'm not after any compensation. It's purely a safely thing. I'm concerned that it could happen again. Whilst I was not seriously injured, I am still in a lot of pain.
  8. You may get more responses if you start a new thread of your own. At 11, there would be certain things that she would be expected to be able do herself in terms of self care, unless she has other disabilities which means she requires help.
  9. Not now. Some areas are universal credit only, which means if you report a change, you'll be moved over. And some people are finding they're now worse off.
  10. Depending on your area, you may be switched to universal credit if you do report a change.
  11. They did claim some time ago that they put something on the system stating I needed my letters in large print. Apparently, someone put a pop up meaning it was impossible to ignore. Sounds like someone's removed this... I've emailed them to ask why I have to request this every single year. It's not as if I'm going to suddenly regain my sight in a few years or so.
  12. I have to request my preferred format each year apparently. Anyone know if this is right? No other company has told me to do this.
  13. You would only be able to make minimum payments on your loan. Unless it's reached court. In regards to holiday - as I understand it, a small holiday, such as a weekend to France would be ok. But they'd consider a few weeks in Cuba deprivation.
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