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  1. Is this the DVLA ignoring the instructions of a court? Not surprised really, they have been making up their own "laws" for years!
  2. For the reasons given by crem above, you might be better buying the new plate before selling the current one, otherwise you are looking at 2 visits to the DVLA (and visiting the offices is infinately easier than trying to do it by post) and potentially the cost of making up plates for a number which will be on the vehicle for a short time. Buy the new plate then sell the old one from retention. Seems a lot less fuss.
  3. First of all there should be NO impound charges, they have the vehicle for inspection, if they want to charge for storage then it seems fair to me that you charge them rental... I would be on to the Chief Constable, you have evidence relevent to a "serious crime" which they have not collected, and in addition you are expected to cover expenses caused by the slow response of his SOCO !!!
  4. Change anything in what way? You should file it as this guy was breaking the law, and getting your version in first could be a godsend.
  5. He was on the road cycling against a one way system. Can't see past that myself.
  6. Why stick with BT for the landline? O2 will do better deals for landline and BB. If going to drop BT best to drop everything they have
  7. How did you pay for it? Clearly this oven is not fit for purpose, and to be honest should have been replaced long before now, the fact the one year guarrantee has passed is irrelevent. BTW, what make is it and have you contacted the manufacturer?
  8. Must say that was an interesting read. Was a bit surprised seeing animosity towards Buzby from the OP when he was simply laying down the facts as they are!! Just so the OP doesn't misunderstand, prosecutions for tv licence evasion are done using the telecommunications act, having a tv capable of receiving a live broadcast can lead to you being found guilty of breaching this act. TVL have their own guidlines and give out their own "advice". They put their own intepretation onto the legislation, however as it is ultimately the Judge that decides, you can follow TVL rules or the Law. To make the choice easier the Judge follows the law Interviewing the son and recieving a statement from him is neither here nor there. As she is now aware they will take the matter to the owner/occupier, and would never have proceeded against the son. Buzby is telling it like it is, to be 100% sure of not losing a case brought under the act, the TV must be rendered incapable of receiving a signal. To tell people that not having an aerial, or not tuning it in etc etc would be to mislead them.
  9. Advice was sound, and if in front of the magistrate after pleading not guilty it could have gone pear shaped. She WAS guilty of watching without a licence, what was in question was whos fault that was, and had the OP/GF taken all reasonable steps to comply with the law.
  10. Do keep in mind you will still be able to access the TV package through sky player even if you move home after 10 months, might be useful.
  11. GEt back onto Morrisons & Morphy Richards. The kettle has a 2 year guarrantee, and Morphy Richards never keep a model in the range for longer than that, in addition the serial number of the kettle will give them an idea of when it was made. In short they both know it is under guarrantee, but you will need to be firm with them.
  12. Will this need to go to the courts for sure? Can you give us some info?
  13. And what if she does? They have her first statement and her credibility isnt exactly high right now. She can blame the Queen if she wants, no-one will believe her. It is currently her problem, advice has been given to minimise the penalties she can expect. Try not to put yourself in the firing line !!
  14. Lupe. Let me spell this out nice and easy. SHUT UP. Everytime you open your mouth you dig yourself deeper into it. You were out of the country and your housemate has told them she took it without your consent. If you were to be interviewed I could see you admitting to the kidnap of Shergar the way this thread is going.As it stands they have nothing on you to say you had any compliance to this action. You have been given the best advice, SAY NOTHING, so please follow it. Alternatively, if your guilt over this is eating you up, either take the full consequences of your actions by admitting all, or make a donation to a charity of an equivalent sum. Sorry to be so blunt, but if you give out information in an interview the way you have in this thread then you will be crucified.
  15. Personally, if it was me I would ask them to make a court date, your defence is the Intepretations Act which you have complied with. They have had their fingers burned a few times on this, http://www.bikechatforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=185543&highlight=dvla+clerkenwell will give you a good defence.
  16. You did everything you were required to do. Stick by your guns and you will come out on top. It is up to the DDVLA to call off their dogs, so insist on them doing so. There are plenty of threads online showing people taking on the DVLA and winning regarding this.
  17. He had loads of reasons, selfishness being the number one.
  18. Has the payment been taken out via a direct debit? If so and you dispute it, contact your bank and have it returned IMMEDIATELY under the direct debit guarantee.
  19. The 3rd diagnosis does seem to be for a different condition, Laryngeal paralysis does not list stomach problems as a symptom, although gagging is a sign. To me the 3rd diagnosis could not be confused with the symptoms presented by pancreatisis, so is possibly another problem highlighted by the endoscope. If the endoscope was done in the search for the cause of the stomach problems, then this procedure would be classed as required by an ongoing condition, ni insurance cover would pay out for that. However any future costs due to the larynx problem should well be paid for. I think it is clear you need to get the vet to confirm the larynx paralysis is not causing the stomach problem (assuming the dog is experiencing diarrorhea etc)
  20. Hold on Little misshappy, you are happy they reduced it by £40? That still works out more expensive than the quote you had online!!! My AA renewal came in at £200 (just over). I added my partner on and negotiated it down to £98, there is plenty of competition out there
  21. 4 men essentially harrassing a single female. Sounds like a visit to the BiB is in order. In addition I would be making sure my car was parked there as often as possible (by me not the GF)
  22. This one of the big dealers? Happened to me once with Machargs (part of Arnold Clark). They forgot to take the deposit altogether. I paid it next time I was passing, reason being that at Machargs the salesmans commission would be deducted by the amount, didn't seem fair for him to lose out. You need the dent repaired, that is worth more than £100, I would pay the £100 and be happy with the car at a price you agreed.
  23. No, but it is similar to resurrecting a thread that almost reached being "statute barred"
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