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  1. No it was taken off my bank card,they dont do direct debits or thats what they have said to me,on the last agreement i had with them they took my bank card number and they are only supposed to take a certain amount,
  2. Hi all im new to the site and would like some help or suggestions on an issue,Im with PH and pay weekly a set amount that they deduct from my bank account,i also have to pay a set amount CASH every week as well,this morning i checked my account and they have taken both payments from my account because the agreement i pay cash for fell behind in arrears!!Are they allowed to take more money than what i allowed them to take??because they seem to think so,even though i told them on the phone that i would be in today to pay the cash agreement!!Ive been in and argued with them about it but all they said was "well if you were coming in to pay today you've paid now so (basically)whats your problem!!!:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x
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