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  1. Does anyone know who out of the RDO Resort Development Organisation ( formerly the OTE) and The TCA (Timeshare Consumers Association) who you should believe when taking a timeshare company to court. As I have been informed that both offer independent advice to mis-sold timeshare owners but the RDO is backed by the timeshare complex owners and the TCA have their own agenda. This is in relation to a timeshare purchase in Anfi Beach Club.
  2. Thats what you get with dealing with a timeshare company called Medhotel Group, I have seen many comments from disgruntled customers.... Most clients dont know they are a timeshare outfit
  3. CLUB LA COSTA sell holiday club memberships which only run for 35 months so you as the customer do not get a cooling off period. This is just a timeshare trap to get you to buy full membership at a later date. Stay well away CLUB LA CON.
  4. Red.ninja, Please record the conversation on the phone I did and as soon as they know you are recording they either put the phone down or get a senior supervisor. However I have still not had a refund of my over payment (not chargeback) CAR HIRE 3000 WHO ARE CRA# AND EUROPA CAR HIRE WHO ARE CRA# are just the worst company in the world to deal with I have written a letter to their customer services of bothe companies and will await the response with baited breath. Please do not book any form or vehicle with either CARHIRE3000 OR EUROPACARHIRE as they both will give you bad servi
  5. Quote" Just wanted to say that its not a very good comparison. My Building Society won't guarantee to buy my house back, and my garage dealer won't guarantee the same either. I know in the car one, you can get some trade in, but eventually its worth only scrap if you keep it long enough by which time, you've had the use out of it for the money you paid. " Yes but your Building So. and your garage did not promise/guarantee to buy it back like on a Timeshare presentation and if they did you could claim a miss-sale. As for the comment from the last employee, what a load of old tosh
  6. Having hired a car through Car Hire 3000 for five weeks, I would like to suggest to all members to avoid booking any form of vehicle through either of the above companies. Not only will you be shouted at when you have a valid complaint over 1200 pounds of credit card overcharge in just one week, but they will pass the buck between the two so you can not get any form of answers or refunds. I have now been waiting for 10 days regarding an over charge and have still not received a refund or a reason for why I was overcharged. Do not use Car Hire 3000 or Europcar
  7. JohnHenry Did you know this can take up to 2 years and even then you have no gurantee through Claims Directive that you will win ?
  8. Top Roy Rodgers, I commend you in every way if you can get a timeshare company that has cheated and stolen hard earned money from hundreds if not thousands of holiday makers to change their ways, and I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of Happyish owners. But lets not kid ourselves if C.L.C was a Bank or a company regulated by the FSA they would have compensation claims coming out of there ears, but they are not, so please help the new clients that are joining by at least accepting that there are hundreds if not thousands of clients that have been Miss-sold and they should have a
  9. Hi Top Pro clc saleman, If I had recordings of a CLC timeshare presentation in the UK, that had the saleman and manager both telling me I could sell CLC points in around 3 years at a 20% profit than i brought today would that be a miss-sale. AND if I had recordings of a sales manager 4 months later in Spain offering a better deal but with the promise that I could double my money in 4 years would that be a miss-sale. The items that I state that are NIL resale value are ALL timeshare products made/sold/pushed by dodgy saleman. CLUB LA COSTA POINTS these have no resale value b
  10. All Well and good toproblemroy, but what about CLC members that purchase outside the UK. Like the trial members that got sucked in when in the UK and then went to Marina Del Sol and had a five hour total timeshare entrapment presentation. How can you defend these sharks, are they now recommending your site as you have given up to greed and not morals. Well heres a recommedation. If you have paid a deposit for a timeshare from the company selling the timeshare on or during the cooling off period after 1996 in Spain or its islands you have been Miss-sold. (FACT) You can now make a claim aga
  11. If you have purchased a timeshare and you have paid a timeshare deposit after 1996 in Spain or its islands within the cooling off period you have been miss-sold under the 1994 European timeshare directive you should first contact your creidt card company and make a claim. I will post the full process on here shortly and you can do this for FREE.
  12. Hi Andrew I have sent you a friend request as I have some info for you from someone who has been in the same position. I think you should go down the line of indiscriminate discrimination, and yes on most of the points you are making you are correct, however the problem is most comments you will get from within certain departments is that you are being politically incorrect. Which to be honest is a load of old tot.
  13. As PIPSI has just added her account of what happened on a very recent Club La Costa timeshare presentation my commment above is exactly what is happening, no matter how others on this site are trying to explain how they are changing their ways Club La Costa are still selling timeshare products the only way they know how. Club La Costa may dress the trial package up as a TRY before you BUY using Jenny Bond but it is a holiday club that lasts 35 months (not a timeshare so no cooling off period). This is not to give people a trial but to circumvent timeshare laws so their sales people can L
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