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  1. Dealing with RBOS over this issue now. Wednesday last week a mortgage lender refused me as something had shown on my report. Cue RBOS with a default from 2006!!! Visit to branch, then on telephone (branch useless). By the Friday, after faxing them letters their lawyers had sent 4 yrs ago (when they had a court summons for a debt that had been settled 2 years before) admitting their mistake, they faxed the CRA and I assured it will be off my record by wednesday. As a slightly peeved and impatient man, wednesdy will not do, to update a computer? on the phone again tomorrow, and once settled the claim for compensation will commense. 6 yrs of paying highr rates for a start, 40k minimum if I lose out on the house I am buying
  2. I deal with this all the time being a biker. The reason the companies give is not that they fear their staff will be held up, lets be realistic, if someone was going to hold them up the rule of taking off a helmet first would be an easy one to ignore. The reason they wish bike helmet to be taken off (and hoods down etc) is to ensure the person is over 16, as the use of the pumps is restricted to this. Now, as you had DRIVEN into the forecourt, your face was uncovered, you politely waited in the line to speak to the cashier, then there really was no need for refusal to put on the pumps. At least they did not switch the pump on, lost count of the times they have allowed me to take fuel THEN asked me to remove helmet. If you want to do something, hit them in the pocket. Either by taking your business elsewhere or by occupying every pump with someone wearing headgear, and not moving till the pump is on. And before anyone says bikers should remove helmets, you try taking off gloves & helmet allowing rain to drip down your neck, then trying to get everything back on so it is comfortable and safe whilst the car behind you is creeping forward to use the pump, or even in one instance where the car driver had draped the hose over my bike to reach his car. He wont do that again!
  3. whilst it may be more money than the 17 yr old temp is currently getting....I doubt he is being paid the same as a 20 yr old permanent worker.In addition, most contracts state discussing salary is misconduct, so be careful.
  4. I' m pretty sure the legal system would not even consider a dubious list made up by a profitering private "business"
  5. Get onto head office and ask why he was willing to exchange IF you had transaction number, but backtracked when you got it. Are these Turtle Beaches? If so contact them online, I have always found them helpful with different issues.
  6. So already RLP are backing off in effect, pay this now, followed by pay a bit at a time....
  7. Have seen discounts given for loads of reasons, including having childs seats fitted!Thing is your answers to the questions need to be truthful, so not much you can do, but do check out the difference made by your job description. Many jobs can be covered by more than one description.
  8. As said above, insurer should still cover third party.In this case you do not need to deal with your insurer at all and claim direct from the fault drivers insurance.
  9. How can he tax it without insurance specific to the car? Can't insure it himself as no insurable interest. OP can expect a fine from the DVLA in addition to being charged the backtax. Unless the vehicle was being taken for an MOT (bit late to declare that now )
  10. The Interpretation Act is the one that nails them anyway, did you read the thread I linked to? Sickpup will give you advice if you PM him through that site, he has be leading a crusade against them for years over this subject. His FOI request of how they report their missing post is very enlightening.
  11. Which all still requires the bays to be correctly marked/signed and the TSRGD to be correct.
  12. No point in boycotting the shops, the effects will be slow to show as there will always be people unaware of the boycot or not really caring. Did hear of positive action being taken against a supermarket. Motorists got together, filled the car park before opening time and left all their vehicles there all day,obviously trade that day was severly affected as little business done (no where to park) and the supermarket subsequently kicked the PPC out.
  13. can you take a pic of the pcn front and back? The best ways to fight these are on the signage AND on the wording on the pcn, even the options on how you can pay can restrict your options making it unenforceable
  14. Case Study I, sue Neptune for illegal fly tipping Case Study II, sue Gravity . So you slip on sea weed and jump in water too shallow, probably hurting your pride more than anything else. Be more careful. A quick look at the site shows this is actually a council car park, merely being run by a contracted company. So any PCN recieved can be appealed through legitimate channels and the non complience is a valid appeal point.
  15. Not the best advice. Refusing a breath test is on licence for 4 years, however refuse that and most likely they will ask for blood, refuse the blood as well and you will get DR30, sticks for 11 years. In addition a ban due to refusal will be seen by insurance as being in the worst category of seriousness, whereas as being slightly over may not preclude them from quoting.
  16. Are you crazy?? Le the insurance company give you their valuation first, it might be higher than what you would have placed on it!! Yes this does happen, and has happened to me on more than one occassion.
  17. In the last couple of months I have had sky visit twice. First to supply and install a second unit into the bedroom, then a few weeks later to replace the original unit in the living room. Both visits were free of charge, apart from the cost of me upgrading to multi room (though not adding on HD option when receiving the new HD box) The simple choice of install/fix it or I will go elsewhere. On the call to the faulty box (second call) they did point out I was now on a 12 month contract for multiroom, only for me to point out I could drop every channel and just pay the £10. I did refuse their offer of extending the warranty/taking out service cover for the simple fact they did not guarrantee that replacement boxes would not be refurbs.
  18. If this road has streetlights, it may be that the road is under the control of the council. You need to find out if the council has adopted this road. A simple phone call to them will let you know one way or the other (or watch to see if they grit the road in the forthcoming bad weather). If the road is adopted (which I expect it will be) then the clampers are working illegaly.
  19. This can be apealed, however do not be surprised if your appeal is initially refused by the council. When you take it to adjudication they usually back out and refund then. Did you manage to get something from the pound to confirm the number was displayed as per the council instructions? As Bernie says, there is always the fall back that you are not allowed to pay the PCN within 28 days which is your right, after a tow you have to pay up straight away which is an impropriety. Chances are there will be other points of appeal on the paperwork associated with this, post up scrubbed images of all your paperwork here or on pepipoo, best to have as strong a case as posssible.
  20. Jon Cris will be along in due course, however please stop worrying. Read a few threads regarding RLP and you will soon realise that this is a company that preys on misinformation and fear. Those who are forewarned have little to fear from their bluster.
  21. Sounds like the notorious NRB (not required back) which offshore workers have fought for years. Some info in this article which is relevent. http://energy.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.aspx/897976?UserKey=
  22. Just read all 24 pages, had to offer my best wishes Ms_J, sounds like its been a hard slog, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. As hard as it has been for you, keep it mind someone with a guilty concience has been sweating and worrying for the same time, he might think twice before it happens again!
  23. I would imagine that it works along the same as car insurance, where until total write off is accepted it still belongs to you. However maybe you should look at it as the cost incurred by your insurance company to get a firm to remove the harddrive and return it, and in addition as the harddrive will still be useful, it has a monetary value so they would be perfectly entitled to reduce the payout accordingly as they "sell it back to you". With that in mind £35 seems more than fair.
  24. Glad someone else is on board zoomboy. You might enjoy a read of this thread, one of the men who exposed this and has managed to have his day in court http://www.bikechatforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=185543&highlight=clerkenwell
  25. Result, though it should never have got that far in the first place. DVLA are notorious for losing post, and then sending out fines saying you never sent it!!! The defence to this which was alluded to earlier is the Intepretation Act, essentialy if you posted it then it is deemed delivered.
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