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  1. Hi, I hope this is in the right section, but please move if need be. My cousin had an accident on his moped and broke his leg. He claims he was blameless and the car driver accepts this (I think). His problem is that although he was insured, he had no CBT or MOT Will that affect any compo he gets? He'll be out of work for a good three months and needs to provide for his family. His insurance was only 3rd party Fire and Theft, so I assume that if he does get any compo, it'll be the other driver's insurance who pays (ie he'll still have his no claims?) as he was blameless in the accident? His wife is a bit frantic atm, so I'd appreciate any comments
  2. Hi, The house I am thinking of renting has a staircase going to the first floor which does not have a bannister or handrail. Am I right in thinking that this is against health & safety regulations? Also, my girlfriend is pregnant and will be having a baby a month after we move in. The state the staircase is in at the minute, we can not place a safety gate to the bottom of it (although we can at the top). Obviously this is a danger for the child. I've now paid a registration/credit check fee, and the agent is saying that if we want the banister installed, we have to pay for it. Is this correct? If they are letting a house that is unsafe for it's occupants, surely it is for the landlord to pay for the improvements? If not, am I within my rights to ask for my money back? They said the fee is non-refundable unless the landlord rejects us as an applicant.....by refusing to make the house safe, is he effectively rejecting us? Thanks
  3. I'm about to sign a registration form with a letting agent, and they want to charge me £30 + VAT Deposit Registration Fee and £70 Check Out Fees....I was under the impression that an agent couldn't charge you for taking your deposit? Or am I wrong?
  4. Change the outcome of any claim against my insurers. Is it worth the hassle if he is going to lose anyway?
  5. Thinking about it, a better question would be: What are his chances of a successful claim against me, considering he did not take any pictures or witness statements and left the bike by side of the road? If he contacts my insurers, it's just his word against mine I assume? Plus I have a pic of the bike showing he had no lights. Me filing a report with the police will not change anything will it?
  6. Okay, cool, just wanted to be sure..... Whilst I'm here, I think I'll tell the story of my accident and let you guys form an opinion: I was coming out of a petrol garage onto a busy two lane, one way road which approaches a bridge. I had inched forward onto the part of the road with *white lines that separate the pavement from the fast moving traffic, so any pedestrians would have to walk behind my car. I looked left and right and when I saw my gap, I went for it and this cyclist just appeared in front of me and I hit him. He comes off the bike but is fine. He came from my left - opposite from the flow of traffic - had headphones on and had no front lights. He claims the pavement is a cycle path, but (1) although I have seen cyclists coming down that pavement, it is always with the flow of the traffic not against, and (2) I hit him in the road itself amongst the white lines, so he cycled off the pavement, into the road and in front of me. He also walked away from the scene without giving me his details. PS * what is the name of those lines? Just can't think what the hell they are called and I'm going to sound stupid in the report
  7. Hi, I got into an accident yesterday and need some quick advice. A cyclist hit my car and walked away without giving me his details - although he took my registration number and said he'll sue me..... The police say I can file an accident report for my own piece of mind and get my story on the record, I just need to bring in my log book and insurance details. My problem is that I did not inform my insurer that I moved address about 4 months ago - the DVLA were informed. Is it illegal to not tell your insurer of a change of address? I can imagine them not being happy and giving me agro, but as the accident was not my fault (though I would say that wouldn't I), I can't see them getting involved Thanks
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