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  1. Oh dear, not sure what to do about the overdraft issue as Shoosmiths nor cabot have given us any payment details. This is getting silly now.
  2. Sorry just gotten back online, the sky letter and cabots letter is in my husbands name, even though sky was in my name. Today a letter from Advantis came through claiming to be collecting on behalf of their client Cabot... Time is now 45 days to the debt being definitely statute barred as thats the anniversary we moved and thats exactly 5 yrs to being with our new provider. Its more than likely already statute barred, but I knw by then it will be.
  3. As far as I can remember we left Sky with no out standing balance, I had paid up to date. The account was def in my name and yet this one that Cabot say we are due is in his name. We are still in Scotland, so it will soon be statute barred. As for the other stuff, if you read my other post in reagrds to the Clydesdale OD, you will see they as good as got a spanking from the Sheriff here in town. The loan CCA is well overdue and I sent them a follow-up on 21st January. This latest one about the 'SKY' bill is the only correspondence from them, so looks like they are clutching at straws now
  4. We recieved a letter today from cabot which said they had bought our Sky account. There was also a letter dated the day before from Sky enclosed in the letter saying they had sold it to Cabot. Now im currently dealing with Cabot for 3 other matters and one is in court to which the court has told Cabot to get a grip, they are also very over due with the cca for another account. Anyway, back to the Sky 'debt'. We moved almost 5 years ago (May 2011) but we did cancel the sky package as we weren't going to use them in the new area. Cabot are inviting me to contaft them to discuss the matter and support us in managing the account. Now im al ost 100% sure theat Sky was in my name, yet the Cabot letter is address to the hubby. Its almost like they are trying to get hubby anyway they can. So what is the best plan action inshould take on this.
  5. Sorry not been on for ages, just getting over the flu. The court made cabot/shoosmiths reduce the amount of the debt to just under 200 and ive been told topay them 20 a month. The court took a dim view of shoosmiths, as thy were trying to drag it out and from day 1 we were cooperating. So sucess as far as im concerned. But cabot have now gone over thier time limit for the cca for the loan, and surprise surprise we got a letter today from them saying they had bought an old Sky debt. We haven't had sky for 5 years....
  6. We admitted part of the claim and raised issue with the amount. Ill find the copies later and double check exaclty what was written. I spent the day in court as a witness so my head is a mess but it was worth it as the 'thug' who assaulted hubster and I was remanded
  7. Hi the court case is nothing at the moment, they keep asking for more time in court. It hasnt even gotten to the Time to Pay stage. Ive found some old bank statement and the final amount on the OD is almost 3 times as much they have said. We know we are due money and want to pay what we are due minus the extra charges. When I checked the court rolls yesterday it was still says just small claims hearing. I checked as my hubster and I are up i court as witnesses tomorrow for an assault on us by a couple of thugs. Are Cabot/Shoosmiths just trying to put one over on us. I know it is def in court but surely it should state continued or time to pay. All correspondance is being sent to the court clerk as well so the court has evidence we are trying to come to some arrangement. IT is all in writing via snal mail as Ive heard too much horror stories of DCAs putting fast PS as for the other ones, Ive put my OD in dispute with them and sent my £1 postal Order for the loan which is a can of worms as it was about 4 top up loans. The CCA is due in tomorrow maybe and the other OD Ive heard nothing from Cabot but I have all my original paperwork that IVe sent them and proof of the payments
  8. Hi, Can anyone help me with a wee problem with the above situation. I had a CB overdraft and they suddenly closed the account approx 5 years ago, my hubby had a loan and OD too, most of the debt on all 3 are made up of bank charges and interest after they closed the accounts they also closed my hubby's accounts. My hubby wasnt working at the time and the loans PPI kicked in. He got well enough to take on part time work but it had too many hours for the PPI to continue. We set up an affordable payment plan with the bank, and the next thing we knew the debts had been sold/bought by Cabot. Now Cabot decided we werent paying enough and wanted more. We refused and carried on paying the amounts we could afford until our son took very ill and we had to look after him. We were getting the occasional letters from Cabot out of the blue Shoosmiths have turned round with a letter to say my hubby's OD was now going to court and a week later court papers. We filled in the papers and got them back to the court with a covering letter saying we did not dispute the debt but we did dispute the amount. All went quiet and on the 17th Dec 2 letters from Shoosmith both with different dated but the same post mark date. LETTER 1 - along the lines with you have not responded to original letter we will go to court today 06/01/2016 LETTER 2 - ok we agree to time to pay and fill in this I & E. I wrote to Shoosmiths saying we have always disputed the amount but not the debt as most of the debt is made up of charges. I told them my hubby had been recently made redundant and that I was very ill myself which is true and offered them an amount we can afford. I also pointed out along with copies of the envelopes and the letters of how can we be expected to respond if letters are sent out at the same time. I forwrded everything I sent to Shoosmiths to the Clerk of the court. TODAY - A reply with a revised amount and the we will accept the amount you have offered on the condition we complete a I & E to them as they are obliged to assess the affordability. The offer is open until 26/01/2016 at 5pm and they have instructed the agents at court to continue for 4 weeks to allow settlement negotiations. They then tell me to call or email for more direct discussions and then the final paragraph in todays letter states that it is written without prejudice and is not to be produced or founded upon in any proceedings to follow hereon other than our clients express consent. So a wee summary, Clydesdale closed accounts, and sold on to DCA with a payment plan in place with no warnng, DCA refused payment plan and wanted more, forward fast a couple of years and now its at court stage when the solicitors are saying we will accept payment plan with will take the debt just over a year to clear, and yes we have revised the total, but now saying without prejudice? What Im asking is can I start to pay the debt, I am happy to produce my I & E for the COURT but not the DCA/Solicitor.
  9. Ok just off phone to Cabot, had no option but to talk to them, and I asked them repeatedly to make sure this call was being recorded, anyways, the bank has sold the debt to them including the loan which I mentioned earlier, we have payment plan in place at an affordable rate to which we can afford monthly and since it was in place with the bank they were happy (or so I thought) and we never missed a payment. So 'John' from Cabot goes through an I & E with me and it works out we have £20 each month left over that he wants us to [pay to them!!! Not happening, I asked them 4 times for bank details as I was happy paying the affordable amount of £5 a month for each debt So what's my plan of action now, do I ask them to prove the debt, and ask for CCA's then figure out after that. I accept the debt is ours and we want to pay what we can afford, which isnt much when hubby only works part time, and Im now registered disabled, but we are not burying our heads in the sand as you can see as we had a payment plan in place
  10. We havent defaulted, not our end anyway, and can prove it as its paid by standing order through my bank
  11. It just says they were assigned the debt on 18/9, and all payments have to be made to them, but I already have a payment plan in place and we hafent defaulted at all. Also paying back a loan to them as well, and not missed a payment for that either, but its only the smaller debt they have given over to Cabot
  12. Hubby had an overdraft with the Clydesdale, he got paid off and hadno money coming apart from benefits which went into my account. Bank closed his account, and we have been paying them back every month without fail. Its only a token amount at the moment but we haven't missed a payment to the bank. Its done through standing order, and itnwas arranged by the financial solutions unit of the bank. Yesterday we got1 a letter from Cabot and it states that they were assigned the debt in the middle of September, and they want the full payment, or arranged a payment plan with them. Can they do this?
  13. Sorry not been on for a while, had internet problems and other stuff kicking off at home!! Well probelms soved, OH has been offered a transfer to another ranch with help and he is taking it as it is nearer family, so now we are moving!!
  14. Hi, He did email his immediate supervisor detailling all the problems he was facing, and has a hard copy here at home. He feels like his manager is trying to get rid of him, and other staff have noticed this too.
  15. Hi HB, We are OK in a round about sort of way, just plodding on and making the most of life!!!
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