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  1. I know you must be contacted in writing before the amount of a DD can be amended, just wondering if the renewal notice covers all the bases on this. Hell of a lot of charges for your bank to lump on. Personally I would tell the bank the amount withdrawn by DD was unauthorised by yourself, and as it is in dispute you want the monies returned immediately and all charges dropped as per the DD guarrantee.
  2. Agreed ignore is the tried and tested method. However, as they have not seen any ID from you and have simply taken your name and address verbally, I would consider firing off a very strongly worded letter asking why a store you do not frequent is slandering your name over an incident you have absolutely no knowledge of. Then you could unscrew the U bend from your mums sink and retrieve the ball off the salt mill.
  3. This will be more difficult to defend than the standard private invoices. By continually parking there it will weaken your case as opposed to a one off ticket. First thing is to get pics of all signs and post up the paperwork on the tickets sans personal details.
  4. The most important thing watchdog does is make people aware, and therefore less likely to fall foul of the many things featured. It does make companies clean up their acts, granted moreso the more responsible ones when thay are getting something wrong, and government does relook once a minister has been embarressed by their departments ineptitude. Yes it is an entertainment programme, no avoiding that, but it does allow a message to get out to the masses and can do a lot of good. It is one of the best methods of getting out the message available for things like this, and so should be encouraged for that good it does do. The comment about it being back in the autumn is simply because these things at the DVLA will no doubt still be relevent then
  5. By their own admission the ticket was not served. Tell them you know nothing about it and would like pictures, in addition the above points should win on appeal
  6. 1 Watchdog is an entertainment show watched by a large audience which does actually make a difference in getting companies/government to clean up their act. 2 Watchdog returns in the autumn
  7. then we need to see the ticket, suitably scrubbed of all personal info.
  8. You want to try to get this set back to the NTO stage. Then you can make representations to the council and hopefully find a way out of it, otherwise you can pay the amounts minus the bailiff charges.
  9. ^^^if the driver was delivering take aways then he should have business cover, regardless of whether it is a full time or part time job, first or second job. Point is he would still be indemnified for third party cover, so shouldnt be a police concern.
  10. Seems to be focusing on council ticketing. How about starting off by highlighting the dubious activities of the private firms? Silverburn, Tesco, Asda and numerous other landowners allowing bully boy tactics on their land whilst the establishment turns a blind eye. Then start looking at the legislation allowing councils to ticket people in disabled bays, even in private car parks where the markings have previously been courtesy spots. I have no problem with legitimising these spots but the shear volume of paperwork & monitoring of these spaces in order to comply makes the whole thing unworkable. This is simply going to lead to more unenforceable (read fraudulant) tickets being handed to motorists as the councils do not meet their requirements to these spaces. Then look at the state of the road markings & signage, where whole cities are incorrectly marked, councils continuing to issue tickets they KNOW should not be issued. Parking and parking is a money making racket, it no longer has anything to do with reducing congestion or keeping the traffic moving.
  11. Doubt the police actually know themselves!! The delivery driver is insured. That is all the police need know. In the event of a claim the insurance company would pay out third party loses and look to claim it back through an action taken against their policy holder. The policy holder would be left to defend this action, repair his own vehicle and have to declare a cancelled insurance for the rest of his driving life. So yeah, seems a tad convenient. However if they seize the goods then a receipt should be forthcoming and the seized goods held at the police station. If evidence goes "missing" then that is a serious lapse in their procedures, if the "evidence" cannot be stored then it should be disposed of as per procedures. If the police are making this kind of stop a habit, then carrying some currys with laxitives mixed through might have the desired effect (joke )
  12. If you have a "pretty bad credit" rating then you are going to be hammered on interest by any company that does take you on. You really need to ask whether you need a 5k car if it is going to cost you way more than that due to extortinate interest. No one can recommend a company that will def take you on, too many variables. All anyone can recommend is what they would do in the situation, and we don't even know whether you NEED or WANT a 5 k car
  13. How did you pay? If by card you need a chargeback. If cash etc you will need to take the landowners & clampers to court. Then you need to buy some boltcroppers in case it happens again! They will not accept your appeal, so I would start drawing up my NBA immediately.
  14. lammas' appeal point is strong, but still let us see the bays, the more appeal points the better.
  15. I have heard of this before, however it does not make their invoices enforceable. Scan them up and wash details, then we can point out all the reasons why they can't enforce. If the Uni do get shirty about it then I'm sure they have enough legally trained people on the staff who can confirm your reasons for not paying.
  16. Can you not go to a local DVLA office and deal face to face? Take a mirror, look in it and say proudly "yes, that is me". I've always found the local office not too bad (Glasgow), problems arise when Swansea is added to the mix....
  17. Could be a couple of things, cloned plate and the car type/colour didnt match so DVLA investigate. Reg number inputted incorrectly as yours, when in fact was not. Either way it seems too good an opportunity for the DVLA not to send an invoice. Unless they were gonna hold off a year or two before doing so in order to make it virtually impossible to fight it Not that I think the DVLA would ever be so devious as to delay sending out dubious fines.
  18. It is relevent to have the point included in the thread, if not for this particular case then for someone who comes across the thread in a future search. Councils can be pretty pedantic, so it pays to be thorough when taking them on.
  19. tut tut, no pics on an open forum like this, would make it NSFW
  20. Hi faithbuster. Just to clarify, you wish to appeal to a company on moral grounds which has: 1 Illegaly called their charge a penalty. 2 Classed a decrimilised parking as illegal. 3 Threatens to charge untaxed vehicles (only DVLA have this authority, even the police don't ) 4 Falsely claim to be able to prosecute (CPS territory only) 5 Claim to be able to transfer liability to RK from driver ( if this was possible S72 would become redundent for speeding) 6 Have rewritten Contract Law to which they claim they are working under (see point 5) Good luck with finding their morals. Ignore everything or contact at your peril (it will only prolong their hounding of you)
  21. Actually SB118, the woman across the road from me who sunbathes topless when its hot would probably get money out of me quite easily Apart from that I concur, ignore ignore ignore. Debt Collectors have no powers.
  22. there is lots more you can do, by all means use the above argument as an informal appeal (which will be rejected in most cases anyway even if relevent). However scan and wash personal details of the ticket front and back and post it up. Many tickets can be won due to errors (often in the small print). Picks of the parking bays (especially the end of the bay) and the signage often give additional appeal points.
  23. Ignore it. Debt collectors have no additional powers over anyone else.
  24. Looks to me like it was temporary signs (roadworks?) If so you might want a copy of the temporary road order to compare to, and if the site is still there check out all the signage. As a side note, I often "fail to drive in the direction shown by the arrow on a blue sign". I see these signs often from the other side of the road, from adjacent streets etc etc. A little bit ambigous in the description methinks
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