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  1. thanks a lot old-codJA and Grotesque...I have already learned and suffered so much that I think I have paid enough already, but the worst is still to come, although I still have some hope... Of course I have every intention of telling the truth, I am an honest person and could never do otherwise. How serious is it to be convicted of a Bylaw offence? Is it going to have any consequences on my future? Thank you old-codJA for your advice and information. When you say that I could just get a "conditional discharge" or a small fine, does that mean that I would not be prosecuted and they would not keep a record of me? I am prepared to deal with all this, but I don't want to pay more than I deserve to. Also, how long do you think this is all going to take? As far as I understand, my friend's case would be dealt with within 6 months from the offence, is that right? Can it take longer?
  2. Hello, I would like to share this with you as well... I think this forum has been helping me at least a little bit psychologically, as I am feeling very distressed about this even though I am not the one to have evaded the fare.. I mentioned earlier on that my friend told the inspector that she took the ticket by mistake and I, the owner, did not know about it. As I said, I did in fact let her have my ticket, which I regret immensely, I did not think it through at the time, wasn't aware at all of the consequences. I think my friend is panicking now, she is obviously disinformed and is not bothered to do some research on the best way to mitigate this and I think she wants to change her version and say that I gave it to her. I have tried to give her the standard advice I have found on this forum, basically say that she is sorry and she is prepared to pay the full costs etc. However she is not listening to me because she thinks I am thinking selfishly and I think she is also listening to other people who in my opinion are giving her bad advice. I am not even sure if she is actually going to write back to them to try to mitigate. Now at this point I am no more concerned about her that much - I really want to help her but I don't think she understands the whole situation and I have realised I can't help her...having said that, I am concerned about me now. If and when it comes out that I gave it to her, do you think they will contact me? Do you think I will have trouble? The incident happened when I was away on holiday, and I let her have the ticket the evening before when I was busy packing my stuff before leaving - I would have left the ticket at home anyway as I wasn't going to take it with me on holiday obviously, to avoid losing it etc. I have been using monthly tickets for years, never got any fines, always paid my tickets, perfect record with the railway company...I am so worried, I feel so stupid and will never forget myself for such a silly mistake which can cost me more than I would have never imagined... I really don't deserve this, I was just too weak to say no when she asked me and just did not want her to bear a grudge for this. How silly I was. I feel so ashamed for even writing this here. Please, I would really need someone to tell me what they think...
  3. thanks a lot grotesque for your reply and advice, she will do that. I have had a look at similar threads and they are all on the same line..I just hope she will manage to settle the case without going to court. I was wondering whether the kind experts who posted on this thread earlier on had any more advice..?
  4. Thank you very much wriggler and grotesque for your answers. As for the letter, it probably says "incident", I must have got confused when I sent my previous post. Would any of you be so kind as to give me any suggestions on what my friend should write in her letter in order to help her improve her case? She does not know anyone who can help with this and any advice would be precious. Thanks very much in advance to anyone who will reply..and to everyone in this thread anyway, you have all been very kind and helpful.
  5. Dear all, Another update: my friend has received today the letter from the Prosecution Office asking her to provide within 14 days, in writing, any mitigating circumstances that may affect their decision for legal proceedings. The letter does not specify details about what happened, it just refers to it as an "accident". I would like to help my friend if possible and I would very much appreciate it if you could please give me any advice/suggestions on how and what she should write in her letter...for example a good way of offering her sincere apologies, assurance that it will never happen again and her willingness to settle the issue without going to court. It would also be very helpful for me to understand what she should avoid saying that may not help her case. Also, as far as my situation is concerned, do you think I should wait to do anything? I think I am still not able to renew my monthly ticket, and I wonder if I should talk to the ticket office and see if I am now able to get a renewal. On their records it showed that an investigation was being carried out on my monthly ticket, that is why they told me (just a few days after the incident) that they could not renew it for me and basically that I had to wait until the issue was resolved. I hope to read soon your kind and always useful answers...thank you
  6. hello everyone, I hope you are all well. Just a little update, to say that nothing has happened so far. My friend is still waiting to receive a letter and I really don't know what I should do. My monthly ticket has expired by now and I am currently buying weekly, which is more expensive of course. I am not entirely sure I can start buying monthly tickets again, but I guess not. Once I have made sure that I won't be able to buy monthly again until the issue has been settled with my friend, my question is, (also after having read other threads) should I contact the prosecution office and say, my friend has used my ticket, therefore I cannot renew my monthly ticket and this is very inconvenient etc etc. Do you think I may have a chance of sorting myself out this way? Do you think that would help? Thanks very much in advance for any advice. I am worried as I don't like to sit here and wait for something to happen so I would like to do anything I can to avoid any problems.
  7. ..I had already unburdened it on page 1 anyway! Thanks a lot for the advice, I will be sealing my mouth in the meantime.
  8. thank you everyone for your comments and papasmurf especially. I did allow her to take it, I was getting ready for my trip, I was concentrated on my stuff so I did not think too much about it. I regret not thinking it through, non paying attention to it. That was so silly, as I said, I underestimated the thing, I had no idea that if she was caught it could get so serious for the both of us. She used it the day after when I was away (I left the day before in the evening). In any case I did not know if she would eventually use it and did not know until I came back two days after.
  9. I know, that is the way I am... I am just afraid that my friend may change her mind at some stage and say that I gave it to her, to prove that she took it with my consent.
  10. thank you so much papasmurf and wriggler. My concern, having also read other threads, is if my friend is also charged with "receiving ticket with intent", which is very likely, and what happens if she pleads guilty to this charge. Also, should she fail to reach an out-of-court settlement, and things looked grim for her, just hypothetically, does that mean that things may get worse for me too? Sorry I know I sound very paranoid, but I really want to be aware of the worst case scenario and be prepared. I am afraid that at some point I may get a letter with a charge for aiding and abetting, I don't know if it's possible that they may send me directly a letter with charges. At that point, would I be in trouble, and would I need to write to the train company or whoever sends the letter trying to obtain an out-of court settlement? Sorry I know it's difficult to say now as we haven't received anything yet, but I am very worried. I am very grateful for your opinions as obviously this is all new to me. And sorry if I'm being repetitive.
  11. thank you SRPO and Old-CodJA. Unfortunately it may be more complicated than that, as I did leave the ticket at home with the awareness that she may use it while I was away. That was very, very stupid of me, I did not register the seriousness of something that may happen in circumstances like this, I totally underestimated the thing, I just did not think it through. I had no idea that there would be consequences for me, and so serious. I was just concentrated on getting ready for my trip and did not give it importance. My friend feels so guilty and she doesn't want me to suffer any consequences, however, as you said Old-CodJA, they are not going to believe that she took it by mistake. She says that she buys single tickets in batches for her commuting to work everyday, and if asked, she wants to say that she was convinced she had taken her ticket for the day. Now, if they have recorded that she said I did not know about it, and if I confirm that when asked, that would be good for me in theory, but that would then mean that she took it without my permission, wouldn’t that be theft? Her situation would then be worse and she would then have to say that I knew about it. That would be obviously worse as I would not have told the truth from the beginning. Do you think Old-CodJA that if she says what you suggest, i.e. that she was stupid to take my ticket etc, she would not be accused of stealing it? I am so scared and I wonder whether it wouldn’t be better for me to admit I knew that she was likely to use it and I underestimated the whole thing? I know that is bad, I am terrified of being prosecuted, but surely it would be far too harsh a punishment for me, I just made a misjudgement and I am just shocked that I may be having to deal with this. Never in my life since I was born I thought one day I may have to face something like this. It was a foolish mistake that I regret so much! Would I have any mitigating circumstances in my favour, that would play a role and make a difference? Thank you in advance for your opinions, very very much appreciated.
  12. Thanks a lot papasmurf, it makes sense, I hope it will go that way. I will update this thread with any developments. Thanks again!
  13. thank you so much for your replies. I am of course very worried, I hope it's going to be OK. Do you think the Citizen Advice Bureau could give me useful advice for if and when I receive a letter? I will definitely need some advice if I need to provide any explanations in writing or in an interview (or in court?!). Do you think I should ask help from a solicitor in order to submit a clear effective defence? Should it be sufficient to explain the facts, stating basically that when I came back from my holiday, my friend told me she had used my ticket by mistake, thinking it was her ticket? Thanks a lot for your patience and for reading my posts, I very much appreciate your willingness to help!
  14. Thanks a lot for your reply. Do you think this scenario could be avoided if my housemate's statement that she used my ticket by mistake was accepted? Also, as I mentioned before, do you think I should contact South West Trains to or the prosecution office to explain the facts? Would that help? Many thanks in advance for any replies, I am really anxious about this.
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