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  1. Think he paid 2400. I also agree 700 is a bit much to expect when the dealer was not given the chance to inspect/rectify the problems. The brake pads must have been there, prob just reaching their limits. The exhaust corrosion would not have been as bad as it seems, otherwise you would have heard it (and a patch job might have been a suitable remedy), the oil leak might have been minor, or the filler cap not replaced properly etc etc. The tyres are consumables, which should have been checked, however the dealer would have expected them to be fine due to the recent MOT pass. As for the handbrake ratchet, you said yourself the fault was intermittant, dealer and MOT staion may not have experienced any problems. I would suggest sending the dealer a copy of the pics you have and see if you can come to an amicable arrangement before commencing court action. The cam belt change obviously doesnt feature as you were aware it was due to be changed.
  2. He got the last tax disc before the previous MOT ran out. As said prebook for an mot and get it down there asap, disc will renew online at any time if insurance and mot are in place.
  3. In addition you want to be having a word with the RAC as the vehicle IS NOT at a place of repair as the garages in question have clearly stated they cannot repair the vehicle. No sense in paying for another tow.
  4. I would have taken the 10k and looked elsewhere to be honest. £300 for the use of the vehicle for that length of time is less than the depreciation.
  5. Something doesnt ring right in this one to me. First of all if the car had an advisory for brake pads then they should have been changed well before the next MOT was due, the cost would have been no where near 450 if that had happened. Sounds like the pads were completely shot and as such you have had to replace the discs as well. The original garage should not have sold the car on with an advisory on the brake pads for all it costs to replace them. Now I am no expert in ABS sensors, but I cannot see what difference there would be in an ABS sensor for a two wheel drive car or a four wheel drive car, as both can have 4 calipers and abs only comes into play under heavy braking when there is NO drive to the wheels. However a quick google search shows that this was a common problem with the passat 98-04, so I would not be surprised if the sensor had either been replaced or has not been working for quite a while. Now I learned to drive in cars without abs, and even to this day often disable my abs when driving in snow. Seems to me that your abs IS working, just your sensor that is faulty, your call, but i would be removing a bulb I think.
  6. Trading Standards would be my first visit if the dealer refused to take the car back/compensate me. Small claims to recover the amount paid out in repairs would be a minimum.
  7. Bought Sept 09 Buzby Rest of his questions need answering though to advise on the course to take
  8. Agree with Lamma, info has to be laid before the court within 6 months, if they have done that then you will have a court appearance. As you have tried to accept the CoFP then you need to make sure the court does not increase on the penalties, assuming of course the info was laid in time
  9. If the bailiffs are involved then it has gone to court, is your uncle aware of the court rulings? If not then you need to apply to have it set aside, basically taking it back to the initial court stages. As this is council parking, I would suggest putting the details into pepioo.com where you will get the best possible advice, also bailiff chaser on there will explain precisly how to deal with the bailiff. Good luck
  10. Looks like they have moved up a gear! Next time they call tell them your business has changed to Security Services and they can speak to your silent business partner......when he is released from Her Majesties Pleasure.
  11. I used to work for Yell, and sold all three of their mediums (paper/web/telephone) over the phone. Some of my time there was on renewals only and laterly in the "new medium" departments selling web & telephone services. Reading through the thread it certainly does seem that the problems highlighted came from the "prospect" departments, who are looking for new business as such, thankfully I worked more with the renewals and existing customers. Many of the complaints I see are due to "prospects" being sold advertising packages, without the distinction being made clear between advertising and Directory Advertising. Believe me the difference is tremendous. Many new businesses end up spending a lot of money initially as they move into directory advertising, when in all honesty a more modest spend would bring an equal result, and if spread over the two main mediums could in fact increase the result that putting all the eggs in one basket. Buzby is correct in the fact that the directory (print) has cut off dates etc and equally that the web is constantly open to add or subtract to adverts (the monthly ads are good to test the water, but more expensive in the long run). When I was there I could offer print adverts a dedicated number to allow the advertiser to see exactly how many calls they recieved from the book, and yell.com advertisers can see how many ad displays they have had (and web clicks if appropriate). If anyone has any questions on Yell advertising or are just looking for advice I would be happy to offer my opinion, and for the record I no longer work there, I guess my method of selling wasnt to their taste (although I did win awards and reach targets, I refused to sell to target, prefering to sell to the customers needs and budget. Also the fact that I cost them a lot of advertising revenue sorting out ads that had been done wrong the year before )
  12. did you get the relevent legislation off G&M to back up your apeal? He offered it a few posts above.
  13. Unless you are eligible for a totting up ban you should be offered a CoFP, 3 points & 60 quid with your licence endorsed with a TS10. The course might be a good option if it was def you driving, but ask for pics to help "jog your memory on location" in case there was a reason for triggering the cameras ( allow passage of emergency vehicle, stuck in traffic over the line)
  14. Hold on, its never a slam dunk, although roadside stops are the hardest to contest. My advice would be to post it on pepipoo and fill in the nip wizard, advice will then be given. The only advantage to a guilty plea that I can see is a small reduction in the fine. However not guilty would allow you to see what evidence the police have ie the calibration of the laser and notes to say whether the checks were made at the start & end of the shift. Whilst the opinion of the two officers is usually sufficient to secure a speeding conviction, it is less likely on its own to be sufficient to say you were over the ton. Even to offer to plead to a lower speed would give you some benefit.
  15. Did you not name the landowners on the action? Looks like the BPA points system will have an early "strike off" for all the good that will do
  16. Yes wino, you are wrong As lamma says, you will need to identify who was driving, the penalties for not doing so are more severe in this case than coughing for the speeding. Did both you and your mother drive in the same direction on that road? You do start off by saying YOU were caught
  17. I'm afraid you might just have to go through the claim back route. What happened is completely wrong, and certainly I would not have accepted that as I am sure most people wouldnt. However, one part of your story seems a bit strange and needs clarification. You say you were stopped by the police who had bailiffs with them???? I have never heard of bailiffs and police actively seeking cars together, is this all of the story?
  18. Buzby was pointing out that a lack of registration details is not necessarily an end to a claim. By the terms of your contract with insurance you need to ensure you inform them of this incident, to enable them to defend it if necessary. That said if there was no damage to my car and as I would be morally correct in the circumstances you describe, I would have asked his insurance WTF you talking about, nothing happened and I have never heard of your client.
  19. Actually no, the new insurer did have a point. Seeing as a renewal is often sent out up to a month before renewal who was to say you didnt have a claim in the final month of your policy? In saying that I have never once passed on proof of bonus, everyone of my policies is loaded to pay for the insurance database, each insurer is instructed to do their work themselves or refund me that portion of the policy. As yet none have refused or cancelled the policies.
  20. My advice, next time someone on a test drive tells you he has a knife, then gets out to check the exhaust.....thats the time YOU drive away, not get out and lie down behind the car!!! This is a police matter, and should be dealt with by them and hopefully leads to a prosecution, for someone, insurance will be waiting to see how Police respond.
  21. Hold up, in this day and age someone has been paying road tax or sorning the vehicle, so presumably you are not the only one holding a V5 for it. Plate may have been reissued, someone else may have bought it as your v5 was being prepared etc etc, let the authorities sort this one out, I pressume that when you bought it as a project then it wasn't worth much, don't think you can just walk up and take it if someone has restored it.
  22. Hmm, payment within 28 days of date of service of this notice.... Yet no where does it give you the date of service, only the date of issue & posting. This would be prejudicial to those unaware the date of service is 2 days after posting as it would effectively reduce their available time.
  23. I doubt a magistrate would see it the same way as the DVLA. Depends on your circumstances, but personally I would tell them to shove it...
  24. Pass it to your insurers. Seeing as he has "whiplash like injuries" obviously diagnosed by a layman, seeing as they are so slight (read made up) that he did not seek medical assistance I am sure Tesco will tell them exactly where to go. Camps solicitors are ambulance chasers
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