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  1. As everyone has been telling you, ignore all correspondance from these people. If I am every lucky enough to receive one of these Invoices then I plan to have a lot of fun with them. Certainly I will tie up a lot of their time. Letter from Whites is the next step. Your next step is to stop worrying and relax enough to learn how to laugh at them.
  2. To be honest can't see you getting anywhere with this. Bonuses are paid at the discretion of the employer and can be with held or withdrawn at their whim. In addition the HR department didn't actually say you were getting a bonus, "that any bonus that you are entitled to is paid to you in December payroll" kinda covers them either way.
  3. This sounds like a bit of a nightmare situation you have got yourself into. Unfortunately I do not see you as a "whistle blower" seeing as you colluded with the GM prior to orchastrating circumstances to enable you to catch the other employee, on the promise of stepping into their shoes. The rest of the staff now rightly feel they cannot trust you and the GM has no respect for you. In all honesty, is all the stress and aggravation you are putting yourself through worth it for a job you have not held for very long? Would your efforts not be better supporting your wife and looking for a fresh employment start? I just feel that you will never be fully accepted in this workplace, and the health and wellbeing of you and your family are more important than a job or principle. My advice (for what its worth) is to learn a lesson and move on.
  4. New on here and am shocked reading about these companies, every post I read just screams out "Private Parking [problematic]" to me. People need to understand that these companies cannot simply invoice you under the guise of a "fine" or "loss recovery" as put simply they do not have the right to do so. From everything I have read the advice seems to be the same as with PPCs', ignore their begging letters. If the Police don't charge you what gives these jokers the idea that they can?
  5. You might have asked them if their carpark was a closed drains system and if so how they emptied the waste:p I am pretty sure the car washing will be releasing pollutants into the drains for which they have no permit
  6. As above, ignore ALL correspondance. The whole premise of this [problem] is that the driver has entered into a contract with them to park there, yet as you have displayed you are not the driver and they have no way of identifying the driver.
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