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  1. Thanks guy for your replies. Going to get on this now. I'll update when I got something.
  2. I hate to drag up an old thread.........since I started this thread I have contacted the tax office twice, probably about a year apart. I have informed them about this situation they took lots of information from me and said they would pass it onto someone who would decide if they would take a closer look. Nothing seems to ever happen. both times I asked to be kept annonomous. In the meantime I have contacted the National Insurance office who sent me through a breakdown of all the NI I have ever paid. They have not received a penny from me for the last 6 years. Now I have all but 2 of my wage slips to prove I have paid. So I think I will be ok for the NI side of things. Will the tax office accept my wage slips as proof that I have paid tax? Talking to the tax office over the phone doesn't seem to get results, if i were to write to them do they have to follow through?
  3. (Posting this for a friend) I have completed 2 years of a degree course. I was made to sign a training bond a the start of my first year which tied me in for two years. So if i left before the 2 years were up I would have to pay for the course. I was never asked to sign a new bond for the 2nd year. The course is not funded by my employer and I have received funding for my third and final year. I have now been offered a new job within the same industry and have handed in my notice with my current employment. I have been made aware that my employer is going to take the full bond amount from my wages. The bond i signed said it was to cover three terms. (1st year) but it also says in the event of failure to complete 12 months service post qualification. Now I wouldn't receive the full qualification until I have completed the 3rd year. As my employer have not lost a penny because of my attending this course I don't believe they are entitled to take anything from my wages. I would really appreciate any input into this. I hope this makes sense Added: Dont know if this is relevant but I have received my funding for my final year and I am going to complete it. Like i said before the funding isn't provided by my employer.
  4. This is still on going and I would really appreciate any advise. I will try and keep this short and understandable! Parked car (no one in it) got hit by third party over 4 weeks ago. Rang insurance company to report it. They took all the details told me I wouldn't have any excess to pay and passed me through to another company who organised a hire car. Hire car arrived the following day and didn't hear anything for about 2 weeks. rang insurance company to find out what was happening they tell me a letter in the post offering £200. Nothing arrives. Try ringing insurance company again can't get hold of them. Receive a cheque from insurance company for £50 along with a letter from hire car people who act like they are dealing with the claim so ring them and tell then the insurance company have sent a cheque for £50 and this isn't good enough, they agree and say they will email the insurance comapny to see what is happening.......................hear nothing. Phone my broker to find out if they can help and they put me onto another company who will deal with me. Phone this new comapny who sound like they will be able to help, they ask to email any adverts for a similar car along with any other details which may be relevant. I do this and hear nothing, after a week I email and ask for a response to the email. I received an email basically telling me I shouldn't have the hire car anymore I should sent a copy of the letter whic came with the cheque (no letter, only cheque in evelope) to hire car people and basically thats it. They say they will try and claim the £150 excess which my insurers have taken out even though I have it in writing they wont be deducting any excess. The whole thing seems to be a complete mess, I have a hire car which is costing someone £66 a day, I have had the car for 30 days now. What can I do, Can I go direct to the third parties insurers? Can I put in a complaint about how the whole thing has been handled. The impression I get is my insurance company is raking in the cash for themselves (on the hire car) and whatever other costs they can claim but are doing jack for me. Also why do my insurers pay out the money? I am so confused and angry by this whole situation, I paid my premium and they are doing nothing in return. Sorry for the rant but i would really like some advise on how I stand with this. Ooops not as short as I thought!!!!!!!
  5. This is called rolled up holiday and they shouldn't do it. Have a read of this.... http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Employment/Employees/Timeoffandholidays/DG_10034711
  6. Many thanks for replies. I have found several volvo estates they were the right age but different models. Will go back and look for the right model and see what I can find. Dad is really gutted because it was so reliable. Thanks again
  7. I feel like i'm always asking advice for other people here!!! Short story, My dads car was parked on the road, Gent driving down the road didn't stop and hit my dads car pushing it about 150 ft down the road. (dads car was a volvo estate). Fortunately the gent had insurance. It has been declared a write off my dads insurance co. Not heard anything for 13 days decided to ring the insurance company they say they sent a letter out last Thursday offering £200. Yes my dads car was very old (E reg) but is was extreemly reliable, just recently had a MOT. We wont be accepting this offer. (i assume we can do that?) I have been searching the web for similar cars (so we have some form of back up to reject their offer) but there doesn't seem to be many around. How similar do the cars have to be? How much leeway with age, style, milage is reasonable? Many thanks in advance for any replies:-)
  8. Thanks for your reply, the basis of this situation is money paid, everything updated and correct, my friend never disputed the amount to be paid and doesn't want the money back. The question is if the DCA no longer held her file they were no longer in the posistion to process her data. She should be receiving now the exact date and time the OC recalled the account and believes she has phone calls to prove the DCA acted outside their remit. My friend always advises that phone calls are recorded.
  9. its not, I cannot reveal who as my friend has some unfinished business with the DCA. She debating on whether to get a solictor invovled due to the amount of evidence. Just looking for some guidance/ advise on here for her.
  10. My friend paid the money under duress as the account was in dispute, this is why the OC took the account back. DCA weren't able to pay money to OC as they had no access to do so because they didn't hold the account and held the funds for approx 7 weeks, in which time OC chased my friend for the money. Have the DCA breached any rules by threatening CCJ action in a telephone call on a date that they knew they did not hold the account. (this is all recorded)
  11. Posting this on behalf of a friend An account was passed to a DCA sometime after the DCA took over the account they asked for the cash and my friend paid it. It seems this account had been recalled by the OC when they asked for and received the money. This is all backed up with voice recordings and internal notes. Is there any avenue my friend can take with regards to the DCA? Sorry its so vague but its all I know.
  12. It seems honesty is the best policy! Received an "acknoledgement letter" today. They have updated their records and the vehicle is no longer registered to my dad. Goes on to say if he receives a renewal reminder to ignore it etc. This is the letter I sent, maybe it will help others. I have received a "Last Chance" letter regarding my old van. Reg no. XXXXXX. I sold this van to a local scrap dealer in or around August 2009. As it was over a year ago I do not have the scrap dealers details. I got his number out of the local paper. He was based in the XXXXXXX area. I also don't recall ever receiving a tax disc reminder since. I am slightly confused and concerned as to why I have received this "Last Chance" letter now. Yours sincerely
  13. It seems they can say whatever they want and then just do whatever they want. I have had 3 missed calls regarding the interview from yesterday. They caught me on the landline the forth time! They want to know when I can attend the training course. I asked about the difference in hourly money she explained it was £6 odd an hour and the rest went into a holiday fund so you can take annual leave. Even more confused now.
  14. I went for an interview today. In the ad for the job it stated an hourly rate of £7.28 plus mileage and enhancments for weekends and bank holidays. At the interview I was told the hourly rate was £6.25 for mon - fri and £6.50 for weekends. They also stated I would have to attend a 3 day course (unpaid) and shadowing (unpaid). This may be common practice, any job I have had has been obtained through who I know and not what I know so I don't have any experience to compare. I was taking a drop as it was with their advertised pay, if i knew if was even lower I wouldn't of wasted my time or theirs. This is more of a rant than asking for advise. I would be interested in hearing anyone elses experiences
  15. Ok I'm guessing this may not be as straight forward as I thought I may have been. I will write to them with the facts and see what happens. I think thats the only thing that can be done.
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