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  1. Hammy, I for one am not a Tesco hater, in fact it is the supermarket of choice for me (2 x24 hr ones within 3 min drive of house and 1 x asda). However this does not blind me to the disregards Tesco display to the law and morality with regards their parking enforcement and RLP. Tesco are directly responsible for these abuses taking place on their premises, yet show no loyalty back to their customers by riding themselves of these dual menaces and threats to the everyday shopper. I do not condone shoplifting in any way or form, however when it arises I believe it should be dealt with by the courts and police, not by a profit making organisation which intimidates and threatens. If I see this happening to any individual, regardless of what they have done, then I will not hesitate to step in and defend their rights. So whilst Tesco might not be directly at fault in a lot of these cases, they do shoulder some blame as they are complient. In addition, if someone is desperate enough to be shoplifting, how do you think they will fund the hundred odd quid fine that RLP will levy? Catch one person in the act and they have a good chance of "repeat business"
  2. Conniff didn't say make Tesco grovel, Tesco have done no wrong. However if the RLP defame then they should be made to crawl across broken glass on their hands and knees. They set themselves up as Judge and Jury simply as a revenue raising exercise and thus deserve no sympathy when they screw up. Seeing as most of their screw ups are deliberate t intimidate or embaress folk into paying.
  3. As Mossy says, I would be very surprised if you had to pay your xs, certainly not standard procedure for repairs to the 3rd party vehicle. Sounds to me like 50/50 is not established as yet, which means other drivers lies might be getting him off scot free. Anyone think a NBA to the other driver might make him remember a bit clearer? Not much to lose as I see it.
  4. Certainly all points to a fronted policy, HP in sons name and he is the registered owner. Might need to go a bit deeper to defend your position. For instance do you commute to work in it and have a parking permit for work? At the end of the day it will be down to the discretion of the insurer, but other peoples dishonesty has made them pretty firm on their stance over this. Good luck with it, but get it sorted for the future in case of a more serious incident.
  5. Hi Tim, hopefully this was outwith Scotland, as the law in scotland does allow ticketing to take place in disabled bays on private property, although I doubt the paperwork required to do so for any of the bays has been completed. BBC NEWS | Scotland | MSPs approve disabled parking law# Rest of UK, tell them to stuff it;)
  6. All the above information is correct.....unless in Scotland where disabled bays in private car parks can now be enforced. However with the additional monitoring and red tape surrounding the spaces I doubt any council has bays under this new legislation ready for ticketing.
  7. Have you tried to contact the CPS? Obviously there will be no case to answer regarding the insurance, and they may drop the other charge when they realise you do have a defence.
  8. It is up to the DVLA to prove you didn't send the forms. The legislation which is your defence is the Intepretations Act. You will be fine, they are trying to bully you, stick to your guns and they will lose.
  9. Make all the changes they want, get it signed off then charge them to change it back to the way it was
  10. If you want help then you need to answer the questions Mossycat put to you!! Mossy really is the best one to give you an insight in to how the insurance works, but at the end of the day we need to know why the car was registered as your sisters.
  11. As Conniff says, should have applied for the refund at the time.
  12. Not quite as simple as saying the insurance would be void, but thats another story....
  13. Got to give them credit for trying lol Though I would be coming down on them from a great height for that!!
  14. Mistake was made when you first contacted them. These people do not care about anything except raising revenue. They are not solicitors, rest assured. Tell them the calls are being recorded and you have reported them to BT for harrassement. Or have a bit of fun at their expense.
  15. Got to love how they can't even change their template letters even for Scotland. CCJs' are hardly likely to install fear up here
  16. You will be looking to lose the VAT amount certainly, however depending on the waiting list someone in a hurry might pay over the odds a bit. At least its the right time of year to sell it.
  17. Cant see any easy solution unless the wheel manufacturers replace. VW will never recommend aftermarket wheels on their vehicles, it closes down a potential revenue stream for them and in this world of litigation it is easier to be safe than sorry.
  18. Sell it back to the dealer or sell it privately, but be prepared to take a big hit in the pocket. There will be a shortfall between the finance owed and the money you get back, you need to clear this to allow the finance company to release its claim to the vehicle. Big jump from a scooter to a Rocket III
  19. Cross that bridge if and when it comes. Believe it or not insurance companies can at times be pretty spot on if not generous with their values.
  20. People will not discuss the salary as I expect it is in the contract to do so is gross misconduct, certainly it is in most contracts I have had. Are you sure that the salary has been fixed at this lowest rate? Sounds to me like they have simply pencilled you in for the job and need to dot the is' and cross the ts'. Until you have a new contract in front of you to sign I would maybe back off a bit.
  21. Whilst your actions in obtaining the "proof" are dubious due to the previous brushing off of the complaint they are possibly understandable. The company concern will be stemming from the employees right to privacy on personal correspondence, which still stands even if it is sent from a company email address. It may be important to know how you accessed her emails? Was this when she left her terminal unattended or did you have remote access through your normal duties?
  22. Hi Hawthorne, Just read through your thread and feel I can emphasise with you on many points. I went through a similar thing where my work was very supportive initially as I went through a divorce and custody battle, however seemed to suddenly start "examining" my target achievements very closley, culminating eventually in being let go for not achieving the targets, even though I was consistantly the highest performer out of the 15 people in the team. I figured it was down to the fact I did not work late on the nights I had my kid, and started late one morning when doing the school run (time was made up). I could see that they believed this gave the other staff the courage to refuse to do this unpaid overtime as well. I think in your case they fear the effect you not visiting London clients might have on other staff, and unjustifiably feel they need to sort this one out. I know looking back it did affect my health, and to be honest it was a relief when I finally walked out a "free" man. Probably didnt help the team moral when they learned I walked straight into a new job at twice the salary lol All I am saying is when it starts to affect your health then it is time to take stock, there is more important things than a job, and you never know what is waiting around the corner for you, for me it was a blessing in disguise and also helped me put some of the past behind me.
  23. Bit confused here as your employer seems to be overcomplicating things. Seeing as you have worked there for 7 years and presumably they have your NI number and have been paying into the system using this then that is enough proof for them. An Evidence of Identity interview is arranged for anyone applying for a NI number, for everyone else it is sent out automaticaly.
  24. Probably longer, info only needs laid within 6 months, can take a few months after that before they act on it. You could contact the relevent court and find out one way or another, nothing to lose in doing that.
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