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  1. Hello guys I had a visit from the bailiff last week for council tax arrears they walked into my property and up the stairs before I got to my living room door as I live in upstairs flat so too late they were in we're ready with a list of what they were taking these 2 bailiffs were looking in my drawers and cupboards is this allowed ??? I managed to borrow the 2,600 pound from my mother but was very distressing to say the least . But it doesnt end there I'm afraid I've had another letter from rossendales for another 700 pound for a different yr council tax . I have been to the council to ask to take the debt back but they said no . Since 2008 I have lived on my own and never claimed the 25% reduction of which I now have put a claim in today was told this can be backdated a few years which will probably bring my bill down quite a bit I have had an expenditure letter from rossendales am I best filling it in and sending it off to them as I do not want to go through that sinario again I do work 30 hrs a week and live alone . .any help from you guys will be totally appreciated ... Many thanks
  2. Hi guys , looking for some advice if possible ...I applied for a job and got it ...only they say I have to change my motor insurance to business, they said prob a tenner more...rang go skippy today to change to business ...they quoted me 1,3090 pounds from 269.00 , the extra was for 1000 miles more a year omg what is this about my insured at the moment is social domestic and pleasure third party I can't believe this problem is gonna put my job in jeopardy I will be working to pay insurance
  3. hi i was going to do that firstly, but i thought i might get asked to start a new thread sorry
  4. hi again guys , on behalf of my son again....the flat they live in him, his girlfriend and daughter of nearly 2 yrs old, they signed a 6 mnth t/a which is up at the end of april, they are planning to move ehrn the 6 months is up , there has never been a problem with rent or anything, but has been unpleasant living there as the neighbours below, who are an elderly couple are knocking on and complaining often. at the sound of there 2 yr old daughter just generally playing up stairs, my son has to keep her from playing ,so to keep the noise down, which i think is ridiculous, the child is only walking about and playing, so its like bad atmosphere all the time, also he and his neighbour share the same front door which the elderly couple keep locking it , they want it locked all day and all night , surley this is a fire risk to start with, this elderly couple actually own their flat, so they are bound to want hassle free tenants or none would prob be better, anyway i was wondering ..my son needs a reference of this landlord for a new property, my son feels his landlord will mess up for him, if he dosent give him a decent ref , which he has no problems with his rent and such , but at the end of the day his rent willbe no more no landlord ikes the idea ... if he gives an unfair ref what could i do about this.....i need to remind you that his landlord is infact my boss:|
  5. the wall will be repaired by the tenant, thanks for replys
  6. hi guys wanting a bit of advice if possible , my son moved into a flat in january 2013 and struggled getting furniture up the stairs, ,that was the only route , after a lot of messing around , turning and twisting , it had to go up by hook or by crook , it was only a 2 seater settee when we finally got it up there was damage to the ceiling , plaster board was broken, now after speaking to the neighbours below, they said every tennant has had the same problem, the last tenant was only in 6 months as she had to swap her double bed for a single bed because it wouldnt go up the stairs we have bought plaster board , but the landlord never told any of the tennants about this i just dont think its fair that we have to fix this, it will now cost for someone to do it, as they are wanting to move out for a different place, the flat is not in good repair do you think their is anyway we could get the landlord to do it . .oh and the landlord happens to be my boss who i currently work for:|
  7. veritas provided him with the certificate, but they say they dont hold any info of anybodys cards for replacement or such
  8. just been in touch with veritas they provided the original cscs cards , they say they dont hold copies, they were government funded
  9. updating....he has been back to his last employers to pick up his belongings, half of his tools are missing, but also they are with holding his cscs certificates, which is now holding him back finding a job need some urgent advice please
  10. c s cards are like what u give with a cv when applying for a job , bit like qualifications, it states what jobs you have done example he can fit solar powered windows on a roof, then ,for each job he has achieved he gets a certificate so to speak. he is a roofers mate
  11. hi guys looking for a bit of advice for my son, he has worked for a company for 4 years , this company is run by a family, mum dad work in the office, 2 sons worked out and about , my son worked along side the 2 sons roofing, construction work ect, 1 of the sons took a dislike to my son and has made my sons life a misery in so many ways . its unbelievable what he has had to endure, he has complained to the father about his son, but to no avail, this little cretin carries on making my sons life a misery, earlier this week my son finally could take no more and told the boss(the father) enough is enough i cant work with all this stress and dread, im leaving, anyway my son has his cs cards with this firm , all his skills he has done whilst working there, he was told to go back friday for his tools...which he has done , nobody there at the site, so he rang the boss and arranged for another day to pick up his tools which my son has paid for himself, and they were out on a job using my sons tools, arrggh *******s thing i need to know , he should be able to ask for his cs papers, and they should not refuse him am i right???? this firm hasnt paid for any of the courses he went on to earn these cs certs, so by law they should hand them over,,,if they dont were can he get the original copies , as this firm say they only have photo copies of these , which he really does need these to find other work
  12. hi im just vlooking for some guidance and info my son was blown from a ladder at work due to weather conditions, due to this he was taken to hospital , one of his collegues accompanid him, his findings were a crackrd rib, which has now put him out of action full stop the thing was he was working alone when he shouldnt have been health and saftey rules. he will be off work now only to be recieving esa benefit of 60 something pound per wk he cannot manage off this money , and its not his fault this happened to him, he was giver a job to do so he just carried on please could you advise as to what he could do , or his boss could do here to help
  13. bailiffs came last week will a bill for 900 something pound, i rang council and asked them what i owe they said 530.. i paid 300 online to council, i askes bailiff for a breakdown of charges, i got debt 381.03 visit fee1 24.50 visit fee2 18.00 ...levy fee 38.00 attendance van 160.00 can they charge this
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