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  1. maybe mobilise should realise that all supermarket customers deserve some respect, not just disabled. " Instead, supermarkets should ensure that disabled customers can come in and shop – without fear of intimidation."Helen Smith, Director of Policy & Campaigns for Mobilise.
  2. Mobilise should hang their heads in shame, I will also be firing off an email to them. OP, if you are really worried then PM me. I will give you my name address and you can tell them I was the driver. I will happily tell them to Foxtrot Oscar.
  3. Well if you are gonna copy our smoking ban, at least do it right. We do get fed up leading the way when those following struggle to keep up:rolleyes:
  4. TBH for all the years I have travelled on the rail, I cannot once remember staff being rude to me. However those East coasters are a dour bunch so not surprised this happened in Edinburger;)
  5. Not a national thing, certainly many platforms in Scotland still allow smoking unless enclosed.
  6. Seems like you know you were in the wrong, and assuming acas were privy to more specific info on the situation they advised resigning in exchange for a decent referance. Can't see anything in your post which would make me go against that, if you can live without JSA that is.
  7. For a company trying to get serious about computer security seems a bit lax that passwords don't have an expiry time, are you saying the person that did this is using the password/login you told them 2 years ago?
  8. Difficult one on the moral, legal is a non starter imo. Seeing as this friend had offered the phone for £100, and the value of a second hand iphone is certainly not £350 then I think the request for this amount is ludicrous. Still trying to work out why a 13 yr old has a PAYG iphone AND a contract phone.
  9. When you do get your money through shop around regarding your plate. I have paid over £30 for a set as I needed them there and then, but also paid less than £15 for a set less than a week later. As for selling your car, as you don't have a driveway to put it, then I would advise selling it BEFORE your insurance runs out in september, or you will be paying for another policy or back on here because your car has been impounded
  10. Libel cases CAN be very expensive as Conniff says. Replying to the post along the lines of "isn't that the company you were sacked from for falsifying your time sheets after only 2 months" would be pretty inexpensive and put some context into his statements
  11. Simply address the grievance to the HR manager, it will then find the relevent person. Sounds like your manager likes to play games by his own rules, only way for you to get a fair result is to invoke the companies' set rules. However do remember that for most HR personel the companies interests come before that of the individual (sadly) so take advice at every step when you can.
  12. it is an absolute offence. The car was on the road and the plate did not conform. Regardless of how it came to that is irrelevant (as is the wrong colour on the ticket). Is it petty? Maybe. Is it possibly because the Police are employing zero tolerence in an area where the OP suggests crime is high? Maybe. Either way, best course of action would be to pay the fine, and replace the plate. In court you would be looking at a hiding to nothing.
  13. Read the numerous threads here and elsewhere. Ignore this slip of paper and all those which follow regardless of whether from a "debt collector" or "solicitor". Only a court can fine you, the figures they are asking for are illegal penalty charges.
  14. In a nutshell to your original question, yes it will do more harm than good. Whereas some of your points may have some merit, the old adage "ignorance of the law is no defence" can counteract most of them. There is a tried and tested way to defeat any PPC who does take it as far as court. Don't try to re-invent the wheel.
  15. As above it was not BP who screwed up. The duty holder was transocean, the company working on the well haliburton. The previous vendor warned this was a possibility and walked off the job. BP is doing all they can, their priorty is stopping the leak, all this political posturing and environmentalists outrage is just getting in their way. These things can happen as we now drop wells through 1500ft of water, almost 4 times as deep as 15 yrs ago. This makes things more difficult and harder to fix when it goes wrong (not to mention the pressure and heat that can be involved). Get it wrong and people moan and complain. Get it right and they just complain about the cost of fuel at the pump
  16. Well I would suggest giving the company who are dragging their heals a push in the right direction, or it could cost you a fair bit in higher interest charges. Bank is a good option, backup could be likes of Blackhorse who are pretty reasonable in different credit scoring ranges. Just remember a refused credit search can count against you.
  17. In essence, you let companies debit your bank account. This is cheaper for companies and banks, and sometimes you get a discount off a bill for paying by direct debit. In return, if you tell tha bank something is wrong, they must give you the money back, and leave you to sort it out with company which originated the debit. If an error - by the originator or by the bank - has caused you extra expense (perhaps by causing you to go overdrawn), the bank must put you back in the position you would have been in if the mistake had not happened. Whether this cost is borne by the bank or passed on to the originator is no concern of yours. Copied from financevictims.co.uk, a nice explanation of some of your rights. So OP tells the bank things have gone wrong re the RAC not making it clear that the amount would be significantly different and that the payment schedule has changed. Bank is then OBLIGED under the scheme to return the payment and all associated charges, leaving the OP to sort out payment to the RAC if they so wish. Its clear cut although the banks will try to wriggle out if you let them.
  18. Ground to a halt but runs with a jumpstart? You sure you don't just need a new battery?
  19. Looks clear cut to me. Look at the road layout from Cuthbert St onto Edgeware Rd, there is no way whatsoever the TP could safely perform an overtake of the van turning left without breaking the law regarding the zig zags, in addition she would have to cut back in very sharply to avoid the traffic island. Vision from her point of view would also be compromised (being behind a van) and it is doubful she would be able to see what is happening in front of the van (as is evident in the incident). She does not have right of way as she would be outside the law at the point of collision. I would be pushing for full recovery, and pointing out to the TP she is lucky I don't push for a motoring conviction. What she did was stupid and dangerous. Template letters are a bad idea in my opinion.
  20. I remember Shelley lol to OP, stand firm and ignore, will not go to court, especially with paperwork claiming a "fine".
  21. Don't make this more difficult. If you paid by CC or visa debit you call your card and DEMAND a chargeback. Do not take no for an answer and escalate the call to a level of authority until they give up the usual bluff/refusal. You paid under duress and felt threatened, that is all they need to know. Letters are unneccessary in these circumstances, continually point YOUR credir card/debit card providors to THEIR terms and conditions.
  22. NO NO NO. They are not illegal in as much to put up signs etc, however they are not enforceable through contract law which would only allow the landowner to seek damages (damages for parking in a free spot?). All of these can be ignored with no realistic threat of comeback. There is only ONE potential difference to Scottish carparks, where the landowner allows the council to monitor and track their disabled spaces and thus ticket them. This would only apply to tickets from councils and as yet I have not heard of ANY council who have attempted to use this new legislation, the red tape surrounding it is massive and ultimately following would lead the councils to a negative return for private spaces. These supermarket parking charge letters should be seem as invoices, your choice whether to pay them as long as you know they are ultimately unenforceable. HOWEVER, some ARE illegal, those which use the phrase fine or penalty are the easiest examples. (only a court or council can issue fines).
  23. council will dismiss 90% of appeals, then cave to those with merit before adjudication.
  24. I realise that, now you need to build a defence that is weakened by the fact you knew it was "wrong" to park there. So looking for illegalities in the tickets received would be my first step, eg use of the word penalty etc. You will need to attempt to discredit the parking company at every turn, whilst they will show you continued to park there time and time again despite knowing the "consequences".
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