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  1. Sorry to hear of your family distress Shelley. It's never easy no matter how many people we support at the end of life events just ignore any comments from those who should know better. We all handle such in our own ways there is no right or wrong way to die or grieve. Citizens Advice have their own solicitors who will be able to assist around administration matters without huge bills to worry about and the Probate a Registry are great. Thinking of all of you, especially you and those who are looking on.
  2. Their website security is not efficient I've been getting huge rise in touting calls all with Indian accents with attitudes deserving of the traditional northern backfist response. I'm accepting nothing from them and I'm already looking at the market ready for when my current contract ends.
  3. Tesco are no better. Similar story a week to refund but they reckoned they'd rung the door bell five times and got no reply. In 24 years at the address we've never had a doorbell and on the delivery day the door was open as we were in the hall decorating!! Liars I'm afraid.
  4. Did you get anywhere with asbestos matter? Uk Asbestos Authority help? I am particularly interested in whether any asbestos dust and debris was left behind and if so how was it removed without risking your health
  5. If a DCA does successfully obtain a Charging Order then an amendment to legislation is urgently needed to grant a breathing space of six months to allow debtors to reorganise finances. If not, It is possible many thousands more families will be.homeless placing a huge burden on council tax payers already stretched due to increased homelessness as a result of welfare reform. I would ideally like to see OFS suspended for a year to thwart growth in debt industry.
  6. Hello Count, yes, i would have difficulty accepting this if i'd not been on receiving end. Council woman was adament and i assume they get round DP regs by issuing access keys under guise of protecting funds. You can go on http: www.who calls me? where some known DCA phone no's are logged. Put them in your phone under some term or other then you will see caller id and not bother to answer them. Just one DCA is known to use 17 different numbers.
  7. My understanding is stat bar kicks in 6 years and one day from default date or date debt was last acknowledged in writing. Limitation Act Sec 5 et al.
  8. Dont let them get you down. I was harassed beyond measure by Capquest three years ago. I still have all the paperwork. I dont have a scanner at home but maybe tomorrow I will nip into library and scan in letter I sent them which pinned their ears back and got rid of them. These creeps play on vulnerabilities. I feel for you because my brother had a breakdown and is not well again. thank god my problems are physical only and i dont scare easily. Real life will beat you up... be cool with yourself and they cant actually 'do' anything to you. If you own property though you will have to put in some nifty footwork to protect yourself. I am off air now but back tomorrow. TTFN
  9. How i knows is adult son and partner split up. He came back home sorted himself and debts out. I got phone call on my mobile from local council asking to speak to him. I asked woman where she had got number from and she admitted council had agreement with DWP to look at their records online. As my name initial is J his is W stupid mare wasnt paying attention and noted my number. I made formal Data Protection complaint and council justified it as protecting public funds. But - no monies were owed and he could prove he had paid them off 4 months before.!! Barstewards. I dont know about tv licence but i have long suspected there is a national database of tel no's and Facebook is really worrying since it trawls your email box to 'suggest' friends you may want to have on Facebook. I suspect the reality is some black suited mob are compiling a database of whom we associate with and would defend themselves under some anti-terrorism laws. I am going to buy a whistle and give it some hard welly when they phone... Phone is old and i have a couple of spares... i wonder if ear drums are available on the net? Creeps.
  10. Re Limitation, I wish you well and agree they are trying it on. I defaulted on Barclaycard Nov 2001 due to hospitalisation. Barclays issued CC proceedings. I made payment offer of £1 per month through court as income was £53 PW. They cancelled claim, said court costs now added to debt & sent letter saying selling to Olympia group interest would continue to be added and AK/Thames started up. Went on until 2008 I sent them prove it, a forged NOA came with no partics and a dodgy looking CC agreement. I specifically said no debt was acknowledged. Next month 90% off letter came just before Xmas which ignored. Total silence til last week. Now getting 6 phone calls per day to ex d mobile. Suspect theyve got number from DWP as know they sell rights to view their records. I hope they are short of money as suggested. I am now severely disabled and also caring for someone terminally ill. I dont answer calls and await a threat letter so i can take it further. Best of luck to you all.
  11. Many thanks for response. I have a file gathering and make a note of everything so hope they do the respectable thing under the circumstances.
  12. Have you got any further with this matter? I ask as I am aware of a similar matter where they have left an 84 year old lady with 3" of water over the ground floor of her house after a water meter fitter cut the wrong pipe and then couldnt stop the water flow for over an hour when a second fitter arrived. They then brought in a dehumidifer and plugged it to an electric supply which was wet through and left her to deal with it alone. She had pneumonia and was very ill so spent 0ver 10 days in bed with the water still there. She had terrible trouble getting anything from them and I am wondering if you finally got them to deal with it adequately. Good wishes and I hope you got through OK.
  13. ATOS just part of problem. Update from 21st December - ATOS info had apparently not been received so DWP mandatory interview lot placed him in work focused interview group. They arranged a taxi which arrived 30 minutes early today. Chap could not get in as he was too big taxi firm left him at roadside in cold. Over 45 minutes later mandatory interview lot on partners phone quizing her as to him whereabouts. On going outside she found him collapsed on the grass. He had been lying there all that time. No further taxi had called. A strong complaint to mandatory interview lot revealed he should have been placed in support group as unfit to work yet 27 days later the info had seemingly not been passed on. Article 3 of human rights act clearly states "No one shall be subjected to torture or degrading treatment or punishment". It is hard to see what more he could have done to assist matters and this has hardly helped him get better.
  14. I know of a chap who told them beforehand he had 28" biceps yet when he attended their blood pressure cuff thing would not go around his arm. They are no more than quacks. He has been awaiting an MRI scan for 9 months as they dont have machine his shoulders will fit in now this ultimate humiliation. He remains haviong fits/blackouts and the 'medical assessment' was nothing of the sort and served no helpful purpose beyond no doubt the DWP hoping to starve him out. He cannot drive HGV's as he is having the fits....
  15. Hi Slick, No he is in England and Barclays never got a court order (CCJ?) instead they cancelled and just added the issue costs etc to his debt!. He is looking for the letter but has moved house 5 times since then so it is well hidden. He has not paid anything since 2002 and last wrote to them 2004 (Thames) saying he had no money to offer them. He has requested a breakdown of the balance which has never been acknowledged nor has he ever until last week received a statement from them since 2002.
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