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  1. That may be Atos' policy -but you don't work for Atos. If it's not convenient for you, it's not convenient - end of. But there's no use worrying about it - you have to go at some stage. If you choose not to go, you WILL lose your benefits for sure. At least you're in with a small chance of keeping them if you do go. Like I said, try to record it (if you can find a way of doing it) or take a witness with you. I know you've said it isn't possible (as far as I know you've not said why it's not possible), but if you put the appointment a little further back, it may be give you a bit of time to think of something.
  2. I merely stuck to my guns and said it was not possible to do it before November (and it actually wasn't). I didn't give them an explicit reason why - I said it didn't matter to them why this was. I remember they said 'we'll keep the appointment as is, and you can change it nearer the time if you need to' - so that's what I did. And I did it again later on.
  3. Mine was originally booked for September last year, but I managed to put it back until November. last year. Just think of some brief excuse why you can't make the appointment slotted - you don't have to go into fine detail why you can't attend (it's not really their business why you can't). If nothng else, it gives you a little more time to formulate a plan of what to do.
  4. Mr Waller's colleagues will also need this forum in a few months time, so I hope he passes the website's details onto them as well.
  5. I didn't particularly want to have to attend my medical - but I had to! . I knew how it was going to go (past experience), so that was why I recorded it second time round. You can also re-arrange the time and date of the medical (but give them some notice) if the time/date allotted isn't convenient. You may actually have a fair medical - it has been known to happen. At this stage, you don't know if you're going to get knocked back or not. But, if you don't go, then you WILL lose what benefits you're on. You can take a witness with you if you have no means of recording what goes on. If you find that the medical has been twisted or lies have been told about you, then appeal the decision and take it from there.
  6. All four of which are misleading, and if I were told any of those four, I'd instigate OFT complaints about each of them.
  7. Unfortunately, Trading Standards are very much a mixed bag depending on which office it is. Some are correct, some are mis-informed, some are lazy, and some are just not bothered at all (ie. Glasgow's). But no, it isn't your business to contact Egg directly. If a CCA request has gone to Capquest, then it is their business to contact Egg - and they know this perfectly well. How else are Capquest going to prove that they are acting as agents for Egg in enforcing 'the agreement' - if Capquest don't know what the content of that agreement is?
  8. My point is that if you feel that you can't cope, aren't well enough and you feel that you do need another note but he won't give you one, then consider seeing another doctor somewhere else. If you feel that your current doctor isn't giving you a fair crack of the whip, or if you feel that he's not interested in taking your problems seriously, it may be best to change doctors - a doctor that gives wrong advice or is lazy in attitude is nearly as hazardous to your health as the disease itself. Moreover though - why do you think he won't issue another note? If there has been no improvement in the condition you have, and he's peviously issued a sick note for the same thing, then he's duty-bound to write out another note.
  9. What THEY like at your local surgery is irrelevant - it's YOUR welfare that takes priority. If you feel that the doctors there aren't taking your welfare seriously, then complain about it, or find another doctor to see. If it comes down to a fight between you and Atos, as furnitman2003 says, it can be therapeutic for you. That's the attitude I'm taking and I can't wait to take Atos on at tribunal. And if you do want to go down the appeal route, then you'll find plenty of people on these boards willing to help you out.
  10. If you feel you need another one, and he won't write one, then see another doctor who will write one.
  11. Atos are chancers - nothing more, nothing less. They hope people don't appeal, purely because they know most people don't have the energy to appeal - and this is particularly true of terminal cases. It's evil, it's shocking, it's immoral, it's discriminatory, and it's criminal - but that lack of accountability just about sums up the administration in the UK these days. I have had past anxiety and depression issues myself, so yes, I can understand where you're coming from - up to a point. I also learned that government pen-pushers can't dictate to me how I feel or how I should feel. That's because I know better than that and I'm worth more than they would have me believe - and so are you. Besides, you've not yet attended their 'medical', so it's best to go along and see what happens. You may get through - it depends on the 'doctor' who you see on the day. But you will very definitely lose out if you DON'T go. And if you lodge an appeal, then depending on evidence supplied by doctors or specialists, the decision may get reversed.
  12. Hasn't this progressed to a criminal complaint against the bailiff in question? If that's still in progress, I'd be complaining to the council that there is an outstanding criminal complaint against them (the bailiff is working for them, after all).
  13. He won't write another one yet, because your current one hasn't expired. It depends how you feel closer to the expiry date. He should be happy to write another one for you then, if he feels your case merits it.
  14. You could either ignore or respond. CCA letter first may be an idea, just to see what they come back with. However, do not sign your letter, but if you do, ensure your signature is changed sufficiently for you to identify if they try a cut-and-paste job on you. Just to annoy them, it may be worth doing this. However, knowing MH as well as I do, there is little to no chance a CCA request will be fulfilled, so if you want to save time, the statute barred letter may be a better bet - if you're absolutely sure there has been no written acknowledgement of debt, or payment in a six year period (5 years if you're in Scotland).
  15. So, a person on the street is going to write a glowing thank-you testimonial littered with management-speak, such as 'problem-solving efficiency'? Then again, the spelling is tip-top, so it can't have been a Mackenzie Hall staff member who wrote that. I'd either say a consultancy firm wrote that on MH's behalf, or a MH staff member merely copied-and-pasted it from another site somewhere else.
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