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  1. Hi been with britisg gas since 2006 had a prepayment meter fitted in 2008 by choice decided it was easier paying upfront Earlier this year after going on the energy review sites i decided to go on monthly billing so had the prepayment taken out (prior to switching supplier ) ----------- received a final statement for the prepayment meter stated i had an outstanding balance of £291.74 ( was gobsmacked ) reading further it stated there was an outstanding balance of £790.69 in 2008 when the prepayment meter was installed and they had clawed back £498.95 through the prepayment m
  2. asked the question ------------ At the risk of sounding foolish What exactly is this assessment assessing me for Am presently receiving DLA care/ mobility and severe disability allowance ( supposedly a lifetime award) If i for example score zero points and the DWP upholds that What and where exactly would be my position regarding present benefits -------------- got this reply ------------ You have been referred to the Centre for Health and Disability Assessments for independent advice about how your medical conditions/disability affects your ability to undertake work rel
  3. Hi have been called in for an assessment and it appears that i will go from Severe Disability Allowance with care & mobility ( supposedly for life To JSA looking at the assessment am guaranteed to score zero points loin pain heamaturia syndrome Have an intrathecal morphine pump attached to a spinal catheter believe that would make me unemployable and logically would not be able to sign as " fit " for work 1988 to 1992 spent 18 months in hospital with chronic kidney pain had a kidney removed in error in 1992 as a form of pain relief misdiagnosed as kidney stones bec
  4. Hi many thanks for replying was on I B from 2005 to 2012 never even heard of the support group upto this point in 2012 was asessed by ATOS got the usual zero points went to tribunal 11 months later awarded 15 points put onto contributory esa which lasts one year ( 11 months to tribunal plus 1 ) a month later put on income related ESA regards Les You can support ESA participants to apply for and take up work, but you may not mandate these participants to apply for jobs, undertake medical treatment, take up work or unpaid work experience.
  5. Hi aged 59 deformed hip fused spine arthritic knees needles to say ile never play football again retired by tesco ill health 2005 was om I B till healed by ATOS in 20012 apealed scorded 15 points ( so really lost ) E S A contributory 12 months last 12 months income related E S A £20.80 pw ( due to a £60 tesco pension) atended jobcentre once every 6 months uptil now Was advised last week in order to continue recieving my £20.80 i had to attend some form of programme run by a private firm This and i quote " is due to a change in the rules " would this be correct o
  6. Only scored 15 points at the tribunal unfortunatley incapacitated = unfit for work ( 2005 till 20013 ) capable 20013 ( but perversley still incapacitated )
  7. Sorry i was referring to wrag which is where i am i find it strange that i have to see an advisor only once every 6 months or so the reason being Quote " its clear that due to your various ailments you wont ever work again and are unemployable" as an Atos trainer stated in the training video "this isn't about getting people back to work its about reducing the benefit we pay them "
  8. Was on I B since 2005 deformed hip (degenerative and debilitating) fused spine (degenerative and debilitating) inoperable arthritic knees with shot cartillage scored Zero points with ATOS given 15 at tribunal 10 months later seen jobcentre advisor once in six months told by her ime totally unemployable and too infirm to work so dont need to see her that often ? lol unfortunatley whatever you get contributory ESA is only awarded for 12 months ive just recieved my income related benefit award of £17.87 a week 9 down fron £101 cont ESA ) my £65 occupational pension
  9. Contributory Esa Rate is normally £101 and only a pension income of £100 or over would decrease that cant understand the £100 a month figure ? as for signing on J S A You can only do that if your fit for work in which case you wouldnt be able to claim ESA
  10. Have been on IB since retiring from work on health grounds in 2005 Assesed in May Zero points Appealing Appeal rate £71
  11. 214 people have bothered to read this possibly one or two might have watched the video possibly non bothered to contact their mp standing by and letting it happen 1939 to 1945 been done before
  12. ------- Be assured when Atos asses the disabled there will be no extra benefit no mobility no care you will have to be paralysed from the neck down to qualify ------------ http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwg0up_atos-secret-filming_news#.UVFqUldcbwG They will do to you what they are already doing to those on Incapacity http://www.theyworkforyou.com/ Use this link to send the vid to your MP ask him his views bbefore and after viewing Realise that this goverment has no morals nearest thing to a nazi govt this countries ever had
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