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Another UK CPS 'Parking Notice Charge'

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My first post here. Excellent forums. Much help and advice.


I went to B&Q in Aintree, Liverpool this week - Tuesday, 16th at about 12:30. It tends to be my habit to use two parking spaces in a free car park as I have had so many knocks and chips to the bodywork on my car as adjacent drivers carelessly open car doors. I know it's a bit irritating to some but I never use two spaces in a pay and display or any car park that is busy, and I never park very close to the store as that would not be fair.


My wife and I went with my two sons who are 14 and 8. My 8 year old stayed in the car (locked from the inside) whilst my wife and I and our older son popped in to choose a pot of paint. It took us all of 5 mins to choose. At which time my wife promptly returned to our younger son who was still securely locked the car listening to his iPod. As she walked toward the car a uniformed UK CPS operative was photographing my vehicle. She had walked around and inspected the car as well (as later reported by my young son who was very nervous and felt intimidated). We have judged by the angle at which the photo was taken that our son would be clearly visibile in the car.


The operative posted a 'Parking Notice Charge' on my windscreen and then left. We had been parked for about 10 mins - 15 max.


I approached the woman and enquired what I had done wrong. She pointed to the box that she had ticked which reads 'Out of a marked bay'. I didn't enter in to dialgue with her as I felt it would have been pointless.


The usual fine is now threatened (£100 reduced to £60 if I pay within 14 days).


I am very angry and incensed for two reasons: first that such a charge could be made for such a ridiculous 'offence' - especially when there were literally hundreds of empty spaces everywhere on the B&Q site; Second, I am particularly angry that a stranger took a photograph of my vehicle whilst my 8 year old child was frightened inside it! I'm wondering in fact if this might constitute an unauthorised photograph of a child. You can't photograph someone else's child these days without permission.


I'm just not sure how to deal with this now. I have read so much here on these forums but I'm finding it all rather complicated.


Would you have some simple advice for an innocent yet very responsibile and diligent motorist?


In advance - thanks.

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You left an 8 year old child locked in the car, which was parked away from the store? Are you completely retarded? What if someone stole the car/ drove into the car or the car caught fire? What if, instead of the nice traffic warden impersonator, a paedophile approached the car?


This is the one occasion where I will say GOOD! Serves you right! Selfish, thoughtless and irresponsible.


I bet you don't take two spaces in a pay& display because you would have to buy two tickets. What are you driving, a gold plated Bentley?




And YOU are the one who put your child in danger, nobody else. AND they can photograph your child in public.

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Hi JimmySpangle,


I'm sorry to have upset you. I get the impression that I've spoiled your day to a far greater extent than any UK CPS operative could.


As a suggestion, why don't you start a thread along this line. Maybe you'll find that there are others out there that do actually neglect their children and that deserve a reply rich in personal criticisms and replete with moral judgement. In which case, your comments would then certainly not be altogether inappropriate.


It’s not my intention to defend myself against your ignorant suggestion that my wife and I are irresponsible parents. I have more important things to do than take offence at your ludicrous and disparaging banter. You know nothing of me or my family personally, so, please be assured that I have not taken your obtuse and insensitive comments personally either.


(A point of note however, I think your use of the word ‘retard’ may cause genuine offence to some. I would suggest that you find a less potentially discriminatory word in future.)


I posted a message here hoping to receive a little unbiased help and assistance from those who are more knowledgeable than I am in legal matters. I didn’t expect to receive inauspicious and ignorant hostility.


I cannot be altogether sure about this, but I would suggest, from the gist of your reply, that you have personal issues to deal with that are far greater than the concern for my child that you purport to express. If I’m incorrect, please forgive me. I just can’t think of any other reason why you would choose to reply as you did.


Having said this, for all I know, you may be a spotty teenager, isolated in your bedroom and harbouring feelings of angst and animosity toward all sectors of society but without the social skills necessary to make a point without offending.


Not that I’m offended. Just sadly, disappointed with this forum.


Have nice day.

Oh, and I drive a silver Mercedes actually.

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Fizgoid,welcome to the site,as you are no doubt aware,members of CAG come from all walks of life and have differing opinions.

JS made his views and thoughts pretty clear,and you have made yours in response.

Lets hope that there will be further input from others,that may offer you something you are looking to read.

Lets also hope that any responses will be constructive and that they will enable further discussion or debate.

The rights and wrongs of course are more often determined by individual opinion experience and personal beliefs.

Have a happy and prosperous 2013 by avoiiding Payday loans. If you are sent a private message directing you for advice or support with your issues to another website,this is your choice.Before you decide,consider the users here who have already offered help and support.

Advice offered by Martin3030 is not supported by any legal training or qualification.Members are advised to use the services of fully insured legal professionals when needed.



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Hi Martin 3030,


Thanks for your repsonse, it's reassuring. I'm still here and hoping to find a way to deal with the matter.


I've been in touch with a legal help line but they couldn't give me free advice because I'm not eligible.


So far, the responses I've had here have been to just ignore the parking charge. But I get a bit twitchy and concerned about things like this. I don't owe a penny to anyone and hate the idea of any involvement with courts/debts/demanding letters and so on.


I suppose it's a matter of keeping my nerve for now...


Thanks again.

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So far, the responses I've had here have been to just ignore the parking charge. That's because it works and if it works don't fix it ;)


But I get a bit twitchy and concerned about things like this. I don't owe a penny to anyone You still don't


and hate the idea of any involvement with courts There won't be


/debts/There is no debt


demanding letters and so on. Ignore them, they're just another form of junk mail


I suppose it's a matter of keeping my nerve for now...


See here for the sort of letters they send:

PPC Letters/Threats: What to Expect (please add your own) - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums

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Without getting dragged into your rant I will address my points and yours so that we are clear.


You left an 8 year old child alone in a public car park. That is a fact. You parked in a selfish way, you state your reasons why which are selfish (I am not disagreeing with your motifs regarding protetcting your car). You are concerned that a parking attendant photographed your child.


I do not need to know you or your family to make a logical conclusion that you did indeed leave an 8 year old car alone in a locked car in a public car park. That is nothing short of inept.


As it was indeed a public car park (or B&Q etc) you have no grounds for complaint about anyone photographing your car or your child who happened to be in it. Had they made inappropriate suggestions or threatened your child then you would, but simply photographing it no.


The 'ticket' has no weight in law and can be ignored, so you do not need to worry about paying it. You have obviously not been happy with my reply and nor would I be. I was trying to shock you into realising the potential gravity of what you did, albeit it in complete innocence.


Just for your information, I am neither spotty or a teenager. I do however speak my mind and am not afraid to put in words that may upset if they have the desired effect. Clearly these did.


I do apologise for offending you. I am sure you are a decent person who just made an unintentional mistake. But please, don't leave your children in your car. There have been many cases of cars stolen with children inside. I do not want anything bad to happen to anyones children, including yours.


I can assure you my intentions to give you a wake up call were well meant and I hope you now realise that - even if my choice of wording was perhaps a little too strong.


Ignore the parking penalty, look after your kids and enjoy life.:D

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Hello everyone, i also received a parking fine at aintree retail park on the 22/02/10 for a fee of £100-£60 if i pay it with in 14 days! i received this for parking in a disabled bay, stupid i know, you could also say rude and inconsiderate, but believe me it was not... i had been told on another visit to this retail park by a gentleman in a uk cps high vis jacket that if there was no mother and child spaces available then i could park in a disabled bay, if there was a visible child's seat in the rear of my car, obviously there was. i also was returning a broken pushchair (pram) back to mothercare, so i had my 2 year old son and a broken pushchair to deal with, there was no mother and child spaces available so i parked there! i have never parked in a disabled bay before and will never again, but please believe me i was only taking the advice of a car park attendant!


should i pay this fine? am i legally obliged to do so?


Many thanks....

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It is not a fine, it's an unenforceable invoice, so don't pay. Also note that both disabled bays and mother & child bays have no legal basis in private car-parks. From now on do not contact the parking company and ignore any correspondence from them. You might get a few scary letters from "debt collectors" or "solicitors", but that's just part of the scare tactics these companies use.


You have not done anything wrong and you have not broken any laws. Sit tight and they will eventually lose interest in you. If you do have any problems, questions or doubts please post on here again for reassurance and advice.

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As simple as that?:confused:



Don't forget that they would have to take you to a county court and the only claim they can make against you is the actual loss suffered by the landowner.They are just private citizens and the law of the land states that one citizen cannot impose a penalty on another citizen. As this was a free car-park then the actual loss suffered was a big fat zero.

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Thank you DBC for your help, i really appreciate it. How are they allowed to get away with this? Its nothing but bullying and intimidating!


Yes we know that, and it's forums like this that try to inform motorists about these scams.

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  • 1 month later...
I have received a few scary letters from ukcps demanding money from me, should just sit tight?


It is worrying even though i have a lot of reassurance of you all.


Just sit tight. Those sort of "scary letters" are called "threatograms" on here. This is all part of the tactics employed by these clowns to try and make you pay up. Some people would class it as demanding money with menaces.

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  • 3 months later...

yes i received a letter from this gang of #~##&^*...(CPS)....telling me i had the the cheek to 'touch a yellow line at the B&Q carpark at Aintree,liverpool.

Firstly let me say i will never again shop at B&Q....in future Wicks/focus/internet will be gettin my buisness as B&Q know all about what is going on there and refuse to do anything about it!!!. ( wonder what there getting out of it????)

1st letter £100 fine(£60 if i pay in one week? (what?)

2nd letter ...the full £100

3rd letter just came.....£180....but as a good will jesture they'll settle for £120?....haha....there havin a laugh!!!!!.

As previous people have mentioned i have wholey ignored these people!!

How i long to see them in court .....if they dare....i will have the liverpool echo reporters right by my side.....lets see what B&Q have to say then?.....



Watch this Space!!!

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