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  1. Thanks MB. I guess I'll receive much the same. I'll scan and post in due course.
  2. Hi Martin 3030, Thanks for your repsonse, it's reassuring. I'm still here and hoping to find a way to deal with the matter. I've been in touch with a legal help line but they couldn't give me free advice because I'm not eligible. So far, the responses I've had here have been to just ignore the parking charge. But I get a bit twitchy and concerned about things like this. I don't owe a penny to anyone and hate the idea of any involvement with courts/debts/demanding letters and so on. I suppose it's a matter of keeping my nerve for now... Thanks again.
  3. Hi JimmySpangle, I'm sorry to have upset you. I get the impression that I've spoiled your day to a far greater extent than any UK CPS operative could. As a suggestion, why don't you start a thread along this line. Maybe you'll find that there are others out there that do actually neglect their children and that deserve a reply rich in personal criticisms and replete with moral judgement. In which case, your comments would then certainly not be altogether inappropriate. It’s not my intention to defend myself against your ignorant suggestion that my wife and I are irresponsible pa
  4. Hi, My first post here. Excellent forums. Much help and advice. I went to B&Q in Aintree, Liverpool this week - Tuesday, 16th at about 12:30. It tends to be my habit to use two parking spaces in a free car park as I have had so many knocks and chips to the bodywork on my car as adjacent drivers carelessly open car doors. I know it's a bit irritating to some but I never use two spaces in a pay and display or any car park that is busy, and I never park very close to the store as that would not be fair. My wife and I went with my two sons who are 14 and 8. My 8 year old stayed
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