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  1. The best course of action is to just ignore them. Don't for one instant fall into the trap of writing them a letter and reasoning with them. Same goes for charging them for your time they have heard it all before. If you reply you just confirm that their threats are getting through to someone who was concerned enough to reply. Ignore them keep them guessing and give them nothing to go on. Regards
  2. Having never won on the lottery I really shouldn't gamble, but I will bet my house that no proceedings were ever issued, or the op just paid up. regards
  3. No one has received any visits because there is no financial sense in persons with absolutely no powers calling on someone who may or may not even be in for a start, then trying to claim money that is not owed. The ppc's have tried their hand a few times but with little success. They wil probably wait until this stupid government changes the law in their favour before they try again. So relax and do not contact them under any circumstances. Regards
  4. germish - Why don't you just park wherever you want, and if you get a ticket you can then bore us all with the full details on the subsequent trial. regards
  5. Yes ignore completely, when they realise you are not falling for it they will turn their attention to someone more gullible. regards
  6. Typical telephone tough guys, I bet they wouldn't talk in the same way to your husband face to face, They're not bullies they are cowards. Have a laugh with them waste their time and money, if that fails a loud football type whistle usually has the required effect. regards
  7. Manxred is absolutely correct. Contacting them only encourages them. Sometimes whilst responding to these invoices in anger we tell them things we should not, like we were the driver at the time, which is the biggest hurdle they have to cross if they do risk court action. Tell them nothing and then they do not know if there threatograms are even reaching anybody. Trust me ignoring them hurts them a lot more than threats. regards
  8. I would have thought it more a case of the £75, or whatever they are claiming is not a true reflection of their loss, so is an unforceable penalty. But that's just me! regards
  9. I have had a total of 35 of these invoices, I have ignored every single one, no letter, no telephones calls to them, nothing. Despite all their threats of court I have yet to receive 1 single invitation to the local county court. Despite all the threats of bailiffs and debt collectors and my credit rating being trashed, let me tell you exactly what has happened, absolutely nothing. Just hold your nerve and take all their threats for the nonsense they are. Show your father this thread. regards
  10. I have two current ones on the go at the moment, both about seven mon ths old and I am still getting begging letters from those two. As for the rest they usually gave up after about twelve months. I could actually do with some more letters as my hamster needs fresh bedding! regards
  11. As far as I know and have yet to see evidence to the contrary, no-one has ever come back on and stated that they have paid. I have had 35 of these begging invoices over the years, despite all the threats, bluff and bluster, I am yet to be taken to court, have my property seized or have my credit rating crashed. Continue to ignore they will eventually realise you are not playing and go away. regards
  12. Kev0103. Debt collectors have les power and authority than my cat. If you get a threatening letter from my cat then be VERY worried! regards
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