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  1. You can make a clone of your hard disc, including operating system/ drivers etc using a free utility such as http://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.aspx With this you can burn the HDD image to DVD, USB stick or external drive. Using Macrium you can restore you computer to factory setting within 5 to 15 minutes depending on its size.
  2. While this is correct, many people have given support and advice. It is important to give some feedback on the outcome, both to acknowledge this support, and to help those in a similar position in the future, to decide the correct course of action.Otherwise, what is the incentive to help each other.
  3. So you buy a toaster for £4.47 and expect it to be as good as one costing £40+. Here is novel idea. Save up for a bit longer and get decent electrical products that will give years of service and not fill up landfill sites so quickly.
  4. So, if I understand some posters, selling three tents at +£100 makes you a trader, but selling 3 C.D's at £1 does not. At what point does the value of the items have to reach before you become a trader ?
  5. Let me guess. The buyer has had a happy summer camping out in your tent and now wants his money back because it is used, and he can prove it. I would defend against this nonsense as he is being unreasonable.
  6. First it is not against the law to buy in bulk and sell at a profit. The only issue here is the claim,as yet to be substatiated, that the tops were counterfeit. The solicitors should be looking to tackle your supplier since they are likely to be far bigger in turnover than you are. I would reply to the letter, acknowledge their concerns, and say you bought the tops in good faith from xxxx, enclosing full details of them. Say as far as you are concerned this ends the matter, and you will be not entering into further correspondence with them. Don't show any weakness, don't apologise and don't offer any restitution as they will see you as a soft target to lean on and make a quick £500 for writing a few letters.
  7. What if you have no I.D. This is not a police state so why should people be forced to carry I.D when going about their lawful business shopping. Far simpler is to boycott supermarket alcohol sales, and go to your local off-licence, where they will get to know you, give advice on purchases, and generally act as if they welcome your custom.
  8. You have to remember that many motorist have no experience of the validity of PPC tickets and should be led gently to sites such as this. In my view if you put a leaflet on their car saying "this is not a fine", "you don't hve to pay this" and "this ticket is unenforceable", you are overloading them with information, which is not only counter-productive, but would lead to the PPC and supermarket being pro-active in stopping you placing the leaflets.
  9. You need only put on the leaflets something along the following lines. "For advice on challenging this parking ticket go to CAG PEPPIPOO MONEYSAVING EXPERT" Giving links for the above 3 sites. If the supermarket objected to thease leaflets they have 3 sites to complain to.
  10. No need. If you work in a supermarket, almost all your working day is on CCTV. Many factories also have cameras on production areas. Why should public sector workers be treated any differently. If Traffic Wardens have nothing to hide, why should they object to being filmed.Everyone else walking the same street is on at least one CCTV.
  11. I'm all for filming public employees, performing their duties in public. After all, councils are quite happy to install CCTV to watch us, under various guises, so it seems fair that we make sure that they are doing their jobs correctly. And if anyone says we have no right - yes we do. As council tax payers we should be able to monitor the performance of those that we ultimately employ.
  12. As always, Google is the consumers best friend. Do not buy any craft C.D's from Robert Addams.
  13. I suspect that the vast majority of CAG users do not know how to put 'blobs' on posts. The law of averages dictates that the more posts you make the more blobs you are likely to get; which negates the correlation between 'blobs' and sound advice. As always when using internet forums - get as many different answers as possible, and then act very cautiously.
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have just won the auction and am sure everything will go smoothly. If not - I will be back:-D
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