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  1. Hi, New to this. I have problems with reading & writing: pse treat me gently. Got the standard ltr by all counts on this site. With the IA required note. E-mailed 10/7/12 : Dear Sir, With regards to your letter dated 4 July 2012 in the mater of Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd. Firstly, I have NO knowledge of doing business with this company. So in this matter the following is required before payment will even be considered. 1: The original signed agreement in regards of the sum outstanding. (it will be a copy if they have it.) 2: The original signed copy of an agreement between Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd and Ms Susan Grant of 117 Main Street. Frizington. CA26 3PE. (this should be the notice of assignment)( you are not entiled to the deed of assignment it is confidential) Yours. S. Grant Reply E-mail 11/7/12 : Dear Ms Grant, We write in reference to your most recent correspondence, of which your concerns have been noted. Please note that our client Arrow Global purchased this debt from Littlewoods, and Arrow Global now legally owns all rights to seek recovery of this debt and we are legitimately instructed to act on their behalf. Please contact our offices on the telephone number shown below to discuss your plans for repayment of the above account. In the mean time if you believe the matter to be a case of fraudulent activity then please provide proof of residency from January 1997 to present, so we can investigate the matter further. If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact us on the above details. Regards Correspondence Team Transcom So what is my next step? I believe this is the second time this has happened. The last was before 2007/8. I am hope I can find the ltr's. Also no proof forwarded to me. Of any dealing with 'Littlewoods'. There is one thing to be noted. Our address is not 117 Main Street. Does this make a difference {YES} Thank you for your help. Mole. Reply to: Reply to UK ENQUIRIES You need to make it clear that this is a Consumer Credit Agreement request made under CCA 1974 and enclose £1 postal order for the fee, and state the payment is to be used only for that fee and is not to be credited to any account as a payment. Add I do not acknowledge any debt to you or any company you claim to represent. If you have trouble with this letter come back to me and I will draft it in full for you.
  2. Please can someone help us with this problem? I applied to a lender to remortgage with my husband a month ago and was surprised when we were refused. We both checked our credit reports and I found a default had been placed on my credit history late last year by Arrow Global. However it appeared under a previous address I moved from over 2 years ago. I rang Arrow Global and they told me that the debt came from Shop Direct for an unpaid credit account. I have never had a credit account with Shop Direct or any of their companies. They asked me to write to them explaining the situation and proof of my new address from when I moved, which I sent. They told me it was up to me to prove I hadn't taken out this account, not for them to prove I did. I also haven't received any statements or letters from either Shop Direct or Arrow Global, as it appears that both have my old address. The default simply appeared out of nowhere. I have reported the matter to the police and obtained a crime reference number, which I also put in the letter. So far the police haven't been very helpful. I haven't been asked for a statement or anything. I got fed up after a couple of weeks of inaction, so I contacted Shop Direct myself and they confirmed that a credit account was applied for online in September last year using my name, address and birthdate and some high value electrical goods were ordered and picked up from an outlet not too far from my old address. I informed the police of this and I am waiting to hear from them. We suspect the current occupant of our old house is involved, as we have had unpleasant experiences with them since we moved. What can we do to get this resolved as quickly as possible? The mortgage lender said if we can get a letter from Arrow Global explaining that this default was applied in error then they are happy to proceed with the application however the unhelpful people I have spoken to at Arrow Global told me that they wouldn't ever write a letter like that This has caused us lots of distress and placed strain on my marriage with my husband, and our two children. We are also paying a higher rate of interest in the mean time on a loan my husband has as the remortgage is to clear that off and get our finances in order. With a small baby things are tight as it is. Any help much appreciated
  3. hi all. i haven't posted for a while but my partner has had a letter from global debt recovery claiming she owes £130. I sent off the statute barred letter as this debt is well over 6 years old and my partner can say 100% she has not made any payments in that time. Global sent a letter back saying that it can't be disputed as statute barred as there was a payment made on 10th aug 2007 .this is rubbish and they are lying. there has definitely been no payment whatsoever as I deal with the debt for myself and her. can someone please advise on the next step as they seem to be trying scare tactics. thanx Dazza
  4. Just a quick thank you to everyone here. After reading the advice re dealing with DCA's we sent Arrow Global a CCA request letter as they were trying to collect on a debt for a credit card from MBNA. I have today received the letter saying they cannot obtain a copy of the CCA from the originating creditor. This site has helped so much and removed a lot of stress and worry. Thank you again. Link to Arrow Global letter http://tiny.cc/le3xfw
  5. Good evening, My wife has this morning received a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors saying they have issued litigation proceedings in the County Court. She has also received a Claim Form from Northampton County Court Bulk Centre. A couple of years ago, she had a credit card with MBNA which she was unable to pay. She wrote to them explaining the situation and continued to pay £1 per month. All correspondence was ignored by MBNA. Eventually a default notice was issued and the debt was sold to Experto Credite. She wrote requesting the CCA but the £1 cheque was never cashed and in due course she wrote to them stating the account was in dispute. Since then, Arrow Global sent a couple of letters demanding payment which were ignored. A couple of weeks ago, Arrow Global wrote offering a discounted amount in F&F settlement which was also ignored. How should she proceed? The letter from Bryan Carter makes no reference to MBNA apart from the account number. The debt has been assigned to so many companies I have lost track and I was only able to match the account number up after digging through the original CCA letters sent at the time. Many thanks everyone.
  6. Hello everyone. I'm new to this site so still finding my feet. I've read so many articles and whilst great advice I still have a few questions. To be brief Got phone call in Nov 2011 from Debt collectors asking for money owed to M & S (opened account around 1996) Didn't admit it was mine as frankly couldn't remember that far back (at my age takes me all my time to remember what I did last week) They said my daughter had paid £100 cheque on the a/c. I have a vague memory of this altho' they wouldn't tell me when. I said I did not owe any money and to prove it. Last I heard until last Wed when I got a letter fom Tower investigations. I wouldn't confirm name or birtdate just gave them the ref no as I hadn't a clue what they wanted. They said Global Debt recovery wanted me to call them so I told Tower I don't take phone calls. Today got a letter from Global demanding money or furter legal action. Thing is I can't remember when daughter paid the £100 so not 10% if this is stature barred. I believe it would have been early 2000/2001 etc. How can I find out please? Will a CCA show this payment? If it is before thesix yr rule can I still go for the statute barred and does the six years go from this payment. Sorry to ask so many questons but I haven't a clue. Thanks Old & Clueless:|
  7. Hello, my first post so please be gentle. I received a letter from Tower Investigations Ltd on the 23rd June. The letter text spelled my name wrong (missing a vowel) and looked like a spam junk mail letter. I ignored it until I decided for fun to google the company and found a few forum threads explaining that this company was chasing debt for LloydsTSB. To give you some context, I haven't had a TSB bank account since I was a University student and graduated in 1999. I do not remember whether or not there was any debit associated with the bank account and overdraft. I am in credit in my only current account, have no loans and one credit card with a small amount of debit currently outstanding but being paid off on a monthly basis. The letter from Tower says: I would have waited to see if there was a follow up letter before replying. Today I received a letter from Global Debt Recovery Ltd. The same misspelling of my name was on the letter and a unique reference number was printed in the same location on the letter, in the same font and formatting of slashes to separate the elements. The contact telephone number for London is almost identical. All of these things are a little too much of a coincidence methinks! The letter from Global says: Okay so my question to you helping people is what to do next. I assume that I should keep all correspondence by registered mail (to prove delivery). Should I send letters to both companies asking for further information? Or should I start with this letter template: I read a post that I can't link to titled 'Global Debt Recovery' which makes me think that maybe I should not reply at all - the owner of both companies sounds rather unsavoury. I would have posted direct links but I'll need to post twenty times before I'm allowed on the forums. What would you recommend I do?
  8. My mother recieved a phone call from a David Sykes asking for me. She took the number and passed it on. when I got hold of them it turned out to be Global debt collection, chasing a supposedly old debt, one which a ccj was issued for in 2000. I had no idea of this judgement and had left the address in question in 2006. The debt was for 900 pounnd for a TSB credit card that I have no recollection of. All of the details that they have are correct in terms of address dob etc. It was a time that was incredibly stressful for me as my partner was dying and I was severly depressed and becoming ill myself, indeed a year later I was recieving chemo. I am begining to question whether the debt is one that I owe as I couldnt even remember the address they quoted at me. i am at a loss and going crazy with worry, I really do not have a clue what to do, I am living on dissability benefits and am alreading repaying a number of debts that i built up when i was employed. The final amount is likely to be much more than 900, that is without compound interest or Globals fees. They didnt sound as if they would be helpfull, couldnt supply a signed agreement for me to check signature and kept mentioning courts police and baliffs. Today is the first I have heard of this debt !! Help please:sad:
  9. These guys arrow global have got a CCJ issued against me with help from their mates at Shoosmiths for a 21k debt from paragon finance to whole amount have sent in the N245 to try and get it to a monthly amount and is being reheard locally any help, ideas or advice appreciated to either get the amount owing reduced as I'm sure they have bought the debt for pennies, to get a sensible monthly payment amount set up and either way make sure none of their collector guys come calling again. I don't have any savings and the CCJ stops any chance I had of a promotion at work. Trying to put a charging order on the house as well - what can I do??
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