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Found 17 results

  1. Hi I've been helping someone with their debts and managed to get most of them into a plan or written off due to mental health issues and advice from CAB, today we have received a letter from a firm of solicitors along with a list of creditors (and credit file) with said persons name on... then to find out several family members have received a copy as well.. this person owns the property they live in.. the debt in question is 2k for an old credit card debt that got sold on and sold on we had asked for a cca request back in may of last year and again in june (14 days
  2. Hi there, I have a CCJ obtained in April 2011 for a business debt which the bank pursued me for personally under a personal guarantee and successfully obtained a CCJ. It was a 'pay now' order at the time. I have entered into various arrangements with the bank to pay instalments (they discouraged me going back to the courts to make this formal). I realise now that this was a mistake as I had very little income (in fact I borrowed the money from family etc to meet the payments as they regularly threatened to make be bankrupt), it is likely the courts would have been a
  3. Hello everyone I desperately need some advice regarding a problem I have arising more from misplaced trust and naivety than financial mismanagement. Last week I received two letters from a firm called Optima Legal telling me I had an outstanding balance of £6572.62 on one account and £3905.61 on another. Furthermore, CCJ’s against me have been obtained. They say they have been trying without success to contact me and have now given me 14 days to complete an income and expenditure account and make an offer of payment or a court order to attend for interview under oat
  4. Hi Guys, Firstly I would like to thank all the contributors as the forum is really useful, I was panicking until I came to CAG last night. I am helping this for my Mum who is being a victim of these DCA as she being chased for same account by several DCA. She has no income just a mortgaged property with 2 charging orders from 2010(default judgement) which after reading this forum I would apply to set aside late but first thing first. The CCJ was issued on 20-02-14 for 23,070 including cost interest and fees. The interim charging order was issued on 25-April-2014 with interest be
  5. Quick background: I CCA’d MBNA Virgin and received my credit agreement. Unfortunately for me, it is enforceable. I have paid up my arrears and have restarted my monthly repayment agreement to avoid further action. My circumstances currently are that I am out of work and seriously considering "signing on" but I probably won’t because I never have and I am confident that I will find something in a month or two. Before I write to Virgin/MBNA, I wanted to seek advice from my fellow Caggers regarding my intention pay them less each month. My current plan is: 1.
  6. Hello first timer here. I have had a good read on here about charging orders but some of the information on the threads is a little old and am concerned if there has been any law change or land registry change that would effect my situation. From what i gather i have a restriction and not a charging order as the debt is in my name only but i own my home in joint names with my partner (not married). Throughout the court process this situation was referred to as charging order and also the court paperwork is worded charging order. I believe this is just sta
  7. Hello, Hope someone can help me out here with what may happen next. Cabot put a charging order on an old credit debt and it was granted for the sum of £8k (this was around 2 years ago, the mortgage has around 8 years to go. Not paid anything (I know I should have done something!). However now they have sent me a BANKRUPTCY WARNING and have 14 days to respond and come to an arrangement ??? Wish I could pay it all but can't, although I may be able to get hold of maybe £2k (family). In this type of scenario would they settle for less or hold out for the lot ??? Please adv
  8. :-)Hello there This is my first post so my apologies if I am in the wrong section. I need some advice regarding an infamous DCA named TBI Financial Services. They have been making my disabled wife's life a misery since they surfaced in 2008 with a debt which they had reportedly bought from HFC bank. It was an old credit card - Marbles or Goldfish etc. My wife checked out the statute barred rules back in 2009 with a solicitor and unfortunately they were just in time with their letters to her and she did make offers of payment to them whch they accepted. Due to severe
  9. Hi, I'm posting on here trying to help a friend in serious debt troubles. One of the creditors is an old business partner who's out to be as vindictive as possible. When they were in business together, they were both named guarantors on an overdraft with Lloyds. My friend bought this guy out and one of the clauses of the buy out was that he indemnified this guy against paying back his half of the overdraft (total £35k). This guy said he was retiring and then a short while after the buy-out my friend was told by a large number of customers that they'd received a letter fr
  10. Hello, Please can anyone help me? I need prompt assistance with a Charging Order hearing on Tuesday 6th November 2012. I know I've left it a bit too late but I had booked an appointment with my local legal centre where I believed I would receive some assistance only for them to tell me yesterday that they don’t have anyone to advise on Charging Orders! They asked me to contact Financial Ombudsman who informed me that they only deal with complaints! Quick background, In 2009 whilst I worked as a contractor, I guaranteed a loan for my limited company, I took this loan out for my then boyfr
  11. Hi I am new to this but really need some advice as there is a court case in two weeks. My Story A dodgy(understatement) builder left the job citing inland revenue VAT forced him to stop. Basically took 90% of money and then we found out had to restart and only maybe 10% was done satifactorily. House was cracking, 2 kids and my wife and I staying with family so very stressful. We found out that he had done to a few people and so eventually (without any legal help as no money due to needing to finish house and he had stolen all) secured a CCJ for over 15K. He had nothing in his na
  12. Hi, will try and keep this short.... Took out a loan in 2005, stopped paying in 2007 as was in financial trouble. Total owing to the bank £13,000. In late 2007, a large "solicitors" took out a CCJ against me, which, given the circumstances and naivity, I just let them do without defending, and then they took out a CA on the house in 2008. Now, during divorce settlement, unsurprisingly my ex is claiming "no knowledge" of the loan and "no benefit" from it, so I took out a SAR with the bank (which cost minus £200 after they took so long to do it they did it for free and paid me £20
  13. I have a Final Charging Order hearing coming up for a debt of £6K which was originally the remainder of a car HP agreement, the balance outstanding having been actioned against me by CCJ. My mortgage has arrears and I also have a repo hearing on that at the end of the month. In practise, I will clear my arrears but could I use it as leverage in the Final Charging Order hearing, is it a valid cause for the court to say the order cannot proceed? Or does it make things worse? Thanks for any advice!
  14. Hi everybody. Hopefully, you knowledgable people can help me, I'm about to set off into the unknown with the unscrupulous people at T.B.I Finacial services, their dreaded mortgage department. I'm really sorry, this is a little bit long and convaluted. A few years ago, myself and my partner took out finance with HFC bank for a double glazing loan to get the windows in the house sorted. In a nutshell, we defaulted on payment and due to the fact I lost my job, the debt went all the way to judgement which ended up being about £2,100. As silly people sometimes do, I ignored the problem h
  15. Hi All, I have a complex situation.... My Mum died In 2008 (when I was 21yo) she left a huge amount of debt and a small completely run down house. As he next of kin I got probate, i contacted all known creditors and most when i explained i lived in the house wrote off the debt - great.... Except RBS who had been chasing me for her £3500 credit card debt... By the time my mum was cremated I owed 10k for funerals administration costs and a loan which I took out to make the house habitable... (at 21) I'm now being told The estate I.E my home (becuase there was no
  16. These guys arrow global have got a CCJ issued against me with help from their mates at Shoosmiths for a 21k debt from paragon finance to whole amount have sent in the N245 to try and get it to a monthly amount and is being reheard locally any help, ideas or advice appreciated to either get the amount owing reduced as I'm sure they have bought the debt for pennies, to get a sensible monthly payment amount set up and either way make sure none of their collector guys come calling again. I don't have any savings and the CCJ stops any chance I had of a promotion at work. Trying to put a charging o
  17. First hello all - and a big thank you to this site: Okay, I am not going to reproduce the whole of my case here (it will get lengthy...), but focus on the relevant features with respect to a sketch of an argument I am thinking about. I probably won't use this argument in my N244 application to set aside a judgment, mostly because I think I have other tried and true options available, but then if a good response comes, maybe... Case history (super short version) *MBNA credit card... health problems... late payment... negotiation... CCJ... Charging order (note they were ******s, an
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