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  1. Sorry, the old mind is abit slow. This debt was in 1997 or there about. They have ask us for comformation on where we lived in 1997/8>
  2. Help with the Ltr would be great: Thank you.
  3. Hi, New to this. I have problems with reading & writing: pse treat me gently. Got the standard ltr by all counts on this site. With the IA required note. E-mailed 10/7/12 : Dear Sir, With regards to your letter dated 4 July 2012 in the mater of Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd. Firstly, I have NO knowledge of doing business with this company. So in this matter the following is required before payment will even be considered. 1: The original signed agreement in regards of the sum outstanding. (it will be a copy if they have it.) 2: The original signed copy of an
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