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  1. thanks for your replies. i haven't sent any cca requests . the threads from before were debt for my wife mostly and i never thought i'd be in this position again but i am . thanks
  2. hi i'm in a lot of debt and have been struggling for a long time juggling debts. it's come to a point now that i can't cope. i've been paying what i can afford but it's nowhere near what i'm supposed to pay. i'm in two minds whether to go for an iva but was wondering if i could offer a lump sum as final payment to the creditors . i can get money from my pension but it's only half of what i owe . i've only been paying minimum payments for years but now with all this covid and other things going on the last three months i've only been able to pay
  3. ok will do as advised .thank you for your advice .will let you know how it goes. thanks dazza
  4. hi . its a local gym called physique gym in bridgend south wales. the first payment i payed by debit card and the other 11 months i paid by direct debit i didn't write to the to cancel or phone i just thought because 12 months had finished i could stop the direct debit . the direct debit was paid around the beginning of the month. maybe i was a bit silly not informing them but i didn't have any contract to go by or terms and conditions . the terms on their website don't state anything about payments . thanks dazza
  5. thanks for the replies . i didn't receive anything from the gym in the way of contract/terms and conditions . i filled in bank details for standing order and that was about it. i just stopped the standing order after 12 months was up. haven't a clue what the terms and conditions of the gym are . what is my next step ? should i just wait for their reply or send a different letter than just the one i sent asking for a signed copy of the agreement which i know they won't have. thanks again dazza
  6. Hi,haven't posted in here for a long time I joined a gym back last year and the 12 month deadline was up in april this year . I received a letter from the gym stating i owed them money after the 12 months . I replied asking them for a signed copy of the agreement/contract which I know I haven't signed one . Now i've had a letter from Daniel Silverman debt collectors saying I owe a lot more money . Wrote to them saying the same about sending me a signed agreement so just waiting for a reply. Just wondering if there's any advice on what they would normally do
  7. thank you for the replies. i will send the letters off and await their reply. thanx again dazza
  8. hi again. received credit report today.nothing on it at all about the debt in question . should i send the letter that was posted earlier now?its easy for them to say that a payment was made. reading throught the posts global debt recovery next step could be to threaten my partner with taking her to court. do they have to produce the evidence before court proceedings or not? thanx again dazza
  9. ok thanx. wiill get back when i receive the credit report. dazza
  10. just looked at noddle credit file and it doesn't show anything on there but not sure about noddle as it doesn.t really show anything. my partner hasn't got hardly any financial things apart from her current acount. it shows her current account but nothing else. i have sent off to the other credit reference agencies so wil have a better idea then. will get back as soon as i hear from them. shall i send the above letter now or wait for the result of the credit file? thanx dazza
  11. ok thanx. just signed up with noddle and sent off for other CRA files. waiting for a pin code from nodle to view credit report. thanx dazza
  12. hi thanx for the replies. we haven't got recent credit file history as yet but will send for them immediatley. we do have credit files from 2008 and the debt is on there we think . if its the same debt that global are talking about. the amounts are the same but on the file its with Intrum justitia. its from 2003 on the credit file and showing defaulted in january 2003. my partner doesn't know who the debt is originally with. the letter above looks excellent and i will send that off straight away. thanx again dazza
  13. hi all. i haven't posted for a while but my partner has had a letter from global debt recovery claiming she owes £130. I sent off the statute barred letter as this debt is well over 6 years old and my partner can say 100% she has not made any payments in that time. Global sent a letter back saying that it can't be disputed as statute barred as there was a payment made on 10th aug 2007 .this is rubbish and they are lying. there has definitely been no payment whatsoever as I deal with the debt for myself and her. can someone please advise on the next step as they seem
  14. hi thanx for the reply.yes the interest has been frozen.not sure about charges etc.will find out and get back with that.will have a look at the links you gave.thanx again for your help. dazza
  15. hi again. my mother has made an agreement to pay capital one £75 a month and they will review it after 6 months.she couldn't handle the stress of having phone calls and letters so she made an agreement .it was obvious that the son in law wasn't going to pay anything .she is in the process of moving to a smaller house and will make a bit of profit on the sale.she wants to pay off her card when she sells .would it be worth her while to offer capital one a reduced final figure?it is so annoying that the son in law and my sister have put her in this situation and can walk away scot free but that
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