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  1. £34 compensation, the main complaint was that at no point didtey cease collections activity whilst my complaint was in progress, even when it was at the omnbudsman court letters and debt collectors will still harasing me i dont mind paying what i owe, the ombudsman hit them pretty hard for there dead lock letter mistakes and ordered more compensation to be paid to me whats annoying me is that they will not migtigate this and call it back from the courts and come up with a settlement figure for me and let me pay it off in installmets, i can afford to pay it in full, i j
  2. i have done one sar in the past and have it, but clearly more things have come to light since then so maybe worth doing another sar and no i don not have any actual readings, im disabled strugle to get out of the house etc, thats why when i left shell energy, one of the things i did was sign up to smart meter so i dont have to go out the house to get to the meter i only became disabled 4 years ago, as they did actulay wipe the debt by 50% im inclined to pay the remaing 600 and odd and just get it over with i can sleep up to 17 hours a day, basicaly confined
  3. ok, could you please take a look at post 5 yes we at directions for exchange, i cant do pdf, last court letter states amoungs other things !the parties myst provide to the court and to the other parties by 4pm december 22 ... witness statements etc etc
  4. hi yes im at that 5 day thing is there anyway i could pay the amount i owe, minus all there fees before it gets to court, what would happen if i was to log into to the energy account and pay that balance in full right now? i only never paid them cos of the deadlock letter, which stated i didnt owe them any thing, now its come to light i would pay it, i just feel the balance should reduced a little due to their mistakes im not aware if the fees are legally binding at this point, if i know i can escape court and the fees id pay the debt off in full, even thoug
  5. Name of the Claimant ? shell energy Date of issue – top right hand corner of the claim form – this in order to establish the time line you need to adhere to. cant find the very first letter from teh courts, i responded to money claim online with my deffense, due to disabilitys i have forgot the password to log back in, and cant find the claim pack that containt the original passwords to first log in i know that i had the claim transfered to my local court, court letter was 24th novemember - notice of allocation to the small claoms track (hearing) D
  6. this is in court process now please help shell energy, i have had numerous complaints over these people with a debt 1. went through complaints process, in their final response letter, they say that i dont owe them a penny and in fact they owe me money (they originally stated i owed them over £1000 before the complaint was looked into) 2, i believed they owed me a little more compensation then they were offering i took them to the ombudsman, during this process it turned out an error was made by shell energy, and the dead lock letter containe
  7. cheers nimrod, deffo coming from front of car, and now you mention it it could be timing chain related, i think its transmission, i can make the car make the sound every time i push the clutch in dont worry im in one hell of a position protection wise, and bought the car from "high end" dealer etc, so no worry bout not getting money back etc, but as above im gona try and come out of this with new gear box etc if thats whats wrong, ill hjave a much better ider of play once the car goes into garage on wedensday.
  8. will you confirm something, ive tried to find it again but i cant. can waiting for a booked appointment and the time they have the car be added on to the 30 day cra?, ie they have it booked in now in there system to collect the car on Wednesday next week, booked in on Thursday 13th ? thank you for taking a interest.
  9. they are yes, but if i get new gearbox from the factory that is kinda perfect, if its clutch etc - it will all be fixed, give me one hell of a road worthy car. the first sign of messing about by anyone dealing with this / sold me this car then you can bet your bottom dollar every protection tool at my disposal will be used trust me im [removed], guess what they tried to tell me at this second vaux garage??? tried to tell me it was my seat rattling! he honestly tried to convince me of this, untill i said right move over ill get in and drive, lowered the wi
  10. but dx i want this spec, theres only 5 for sale in the country at moment.
  11. also have full protection of credit cards
  12. going to play this by mine and the various protection laws etc i have available to me at the moment: im still within first 30 days cra i have the network q exchange guarantee first 30 days manufacture warranty network q warranty another vaux garage say something is wrong, they want the car in for a few days, they have not diganosed anything but they belive its transmission, gearbox, clutch kinda problem i see this in a good way because these parts if faulty are going to be exchanged (and no they wont be putting any gear box in it thats recon or used) - car was c
  13. can someone advise? yet again they are saying this noise is normal, however its making the same noise when not using the clutch.
  14. you do not need to use genuine vauxhall parts this is even stated on their website and if the car was bought new or used in 2014 - used as in you bought it when it was under 1 year old it has a 3 year vaux warranty as standard or 60000miles what ever comes first
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