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  1. I have now spoken to a solicitor (a good one recommended by a colleague) who after reviewing the case confirms what I've been saying all along that we did not have an agreement. For even a verbal agreement to be relied upon, it needs to be complete and meet certain criteria. He will handle my case should I instruct him to do so. I've got a reference number from CAB who will refer my case to the Trading Standards should I wish to report them. I've written my letter explaining the situation which has been sent today to STC and detailing my request. If they refuse my request which by their t
  2. Can anyone help with my questions please, i'd appreciate a solid definite answer.
  3. Just to check, because I haven't paid so no money to claim, am I able to use the small claims court when all i'll be asking for is the truck back?
  4. After speaking with my ex, she was willing to loan me £500 to help remove the truck and then I could pay her back after I go to court. I spoke to a friend of mine who was also prepared to loan me £1300 by calling in with his credit card. I would pay the rest. I emailed Ian and told him I would the £2395.05 under protest and explained that my friend will call up and pay with his card and once payment is received to let me know so I can come and pay the balance and collect the truck. He replied saying he would not be taking payment over the phone and my friend would need to to come in
  5. Hi BankFodder, I recieved the email from Ian this morning and it reads: Good morning, I have spoken to my MD yesterday and we both agree that we have done everything correctly and carried out the repairs in good faith. We cannot give a reduction on the invoice and would like the matter resolved by the end of this week. If payment isn’t made by the end of this week then we will have to start charging storage of £25.00 per day. What would be the next step in terms of a reply I could send to them?
  6. So the email promised before the end of the day was not received. How long should I wait before contacting them again?
  7. We came back from the meeting and have been told to wait for Ian to discuss with Gareth and get back to me. In the meeting, I introduced my ex as the owner of the truck with the documents (Logbook & loan agreement secured on the truck signed when I borrowed the money from her to buy the truck) present. Ian dismissed that completely and said that that does not have an impact at all on the matter and is irrelevant. He would talk to me as the "contract" is with me. They then went on to say I absolutely and clearly gave them the go ahead to find, fix and repair any and all problems and t
  8. Always polite which has caused many to take advantage and be dismissive to me but let's hope for the best.
  9. Yes i'll explain that to her. I'll post back as soon as we get out of there. Icily polite. I need to remember that one.
  10. Quick question please, the meeting is set for tomorrow between 9.30-11am. My ex would like to know if as the owner of the truck she has any rights over the holding of it? If the garage can still hold it even though she owns it and was not involved in the original dispute. If she has a right to repossess the vehicle then that could force the garage to negotiate a settlement. If the garage cannot forcefully hold the vehicle, is there any law she can quote so to speak?
  11. Brilliant. I'll do just that. Your support is I hate confrontations anyway and always choose the non-aggressive way. I will report back as soon as possible. Your support is invaluable and I'd be totally lost without it.
  12. Hi BankFodder, an email was received by my ex today from Ian Shepard and it reads: Dear XXX, can you tell me when you are available next week for a meeting so we can try to resolve the problem. Ian
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