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  1. Well done for standing up against these charlatans and exposing them for being chancers
  2. Get serious with them write a letter, saying i have good reason to believe that you have added hidden charges and charges that are unfair, to my account i now put you on notice of this , I xxxxxx Put Together finance on full legal notice that i request the following information so i can investigate discrepancies with my account I give you 30 days to produce unto me a full breakdown of all charges,penalties, fees and interest that have been added or removed to my account since the account was first opened, so i and my team can check the legality of the information you
  3. Sorry No, but i have been reading the CAG forums since receiving lowells court claim back in November, and found them very helpful.
  4. I just thought i'd add this on here for encouragement to challenge Lowell. I too have been harassed by these interlopers and chancers every letter seemed to point out if they get a ccj a Bailiff may visit threats of charging orders extra costs etc etc. I made it clear i was prepared to challenge them in Court and that Lowell solicitors and their sister company Lowell portfolio had failed to satisfy my request to prove the debt was genuine. i denied liability for the debt and put the claiment to strict proof to prove the debt. Last week they sent me a letter saying they
  5. Hi again mmd you do not have to talk to them! Send them an email (this way you have a record of the correspondence) Its time to play them at their own game and put the frighteners on them tell them you have been advised to request a full and understandable breakdown of your account, as you are considering legal action against them. Tell them their lack of co operation has been duly logged and noted. Do not under any circumstances phone them they will deny all knowledge of anything they agree to do
  6. Hi sorry to hear of yet another Blemain / Together Finance Victim The SAR may not reveal all but will reveal some as they are very clever at muddying the waters and not making things clear. The most important document is the full and understandable account statement they will not send this you have got to ask for it. They may well send a statement of sorts but it will not have everything on you need to be able to clearly see every charge, penalty,including any admin. charges and a breakdown of the interest and any interest change. you should calculate wh
  7. Blemain are not going to tell you that they have over charged you and deceived you. please do your home work and read some of the threads about this company and their charges I just thought i'd add it is worth the time and effort to pursue a claim to get the charges and fee's as Blemain have a history of settling out of court, you may also be aware that Cheshire mortgage Corporation (the sister company that blemain used to regulate under) was fined along with the chief executive Henry Moser £1250000 / £1.25 Million for mistreatment of its customers. over 10 years How muc
  8. before monthly payments minus payments received = Blemain arrears figure. MINUS unfair charges mistakes unfair interest unfair fees =?????
  9. I dont know if i can make this any clearer than the other people that have been trying to help you but things are urgent now. You need to SAR them today when and if your loan ends you can SAR them again. But without the correct information you do not know where you are and believe me they will try and run rings around you. I am not sure if the reason for not sending a SAR request is because you are frightened of rocking the boat but believe me they will sink it anyway given the chance. Do it do it do it only then can you start to dig your way out PS when you get
  10. If you know of unfair charges, fees, interest insurance etc you may be able to raise a defence to the eviction order on the grounds that you do not owe the amount they are stating or put another way they owe you more than the arrears this is why it is important to do the SAR or at least bring it to the courts attention that the arrears amount is in dispute, at the very least you need a a full and understandable breakdown of your account detailing charges etc. You need to raise serious doubt that You and the Court have been mislead by Blemain and without the true breakdown of your acco
  11. you need a clear and understandable breakdown of your account that includes all penalties, charges and add-ons, If they are saying you owe money they need to prove it Blemain / Together is a nasty rip off company that are so embarrassed they have had to change their name to enable them to continue ripping people off.
  12. i think you will find that the post office puts the name on it, its not signed because it is a post office "cheque" not yours and the P.O have to honor it
  13. Hi Scottishbloke17 please make sure you pursue this, they are not an easy company to deal with and will try and either ignore you or fob you off! They don't like paying money back but they do pay up to the ones that are persistent.
  14. Blemain changed its name about a year ago its now called Together Finance the address is Lake View, Lakeside, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 3GW. you need to look carefully at the charges and fees that they most definitely will have added. Mortgages are usually with their sister company Cheshire Mortgage Corporation, but with this company anything is possible be carefull with them and don't believe everything they tell you.
  15. Well done mysticf4lls it takes people like you to stand up to these bullies. Hopefully its the commission greedy bailiff who's going to feel stupid, when hes asked to explain his actions.
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