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  1. I guess you'll need to prove it and probably fight it in court... I have never tried it, haven't had a payday loan in years and didn't have anywhere near as many as you have had in the past.
  2. Passport - no issue, driving license - no issue and debit card obviously never - no need to play dumb renegadeimp. You cant take payment from a bank statement and as the OP said, they already have the sort code and account number so kind of kills both your arguments.
  3. Why do you care though - if it will help put a plan in place...
  4. Again, the OP's plan is in my opinion the best, to avoid fighting and confrontation and get an agreement in place.
  5. I can't see a real issue with sending them the bank statement, unless of course it has info you don't want them to see. If they are or are not entitled to it if it will help get a deal done I cannot see the issue.
  6. It may be smarter to try not to get the lenders back up and email them. IF they decide to call I would answer, stick to your guns discuss the matter and then get them to confirm everything agreed in writing. I know that many may disagree but I have seen this way work better and stops us fighting with the lender over absolutely nothing. any which way you go, good luck.
  7. I dont believe they can try more than £5.00 unless they give you an appropriate loan which you take up.
  8. I would contact each lender before you default and make an offer of payment. If they ring on the mobile I would answer the phone rather than ignoring them that should not give them a reason to be able to call work. I'm sure you are going to get a lot of other people saying to send letters and emails in the long run it may work but if you want to hold off the harassment in the first instance be contactable on your mobile and email and be pro active in dealing with them.
  9. years ago I took out some payday loans. Ignored them, got taken to court by one, and DCA's from the others. Made payment plans with all and paid them all off. Have learnt to be more honest.
  10. again cancelled or active card details cannot be accessed through bank details when paying someone directly.
  11. If what you mean by your question is can they see your card details the answer is no. Nearly all PDL's collect money via debit card and paying them either by bank transfer or standing order would not allow them to recover any money from you. Hope this helps.
  12. it may work, but its wrong. i have learnt from my own personal experience too, unfortunately.
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