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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I had several payday loans over the years and after 18 months of repayment plans I am finally PDL debt free since a few months. It all started with one payday loan in 2008 and then quickly spiralled out of control with in the end 15 paydayloans every month in 2012. Over the years I paid over 20,000 GBP interest. I have googled a bit and some sites suggest that some payday loans might be mis-sold and list criterias for mis-selling. I am sure some of the criterias are meeting my case, so I will now start the procedure to claim back the interest paid due to mis-selling. I will start with the first company I started with back in 2008. When I could not afford to pay back the first loan in full they offered over the phone to pay back and re-loan the same day a higher amount (to cover loan plus interest), which I did. When, after a few months, I reached their maximum loan amount, they again offered over the phone to pay back and re-loan the same day, which I did... for another 3 years month after month. I will argue that the mis-selling started when I reached their maximum and they still loaned me month after month for 3 years, ignoring that I clearly could not afford to pay back loan in full and therefore contradicting the short-term purpose of this type of loan (therefore "mis-selling"). The interest alone for this company is over 6,000 GBP. I would like to know if anyone of you ever tried to reclaim interest on basis of mis-selling, and if yes, how it went and what your experience is? I will post updates as I go along. Thanks
  2. Hi, no doubt if this post is in the wrong place someone will tell me, and hopefully point me in the right direction (or move post for me). As yet I'm not wanting to reclaim mis-sold PPI but actually make a claim on the policy itself in regard to its sickness benefit clause. I didn't even know I had PPI (hence the possible refund claim route), but it appears when I took out Barclaycard Visa in 1989 at age of 20 somehow I ended up with PPI. I didn't know then what it was, don't know now how it came to be included (ie can't remember if it was forced on me or I was strongly advised to take it or that I had to specifically say no). Don't have any of the original credit card application paperwork and certainly nothing that said it was an insurance document which I would have kept as I’m normally very thorough on things like that. Having said that I only have credit card statements in question going back to 2003 (think some were lost in a house move at about that time) and sure enough each month from 2003 til now PPP (as they call it) appears to have been deducted. I have had other credit cards with Barclaycard and other providers and unsecured loans and even secured loans with various banks since and never asked for PPI so can only assume that at the naive age of 20 I was somehow duped. Anyway, when I phoned Barclaycard this week saying I'm taking CCCS debt advice and will write with income/expenditure to offer a token payment as all I can afford (citing recent diagnosis of life-long medical condition as the reason I can only work 1 hour a day, am medically entitled to ESA but don't have enough NICs and hubby works more than 24 hours pw so don't actually receive any benefit money), I was told that I have PPI and why hadn't I claimed on that? Incidentally no-one had ever given me that information before even when I have had periods of struggling to meet payments in the past. Given 0800 number that diverts to Dublin and told to phone them. Lovely Irish lady said that I should have claimed under sickness clause at the time I ended up losing my previous job through illness and was there a period of up to 12 months during which I was in receipt of sick notes from dr, and/or in receipt of ESA letter that said I was in either support or work-related group that meant regular sick notes weren't necessary. I said yes. She then told me to claim and pointed me to Barclays website for insurance claim form. Told her that as I didn't know I had PPI until I'd been told minutes earlier obviously I don't have any paperwork like policy number, start date etc. She said that she'd send in post. Told me that for a maximum 12 months the policy would pay out 10% of outstanding balance. I should backdate my claim to the relevant 12 month period starting from when illness first struck and that as it was a backdated claim I would get all 12 months payments in one go. My card balance back then was much higher than it is now (I did manage to sort out our finances a while ago and paid a significant proportion of outstanding amount off, but Barclaycard immediately lowered my credit limit to just £100 more than amount left outstanding so that left me with just £100 credit available and cos I'd paid them every last penny I had it started the ball rolling with the situation we are now in (ie up to our earholes in debt again). If my claim is upheld I will get at least enough to pay off current balance outright with hopefully a bit left over towards other debts, including a Barclaycard Mastercard (which doesn’t have PPP/PPI). What I really want to know is am I better making a claim for sickness benefit under the policy, or should I make PPI refund claim for 22 years of PPI that I never knew I was paying for? Which has best chance of success, and will either impact my credit score which surprising isn't that bad considering the mess we are in now. Thanks.
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