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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone ive had no end of problems with a company called MYJAR they registered a debt and default on my call credit report 3 months ago for a debt that was 3 years old and made out as if id only just started missing payments etc. I complained to the FOS who agreed fully and told them to update the default to the correct date. I checked last month and it the whole account had been removed again great so i thought. This month the debt is showing again but default has been removed and shows now that i'm 1 month late on repayments. I have been complaining to Mr Gumbley but had a reply stating he has left the company and now a lady called Birgit Noormagi is handling the account she is a quality & training manager at MYJAR and its been going back and for for a few days now as i wanted them to prove it was my debt etc. The lady has replied stating i took out a £300 loan ion the 19th June 2012 and they never received repayment so with letter fees and intrest the balance now is £554 . I have asked for the credit agreement for the loan she then sent me one from 2011 for when i took out a £100 loan for 14 days. I replied stating its incorrect as you must have a new credit agreement for every new loan unless its a roll over loan as advised by citizens advice she then sent me a email with what she called a credit agreement but its listed as a Borrower agreement on drawdown of new loan ? she said it links onto the credit agreement i was first issued months before for a previous loan I don't understand the (Borrower agreement on drawdown of new loan ) and questioned her on it and she replied saying its 100% correct but as a gesture of goodwill she will now remove all the charges and intrest from the account and all i have to pay is the £300 that i borrowed. I find that offer very fair and will accept it but she is still refusing to fully remove the account off my credit report she states it must reflect the true account dealings and would show as settled. If thats the case why not show all the other loans i had with them as fully up to date and paid on time ? but i really don't want a payday loan on my credit file So can anyone tell me if there is anyway of getting this all removed from my credit report i.e if the Credit agreement is incorrect they could not be allowed to put it on my file ? ive seen them remove other peoples so Any help would be very grateful Thanks
  2. Evening all. Today I checked my updated Noddle and MyJar have entered a default from an old TxtLoan from a loan taken 02/12 - default date is 05/12. I was taking payday loans from 2 different companies, I had defaults already on my file and a couple of credit cards maxed out. I currently have a Wonga case with the FOS, would I be sensible waiting for the outcome of this one before tackling the MyJar one? Thank you
  3. Hi all, toay I had a refund offer from My Jar/Txt Loans for £108 ...i took 2 loans out in 2009 one was repaid on time and then i took another out immediately although I defaulted on this one and late fees etc were added and a few months later I repaid it. Today after I raised a complaint re irrisponsible lending they offered a refund of £108. Safeloans have agreed to remove the ccj from my CRA. TrustedQuid have agreed to work with me to repay the last loan of £150 and remove all references from my CRA files when they receive the first payment FOS has upheld my complaint against Mr Lender, have to wait till 30/12/15 to see if they want to esculate - but should mean a refund of all fees and removal of references to loans from my CRA files Payday Express has said they couldnt look into my complaint in the 8 weeks they were given so now with FOS. FancyaPayday now with FOS after they rejected my complaint, specifically when they took £1300 from my bank for a defaulted loan Nova Loans - still waiting for a response re insufficient incoming and ougoings
  4. Hi I have a loan with My Jar, I took this out in 2011, got myself in a mess and then agreed a repayment plan with them which have continued to pay on time as agreed. I recently viewed my credit report and noticed My Jar have placed a default on this, now I accept I defaulted in 2011 and have since been repaying, my issue with this is they have only placed the default on my report recently and it is dated this year so will be on my report until 2021!!! Can I complain and ask them to show the date of default which was in 2011? Also can they even do this without sending a further default notice (I consider 4 years from the notice to default being put on the file unreasonable)? I requested in July for them to send a copy of my original credit agreement and statement of account which they have failed to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I do not want this default lingering on my report when everything else will come off in 2017. Thank you
  5. Hi all, I had a loan for £300 last November - had trouble paying it back and contacted My Jar straight away. T hey set me a repayment plan up for £360 including interest and I had to pay it back £30 each month. I paid every month ontime no trouble at all until I went on holiday in June and was late paying. As soon as I came back I paid the £30 so by this time I had paid £240 back of my loan with just 4 payments left. Next thing I receive is an email from a recovery team demanding £342.50 from me as I was late on making my June payment. Yes somehow they feel I owe them £342.50 when I have already paid £240 to them! When I contacted My Jar this was their response: ' Regrettably, following the missed payment on 27/06 and not contacting us in time, your loan was reverted back to the original full charges and forwarded to our Debt Collection Agent, Secure Recoveries Ltd with additional charge of £74.50 for their services. While we had a special arrangement between you and MYJAR on paying £30/month we agreed to reduce the total amount to the original repayment sum of £360.00, but failing to maintain the repayment plan reinstated all the applicable late fees and charges. Please contact Secure Recoveries Ltd to arrange a repayment.' Do I have a leg to stand on here? It just seems so unfair that I have nearly paid them back and now theyre demanding another £340 again! I do admit I was late making the payment but as soon as I realised I paid it straight away.. I only borrowed £300 to start with. Thanks in advance for any advice, Tink
  6. Hi does anyone have upto date bank details please for myjar?? no debit card at moment and want to pay them something this week but don't want them to know just yet I cant pay in full. many thanks
  7. Hi, I was on a payment plan with txt loan and missed 1 £20 payment the following monday i recieved a txt and email saying it was paid off and couldnt get a loan for 3 months, fair enough but i didnt have the money in the bank? the next day i get a txt from my bank saying im over my overdraft limit?? how could i be if theres nothing in there to take how could they take 279 pounds? Advance card payment? so now im over my overdraft getting charged daily and my wages dont cover what im over due so ill get 2 weeks of daily fees? can i do anything?? other than eat beans for a fortnight?
  8. Hi, hoping somebody will be able to help and advise me. Last year I stupidly got a pay day loan from TXT Loan to cover some emergency car bills, but, as is so often the case I couldn't afford to repay it so just kept reapplying for the £200 loan straight after repaying it. Eventually I decided to default on it and try to set up a repayment plan which I managed to do quite easily at £25 a month via standing order. Total I was to repay was around £259 I made the first repayment in June which went through and again in July but after checking my account noticed TXT Loan hadn't taken it off my balance. I emailed them about this and they said there was a delay in processing it and they would let me know once that had happened. Getting to the end of July and still no sign of the payment I again emailed them to ask why it hadn't been deducted. Again they said they would contact me when it was credited. My due date for August came and my July payment was still not credited so I withheld my next payment to see what would happen. Sure enough they contacted me to say my payment was late and I was at risk that my account would be defaulted. I replied asking why they had never contacted me or applied my July payment to my account and they came back saying it was credited on 09/07/2012. I have emails from them after this date claiming otherwise. Due to this default they claimed I now owed £406 and passed my account to Mackenzie Hall. After a few email exchanges with them disputing the amount and saying I was willing to defend this in court, they said they were in the process of obtaining documents and would contact me again. They didn't. Instead I started receiving letters from Advantis Credit demanding payment for £406. I told them that as far as I was concerned I owed £209 and enclosed a copy of an email from TXT Loan showing my balance. They came back saying this was not adequate proof and I needed to send something such as a headed letter - I never received one! - and that collection procedures would continue, I replied saying I was making a complaint to the OFT over their handling of the matter and they came back again apologising and that their internal complaints dept would also look into things. A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from them saying - - That upon investigation I have not sent them enough proof for them to query the debt with their client. - As I breached the contract the extra debt is probably down to charges and interest (I guessed that) - So that they can verify the balance they have requested a balance from TXT Loan with a breakdown of charges and payments - For me to receive a copy of the original credit agreement I need to send Advantis £1 before they are able to obtain it - If no further contact is made on this matter by the end of February then they will consider the matter closed (and, I assume, collection procedures will continue) I'm not too sure what to do next. Should I send them the pound? I am happy to repay the £209 but I dispute payinh almost another £200 interest and charges. Many thanks in advance.
  9. Hi caggers Need a little help with these bottom feeders. Recieved a phone call at work from these bottom feeders regarding an outstanding balance of £247.00. I phoned them to agree a discounted settlement figure as I did not agree with it being that much. I got a settlement figure of £ 160 that I agreed to pay in two instalments and I requested that this be sent out in writing b4 i pay anything. The date of the first payment came and went and I paid nothing as I did not receive any letter of agreement from them. I then received a letter in the post stating legal action or a doorstep visit. I telephoned Advantis and advised them that no letter had been received and I repeated that if I did not receive a confirmation letter of our agreement, then no monies would be paid. The representitive said that it is not their practice to send out confirmation letters and refused to do so. He then put the phone down on me. Any suggestions on my next move please
  10. I've been going through the DCA's as they have popped up and with CCA requests etc they have pretty much all given up. A while ago I dumped our land line number when we swapped from BT to Virgin and did the same with the mobile so it's been peaceful! Just keeping an eye on my credit file (via deal from bank with travel/mobile insurance for a good price BTW) and it's just a case of watching them drop into the SB abyss over the next few months, lord know I tried to get this sorted with the original creditors but that was like pushing water uphill so I have no issues with the situation. However on a pretty new mobile number (couple of years old) I just got a txt from Debt Managment Ltd, I'm not going to call just wondered if they are chasing and got my number or are they just one of the PPI ambulance chasers?
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