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  1. Hi tricia44, The broker companies have to refund you the broker fee minus 5 GBP which they can keep. Most of the companies you listed will do this if you request it in writing (e.g. email), although they have up to 30 days to do so (which I guess leaves you short of money for this month if you were looking for a payday loan in the first place). So make sure to send each of these companies a request for refund. I would also report them to the OFT as it seems they have passed you around which should not happen (they should only pass you to actual payday lenders, not other brokers). T
  2. Hi Megan99, I would advise to send them a basic I&E sheet. I am aware that you might have done this already, but who knows where this has been landed at QuickQuid, those companies are not very organized. Name the I&E sheet "Personal financial statement", do not put any creditor names in there (only e.g. CreditCard 1, CreditCard 2, Loan 1, PDL 1, PDL 2, etc.), and leave just enough monthly disposable income to cover for your desired monthly payment to QuickQuid.
  3. Hi Megan99, Continue to send quick quid repayment plan offers, they will accept at some stage and they do repayment plans over more than 4 months.
  4. Hi san67, WageDayAdvance always setup direct debits instead of card payments or CPA. They set this up the day before payment due. Even when on repayment plan they set these up the day before due date for the full amount, so these have to be cancelled manually every month. Anyway, a direct debit is returnable under the direct debit guarantee, so instruct your bank to return the direct debit as unpaid. CPA and debit card payment are two different things, you have to cancel both, therefore if you only cancelled CPA some companies can still take debit card payments, my advice would be a
  5. Hi, I have also sent the following to their claims department as per their complaints procedure: "COMPLAINT - TO THE CEO Dear Claims Team, I have received the following reply from the Customer Service Manager, but I am still not satisfied with the response. Therefore per your complaint procedure I am sending you the previous communication below for referral to the Chief Executive Officer. Kind regards"
  6. Hi, Another update, have received the following response from Minicredit: "Thank you for the reply! If you are still dissatisfied, you can request a review from the Financial Ombudsman Service." They still do not mention anything if this is their "Final response", but I will treat it as this now and have now filed the following complaint with fos: "Microcredit Ltd opened on 17 January 2012 a "Running Account Credit" with me. This type of agreement is similar to a credit card and includes a credit limit and the possibility to withdraw funds into my bank account monthly and rep
  7. Hi Lottilox85, The only reason I can think of for them to want you to withdraw your complaint with fos is to save the 550 GBP it will cost them if this goes through fos. Webloanprocessing does not really care how many complaints via OFT or fos they receive, they care about the money. I would agree to them to withdraw fos and I would try to negotiate the 170 GBP down even further, e.g. by offering 100 GBP (which is roughly in the middle between 42 GBP and 170 GBP), but this is only my opinion.
  8. Hi, I doubt they would have given me that information. Interesting that they say their bank charges their company for faster payment services when in fact they are banking with RBS which does not charge business customers for using this service.
  9. Hi, Another update, I have received a further email from Minicredit - please see below for their email and my response to it. I find the part about the FOS handling these fees very interesting, if anyone ever went to fos for any fees and charges and have already a response from fos please let me know. Anyway, I will not give up and will actually take this even to court if necessary. Here is the email from Minicredit: "Dear xxxxx, Your complaint has been referred to me according to the Formal Complaints Procedure. I apologize for the delay in answering your e-mail but I t
  10. Hi sianib, A reasonable figure would be 400 GBP original loan 72 GBP original interest 12 GBP default fee 12 GBP second default fee 48 GBP interest (=8% of 400 GBP over 18 months) This is a total of 544 GBP owed. You already paid 390 GBP and you should receive the 250 GBP compensation (for the hassle you had), so currently they should owe you (and pay you) 96 GBP (544 GBP - 390 GBP -250 GBP) to settle. The fos deals mostly with banks. They have no idea that PDL companies like Toothfairy hike up fees and interest unproportionally with the intention to then offer a h
  11. Hi, if you complete their online form take care to only leave enough disposable income to cover your intended repayment rate. They will agree to whatever rate is left over on their income and expenditure form.
  12. Hi Marguerite Tuffs, The companies will usually wait until the original repayment date (or in case of Pound2Pocket until the next instalment date) and try to take the full amount from your account (therefore the importance to cancel CPA and debit cards and watch the account for DirectDebits setup by PDLs). Once this date has passed and they failed to take payment they will respond to your repayment plan offers. As you have informed them upfront, no default fees should be due and interest/charges frozen. Wonga should be no issue, they do repayment plans up to 24 months and are fa
  13. Hi orfoster, Yes, I gave them 8 weeks to respond (which will be 3 October) before it goes to fos.
  14. Hi JGJ, I had no problem with WageDayAdvance to have my repayment plan accepted and I paid by standing order to their bank account. However, every month 2 days before payday they setup a new DirectDebit for the whole amount (which I cancelled every month 1 day before payday). Their bank account details are: WageDayAdvance Account number: 90931772 Sort code: 20-45-14
  15. Hi, I received first response from one of the PDL as follows: "Thank you for contacting Quick Quid. It is our highest priority to resolve any client issues as soon as possible. To address your concerns , copies of your loan contracts for reference are available once you log into your account . Under our website under code of practice the disclosure entails: Tell you how the loan works and the total cost of the loan (including an example of the price for each £100 borrowed, together with fees and charges) before you apply. Check whether the loan is suitable for you taking accou
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