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  1. I have successfully negotiated with Wageday Advance, One Month Loan & Payday uk without any problems to be honest & come to a payment plan that suits me, they all tried to ask for a bit more a month but i stood my ground & told them that it was my final offer & they agreed without any fuss, i am now awaiting some sort of correspondance from Swift Sterling who is the last company to sort out a plan with ??? i was stupid to take out these loans to begin with but can honestly say that when they are all paid off i will never ever use any of the like again or any finance company offering easy loans !!!
  2. I have just set up payment plans with Wageday Advance & One Month Loan who i have to admit were no hassle at all to deal with, i was just honest & firm with them & it was all quite amicable. I yesterday also e-mailed Swift Sterling & Payday Uk who have both informed me that they will be in touch, Swift Sterling have said that they only communicate on payment plans by telephone but i have told them its e-mail or written letter only for me, so we shall wait & see but up to now So Far So Good ?????
  3. Thanx John for your advice, i have a brand new bank account & sort code with a different bank & they wont be getting the details for sure. I am already 2 payments into a 6 month payment plan with Wage day Advance who to be honest apart from a bit of moaning to begin with set up a plan that i could afford, (when i told them that basically they could take it or leave it) they were fine ! I use their bank details & sort code to make these payments. I am now in the process of dealing with Swift Sterling.....One Month Loan & Payday UK, If i get any problems with any of them then i shall just politely say that i will only offer what i can afford to pay & no more & i will tell them that if they threaten me with court then i will be more than willing to go & present my case & then see what they get money wise ?? Once you take away their scare tactics & threats, (which are bulls**t anyway) they really have not got much left to throw at you, i would not think there is a court anywhere that would punish anyone for OFFERING TO PAY ?? At the end of the day both parties want it resolved as amicably as possible & once the PDL companies know they cannot bully you then they will reluctantly set up a plan & go away ! Nearly all the PDL companies on here all say that they definately will not set up payment plans but do if you stand your ground, any payment is better than no payment at all ???
  4. Thank you Jon, they are only going to get what i can afford anyway, they can take me to court if they want & end up getting less than my offer anyway, so its up to them at the end of the day,,,,,,simples !!!!
  5. Thank you asmilecostsnothing, it was helpful about Payday uk, just gives me an idea of what to expect, Wageday Advance payment plan is agreed & up & running without any problems, made 2 payments already, just been so bloody preoccupied with so many other things, just got to get some information on One Month Loan now, i have heard they can be a bit awkward, i do appreciate your input, many thanks !
  6. Like i stated before asmilecostsnothing i have every intention of "Helping Myself" or "Grabbing the bull by the horns" but i have been very very busy with health, work & family problems & have not really been focused on things, i only asked how the 3 named PDL companies reacted to payment plans, thats all, if we all had to "Help ourselves" all the time then there would be absolutely no need for a consumer action group would there ?
  7. Thanks asmilecostsnothing & as you stated i have asked before but due to a very hectic time at the moment with family & hospital visits i have only just got round to doing it, i set up a payment plan with Wageday Advance with relatively no hassle whatsoever so thats a good start, ive been that preoccupied of late that my head turned to mush to be honest, thank you asmilecostsnothing for your reply !
  8. Could anyone please give me advice on what Swift Sterling..........One Month Loan & Payday UK are like to deal with when trying to arrange a payment plan, thank you very much to anyone who can help me ???
  9. Hya Thorntondog, did you get much hassle when you dealed with Swift Sterling when setting up your payment plan, i 0we £450 & was going to offer £30 per month as i am going to default on 25th February & just cannot find the funds ?? Many thanks !
  10. Hya guys & gals, i have 4 payday loans ongoing & have never once defaulted on them, due to unforseen financial problems i am now going to have to default on them but will try to work amicably with them to set up payment plans as i do want to get these "payday loans" paid off. I set up a payment plan with Wageday Advance who were most helpful & it was set up without any hassle at all. I am now in the process of trying to start negotiations with Swift Sterling,,,,Payday UK,,,& One Month Loan, has anyone got any knowledge or experience of past dealings with these companies & how they react to people offering payment plans ??? I will stand my ground as i did with Wageday Advance & stress to them that any payment offer is better than a sudden refusal to pay at all & if they want the hassle of Court Action if they threaten it then so be it, (because they would get the very lowest payment if this happened anyway). So if anyone has any genuine advice on these 3 companies &/or bank details for them as well i will be eternally grateful, its better to have prior knowledge before i decide how to approach them, thank you for reading this message & just hope someone can assist me ???
  11. Could someone please give me some genuine advice on what Swift Sterling & One Month Loan are like to deal with when it comes to stopping payments to them & offering to make a payment plan, are they easy to deal with or should i expect problems from these companies, advice would be greatly appreciated, many thanks.
  12. Hya folks, could anybody please tell me what Swift Sterling, Payday uk & One month loan are like when it comes to trying to offer them a payment plan due to incapability of making regular payments to them, what are they like to deal with, many thanks to anyone with genuine advice ????
  13. I have Wageday Advances sort code & account details, but what bank do you have to pay them into, any information is greatly appreciated, thank you ?
  14. I have a £220 loan with wageday advance & i am not refusing to pay my debt to them at all, does anybody have any experience of dealing with these people as i am offering to pay it back at £50 per month plus one months interest only, does this sound a reasonable offer ?????
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