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  1. Hi, I'm currently in a monthly payment arrangement for my Nationwide credit card with KPR Collections. I was looking through my credit file with Noodle and have notice this account has now been classed as closed. It was last updated in February with ST (settled) and the account holder status is classed as 'gone-away' Also, last two reported balances were £1,380 in Jan then £0 in Feb. What does this mean? KPR collections are still taking monthly payments. Any help will be appreciated
  2. Hi, I've been owed my march salary from 28/03/13 and could do with some advice. I work for my local authority (county council) and had to change bank details mid-march. Gave them plenty of notice but they went ahead and paid them into my old bank account. Obviously, that money bounced back since the account was closed. Payroll informed me on 10/04/13 that the money had bounced back to them and they have reissued my salary to go into my new account. Fast forward to today and I still have nothing. The last time I spoke to they informed me it can take up to ten working days to reach my account, so according to my calculations they have until Wednesday to pay me. I work damn hard for this money and I am at my wits end with them. Anyways, what further action do you think I should take if there is no wages in my account by Wednesday? I am also a member of the trade union but don't know if it's worth contacting them. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Hey, Just wondering if I make a bank transfer, as opposed to a standing order, can the recepitent see your bank details? Thanks.
  4. Yeah, thought it would take as week. It had to be the month with two straight bank hols lol
  5. Hey I was due to receive my wages today to my new bank account but my efficient and organised employer has went and and paid it into my old account that has now been closed. My employer will not pay as anything until the money has been received back. Anyways, does anyone know how long BACS payment takes to bounce back? My old and new account is with NatWest and my employer also uses them, so hoping this will speed things up. Obviously, Easter time now so can't do nowt until Tuesday. Employer said NatWest will have a suspense account where it gets held but NatWest said it will bounce back straight off. Thanks.
  6. Once you are on benefits all that is required of you is a £1 token payment every month. Minicredit don't play ball when it comes to repayment plans and will continue to add their charges/interest to the original loan. I believe some wait until it's been passed to their in-house debt team Opos and agree on repaying back the original agreement only.
  7. Whilst you have the legal right to remove a CPA, i always advocate a completely new bank account to avoid potential problems further down the road. You may be able to request a chargeback from your bank. Someone with experience of this will no doubt help
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