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  1. File for later proof of their efficiency and strict adherence to DPA in regard of keeping 'clients' details safe and secure.
  2. Hi Summer I received a couple of letters from Geoffrey thingame so I phoned Halifax and asked if they still considered my a/c to be unenforcable and when they confirmed that they agreed to tell iQor to back off.Peace for 2 months then last week received a threatogram from Westcotts! As Dotty suggests why not write to Halifax-together with a covering letter from your OH's GP-explaining your situation. Any company with half a brain should grant you some leeway especially if you include that if they do not ease up on you,you will seek publicity by any means to point out their stance--publicity that I think they will not want in the present climate.
  3. IMO Ring them again and the next 'advisor' might well be able to understand the situation and deal with it sensibly. If they are unable to, ask to speak to their line manager and if the situation is not then resolved you'll have to write announcing your cancellation request and making a complaint. Prob best to cancel your DD to them as well.
  4. Hi Granny Summer- they can Post Office or better still they can Foreign Office As Dotty said there's more to life than money. Best wishes to you all.
  5. Road tax had run out so parked in drive but didn't have a SORN! Statutory Off Road Notification
  6. Judge in Brandon appeal ruled that charges are OK. http://www.mishcon.com/assets/managed/docs/downloads/doc_2448/HHJ_Denyer_Judgment_25_May_2010_%284%29.pdf Paras 43 on.
  7. fo Cost me a £25 fine for parking in my driveway whilst waiting for the garage to collect, repair and MOT my car.
  8. I'd put it down as a victory for common sense rather than a total 'win' for you. It's possible that they'll flog it on and you'll have grief from low life DCA's in the future.
  9. So in a nutshell... "Should" = opinion and choice "Must" = rule and no choice
  10. How many of us over the years have been stopped by the Police whilst driving for whatever reason and as we didn't have the requested documents with us we were issued with a HO/RT/1 --a 'producer'-- an example of what is required can be seen on the Hampshire Police page at http://www.hampshire.police.uk/Internet/faq/drivingdocuments.htm This form is a legal document but repeatedly the word 'Should' is used on this page. We all know that producing the documents within the given 7 day time frame is not an option and that 'should' means 'must' or 'have to' unless we want to be fined so why is the word 'should' able to be interpreted differently when it appears in the CCA 1974?
  11. Obtained by a roundabout route from a reliable source is ...
  12. Hi Summer, Same as you have been doing,I would have thought. When I had a go at RW they just came back with a similar response from Halifax. Ignored it and its now with iQor who have just got Mackenzie Hall to send a photocopy style letter purporting to come from a Stratford based firm of solicitors who 'might' advise court action and who also instruct me not to respond to them [solicitor] but to iQor --so will be writing to Halifax asking if their original letter saying 'we will not be enforcing as we search for this that and the other' has been forgotten about.
  13. What sort of assignment are AIC referring to,absolute,equitable,imaginary? Good to know that Lloyds are on the ball with this! I'd be phoning Mr.Douglas and be asking why they've ''assigned'' your account whilst still looking into your complaint. Others might advise differently.
  14. Oct.8th--http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?167970-Locked-in-car-park&p=3149550&viewfull=1#post3149550-
  15. 99.9% of everyone in the civilised world agrees with you--apart from the judges in the Brandon case..
  16. Not even an update to say why there is no update?
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