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  1. Thank you sooooo much everybody, it's lovely to hear your best wishes My apologies for not being online..... I'm trying to pick up as many shifts as possible at work and I'm about as much use as a chocolate teapot at the moment!!! PT..... you're spot on, it's a relief to just have this over and done with so that I can concentrate on other 'things' at the moment. But again, I want to thank you for supporting me throughout this, because I really wouldn't have done it without you xxx The debt on the car isn't cleared, but that's ok. We've agreed that I'll continue to make the payments
  2. Hi everyone, apologies for not updating my thread for a long time......... thought it best to stay quiet until this was sorted The final hearing to decide everything took place this morning, and I got an incredible result (I think!!) The upshot is, my car is being returned to me.......... and the bailiff's fees (that were standing at just short of 3K) have been reduced to under £300!!! Big thanks to everybody who supported me with this, especially PT. I'd have given up straight away without your advice and support.......... I truly appreciate your help. xxxx
  3. Thanks again everyone - I feel as though I'm getting stronger by the day with this thanks to the advice I'm getting here CD - I am sooooooo tempted at this moment in time to phone the police and report the car as stolen. If I'd have known that morning what I know now, I never would have handed my car keys over to the bailiff. But at 6.45am with kids to get up for school and a job to go to, I couldn't handle the thought of a tow truck coming to collect the car....... even though he couldn't have done it because it was parked on private property. B'stard. I should have logged onto CAG inst
  4. Thanks PT, I've just got home from work and contacted the Court and explained what happened. They've advised me to seek legal advice urgently about this as the car should NOT have been sold and the bailiffs basically ignored the Judge's directions completely (they DID receive a copy of the judgement at the same time as myself and the Council - even though they basically tried to say yesterday that they hadn't!) Last night I also emailed the Council's solicitor who I met at the hearing yesterday explaining that the car was sold last week and asking her to confirm the selling price. The rep
  5. Ok, tears over..... the car's gone. BUT. I'm blazing mad now. The bailiffs wouldn't tell me how much the car was sold for - and according to Parkers it was worth (in a Private sale and Good condition) £3,320. That's based on average mileage of 40,000 - my car had 22,000 miles on the clock so I'm assuming it was worth around £3,500. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned, my debt to the council is almost paid in full. The bailiffs have levied almost £3K in fees on top of the debt owed but I think that's another court case for another time? So, now that I'm in fighting mode, can anybody advise
  6. Out of curiosity, I just contacted the bailiffs. They sold the car last week regardless of the stay on the writ
  7. Thanks everyone, I think your best wishes for me worked today The bailiffs didn't turn up to the hearing, but a solicitor from the council did. She asked to speak with me prior to the hearing so we had a chat and I gave her a copy of my 'statement' to read. She seemed quite shocked when I told her the debt stands at 7K as, from their point of view, I now only owe 4K having paid over 3K off the loan already. It also became apparent that the bailiffs DIDN'T pass my income and expenditure form to the council (they're adamant I didn't send them one even though I did) and apparently the payme
  8. Hi Pt, and thanks for your reasurrance I don't understand legal jargon etc, so the document that I've typed out is kind of 'in my own words' and is a potted history of what's happened since this saga began. All I can hope is that the judge allows me to read this as it is and is sympathetic with some of the contents but can also see that I'm not trying to 'shirk' my responsibilities either. My ex husband has given me photocopies of the receipts along with a letter in which he clearly states the communication that he had with the bailiffs on my behalf (paying the debt on my behalf wh
  9. Sorry, just another quickie........ I just checked the Bailiffs website and found a link to their 'auctioneers' - they sell everything from their own 'depot'. My car is on their catalogue list already - does this mean they're expecting a good outcome for themselves in court on Wednesday? Apologies for despondency - not really sure what to do now.
  10. Hi again everyone, I thought I'd do a quick update as the court date is this Wednesday and I'm unsure now what the best course of action may be. I had to leave my job last Monday. As I started my last job so early in the morning, I obviously used my car to get there and once my car was gone the only way I could get there on time was by taxi which I just couldn't afford to keep paying every day (buses didn't run early enough to get me to work and the job wasn't flexible hours). I've managed to secure a part time seasonal job that I started today - minimum of 16 hours per week but it's less
  11. The woman I spoke to at the court said that the car would stay with the Bailiffs - I think. The bailiff hasn't left me with any breakdown of the costs involved - but I do know that the total debt now outstanding is quite a lot more than I originally borrowed even though I've been making regular payments. I'll need to get a full breakdown off them asap. I'm wondering if I should also honour this month's payment to the bailiffs also? I don't want to withdraw payment as I'd like to prove to the courts that I've made every effort to pay them (which I have)....... think I need to write a full
  12. Thanks Benny, I do feel better than I did last week I held off on emailingl my councillor last week as I wanted to wait to see what happened today, but I think it's worthwhile if I email him a detailed breakdown of everything that's happened? Best case scenario would be if the debt was passed back to the council so that I could pay 'them' instead of having the bailiffs breathing down my neck..... whether the councillor could help with that though I'm not sure? But regardless, I'll see if there's anything at all he can do to help in the next couple of weeks. I tried phoning the counc
  13. Hi Surfer, I don't know how much is still outstanding on the original loan but I do intend to find out asap. I've just got home from work and contacted the courts - the judge stayed the writ this morning until the 10th November, at which time I have to attend a hearing. The lady at the court assured me that the paperwork is on it's way to me explaining what's happened and what I need to do next. Apparently, the bailiffs can't take the car to auction as the judge will decide what happens next at the hearing....... I think I've got that right?? It's a better outcome than I was expectin
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