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  1. Hopefully Andy and/or dx will be along shortly and can check it for you.
  2. Hi saturdaykids, I think I'd re-send the SAR if it still isn't showing as delivered by Monday say. Did you send a postal order for payment?
  3. Ah thanks Andy, I've got carried away with distrusting Lowells and didn't think it through.
  4. Just a quick update. I'm still waiting for the court to confirm that they've received the Notice of Discontinuation from Lowells. I've called twice. The first time I called I was asked to call back a couple of days later, but the second time I was told not to phone again because they were extremely busy and every time someone called to chase up something about their case it slowed them down and made things worse. I've emailed now to request confirmation. Don't know if this is typical of courts up and down the country or whether we're a particularly litigous lot here.
  5. What a shower! Can you post what they've sent up on here 1972mum? Then Andy, DX and others can check it over and advise you?
  6. I'm wondering whether it's worth making a complaint to the FSA or whoever about Lowells conduct in issuing a claim when they'd already admitted to not having paperwork both before and after issuing the claim. They cause so much distress to people and shouldn't just get away with it. If they were an individual not a company you could apply to have them declared vexatious litigants. Wouldn't that be something LOL:madgrin:
  7. If it's really over then it's down to all the help and expertise here on CAG. Huge thanks DX, Andy and everyone here. First instalment of donation already made btw.
  8. So sorry to hear what's happened. Is there no possibility of an appeal swisstoni? Back in post 84 Andy said...... "if you stick to it and quote sections 87/88 of the CCA1974 and ask how a court can override credit consumer law (assuming he does not accept it) it would be difficult for him to reply ?" I'm absolutely no expert but I can't help wondering if that could be grounds for an appeal. See what Andy reckons.
  9. If they have genuinely discontinued it's got to be down to the brilliant CAG defence I submitted and all the great advice. I'm trying hard to keep feet on the ground but I keep breaking into and:cheer2:
  10. I can't believe it but a letter has arrived from Lowells and says the following: Dear Patma, We refer to the hearing listed for November 20th 2017.. We are instructed to discontinue the above Claim and accordingly enclose a copy of the Notice of Discontinuance today filed at Court. Our client has taken this decision on a commercial basis without prejudice to it's position that the Claim was properly issued in respect of a legitimate debt. The Notice of Discontinuance brings all legal proceedings to an end. Our client may contact you directly to discuss alternative ways forward.
  11. Thanks for the great link Andy that's very helpful. I know there's plenty of time and things could well change, but I was starting to feel really stressed about the whole thing and thought if I get stuck in it will help. I think it has helped actually too.
  12. I've got started on my witness statement and would just like to know if I'm heading along the right lines so far. I thought I'd lay out the law a bit next because on previous threads I've seen that it can make a difference. I thought I'd go heavily on the fact that they've twice confirmed in writing that there's no paperwork, they're in breach of the CCA by attempting to enforce the alleged debt. If I get the ok so far I'll carry on along those lines and if I'm way off I'd really appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks so much for all the help and suppor
  13. I've started getting my head around the witness statement and have been trying to find some similar ones in other threads, but so far haven't found anything that particularly matches. I'm thinking the main points are these: Point 1 in POC states "The Defendant entered into a Consumer Credit Act Act 1974 regulated agreement with Lloyds (Credit Card) under account reference ---------- Well, although I have in the past had financial dealings with Lloyds, I have never entered into a credit card agreement with them and The account number quoted is not a credit card number. When I f
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