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  1. Hello everyone, Wanted to update you all on my case. Well in one word its over! finally . I was summoned to go to court and my case did not get dropped. I was hoping that as the court date got close the DVLA would drop the case but that did not happen. I went to court last Wednesday 22nd April. Was very shocked to see the enforcement agent actually turning up to be a witness. Made me nervous. Then was told my case was being placed last as it is a hearing and will take some time. I had with all my papers and statement I wanted to say. I wanted to challenge their photographic evi
  2. Hi all, my court date has been adjourned to a later date, as I have requested the enforcement officer to be a witness. I have also emailed the local MP as well. I believe the DVLA are just as responsible to what is happening, the enforcement officer is one of their employees who must be working towards a target set by the DVLA. The enforcement officer along with the DVLA should be going to court for fraud, not me. Anyone think I can get any compensation for what happening , I will have to take a day of work to go to court..
  3. Great thanks spunkymonkey , really like the "alleged offence part" will use that for sure
  4. I have asked the DVLA to send me the photo and asked why its not included in the summons as evidence. The DVLA told me the photo is not being used as evidence as its not needed, and when I asked them about car being clamped and then the clamp supposedly being stolen and car moved. They told me you not being charged with stealing a clamp, you are being charged with having a your car on a public road when you declared sorn. The only evidence they are using is a ticket filled by the clamper, so my word against his. By the way shouldn't the clamper have left a ticket on my car? So in court I
  5. I belive I was targeted by the same DVLA enforcement agent, would be even worse if there is more then one enforcement agent at Mitcham DVLA making these false reports. Have my court date next week, would really aprecciate if you can help me.
  6. Thanks buzby and spunkymonkey for advice you made some good points. Regarding the photo, I do not have a copy, but I have spoken to DVLA and have asked them to compare a photo I have sent to them and the one they have. The have said the photo they have shows registration with a clamp, but can not tell where the car is located. Also can not be sure that it is my car as photo is black & white. Assume that's why they are not using it as evidence.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I do have my passport with it stamped showing I was on holiday at the time. I am sure the car did not move as I have the only copy of the key and it was with me when I was on holiday. You can't tell exactly where the photo was taken, but I assume it is the same place, DVLA are not using the photo as evidence just the enforcement officer statement. I was told by a legal advisor, that being on holiday at the time is not enough to be not guilty. Said as I was the owner the vehicle I was responsible if some one moved the car. Looks like I will have to say in court th
  8. Just saw your own post about your DVLA case. It is exactly the same as mine and I am dealing with the same people. I am glad the DVLA dropped the case . I will give Natalie Bushell a call and explain that I am a victim of the Mitcham Enforcement officer. It happened near the same time as well 23 July 08 mine was. I would like to join you in taking legal action against the Mitcham NSL. I was really thinking about paying the fine, was told I may incur more costs if I took the case to court.
  9. Sorry K69 I just happened to see your post, as I now have to appear in court next week so was checking back my post. I don't believe it YES it from Mitcham DVLA depot, the guy who statement is being used as evidence is Jamie B. It really unbelievable I have sent a few appeal letters, spoke to the prosecutor, legal advice and nothing stopping it from being cancelled. At the end of the day they have a photo of a Nissan micra car with my number plate with a clamp on it(photo is black and white, so can not tell colour). The only evidence been used in the court is a statement from this J
  10. Thanks guys for the advice. I was wondering can I request to have the photo sent to me, using the dvla FOI request form.
  11. Hi everyone, I just joined this forum , so big hello first Now with the annoying DVLA who want me to pay an out of court settlement of £90. I have been accused of that my car was reported to be parked on a public road while being on SORN on the 23/07/2008 at 10:44hrs. Also they say the car was clamped and when the clamping team came back the clamp and the car was gone?? Finally they also have photographic evidence. I don't understand none of their accusation as my car has not moved for the last few months, it is parked in a private parking area not far from the road they are a
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