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  1. Update and Good News I had my day at the Court of Appeal yesterday and the application to have the judgment set aside was successful. Thanks to PT and his team.
  2. have they supplied you with terms and conditions
  3. do you still have the original mailer that came with the application form
  4. I used to frequent the site until they upgraded(or downgraded) and now I just can't find my way around. without being modest i know a thing or two about forums and there was no need for such a transition, it would have been better to modify the script
  5. My OH has had exactly the same from Capquest, and I know that she was never given any T& C's when she applied for a CC.
  6. It's a total put off, go back to the old before people start losing interest
  7. Nothing wrong in an assignment at whatever stage unless the assingnee is asking for full payment prior to date to remedy the default.
  8. A lender sets up a cmc, introduce a client, get him to high court, gets a judgment and uses it against others. or do the reverse to help borrowers.
  9. Extremely worrying, when judge's start off like this, instead of sticking to the law and facts of the matter. In any case very well done Fluffy.
  10. Would you guys be kind enough to look at the attached agreement to see if all seems in order. Looks like they have stated the VAT amount incorrectly.
  11. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, HFC was merged/taken over in late 1998 by HSBC and they are still passing off HSBC terms as HFC.
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